The near future, a reports show intermediary outside, the past is iron and steel of 6 the middle of a month, copper, aluminous wait for heavy goods price, and of carbon fiber price rise, add content to shed the 4 times growth of cost, so uninterrupted that push tall the price of group of wind electric machinery. Forecast according to WoodMac, below the effect that spreads cost and new coronal epidemic situation in heavy goods price, content, predicting future 12~18 the price of group of lunar wind electric machinery will rise 10% , this one trend can last to 2022 at least 3-4 quarter. Shashi Barla of WoodMac banquet analyst expresses: "Because the United States produces taxation to touch,abolish online electrovalency subsidy stage by stage, business of wind phone equipment and component supplier are in future will is faced with inside two years cost raises and the double retype with fatigued and weak demand is attacked. ”(note: Taxation is touched avoiding is to show taxpayer collects add up to to calculate pay in living country its are domestic and international when the income tax of income, allow deducts his to be in abroad already the imposition of pay. But industry of American wind cable produced duty to touch the value that avoid to fall to 60 % 2022, fell 2023 to 40 % , disappeared completely 2024 next. Data sources: / Newsdetail.asp? Id=37051)   but WoodMac also expresses, although cost rises somewhat, but predict to the end of 2022 fan price will regain normal level. Among them one part reason depends on, international of the part in Sino-US trade controversial issue is overall company exploration serves as India replace supply a center. The supply that India of the “ when those is ” for India of Indian ” , “ chain strategy encourages lead wind report component the supplier follows therewith overall the client entered this Asia-Pacific. But hit as a result of persistent epidemic situation, demand growth of India fails to come true, because this is short original equipment manufacturer and supplier are OK inside time use produce superfluously can, with economy the means of efficient, low cost serves at exporting the market. And, as overall business continues to produce series of electric machinery of new generation wind in India, the market of component supplier extends inside limits, overall the scope effect that business adds component business will reduce cost of group of wind electric machinery further. This also offerred certain catalysis for the stability of fan price. At the same time WoodMac emphasizes, as market environment evolve ceaselessly, prospective 4~5 will appear inside year of important material supply catenary bottleneck, overall business and supplier should as early as possible technology of the generation below layout and material. "If the yield of crucial part and raw material can be in,future does not expand inside two years, bearing of main shaft of dynamo of capacity of group of maritime wind electric machinery, carbon fiber, permanent magnetism, big diameter, gear-box bearing, semiconductor and special casting face shortage risk. ”Shashi Barla expresses, industry of “ wind cable will is faced with supply limitation, this may bring difficult problem to class decarbonization target. ”

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