Current, the “ sea wet ” that lifting a manufacturing industry to change, digitlization, intelligence turns the future that makes manufacturing industry progress. No matter be “ industry 4.0” of Germany, or intelligence is made, emphasized “ digitlizing the importance of ” . And speak of ” of “ number chemical plant, the setting that emerges in your brain may follow me same, various mechanical arms, modern automation equipment, actually, this is not ” of “ number chemical plant is all, “ digitlizes the core of ” to depend on “ cerebra ” , times new material is mount of production factory of lamina of large wind report the ” of “ powerful head of a class! You may want to ask here, is wind report lamina to basically rely on artificial operation? Do this realize digitlization how? Will look first, the era is new before the blade factory of material is such     of such     640.webp (1).jpg is after building “ to digitlize factory ” seem to do not have what mould of big change   or what those mould   also did not increase   of equipment of a lot of automation to imagine with me is different   next↓Will see a paragraph of Baidu first 100 divisions: Digital chemical plant is in the computer in fictitious environment, to whole production the process undertakes emulation, evaluate and optimize, expand the new-style production of whole product lifecycle organizes means further, include a product to develop digitlization, production to prepare digitlization, production digitlization, management digitlization, sale digitlization. It is the result that photograph of emulation technology of contemporary number production technology and computer combines, basically make the bridge between as communication products plan and product. The compositive   that the essence that says   number chemical plant simply is implementation information namely of hand, foot, eye, ear, head organic cooperate   it includes module of 3 big core to   intelligence makes equipment —— motion and collect —— be observant and alert, ear to listen to all directions with   data   and”So, is the chemical plant of number of wind report lamina of times new material of what appearance? The new material of characteristic   times that production of lamina of combinative wind report makes decided a “ digitlizes 1410 strategies”640.webp (3).jpg   built the “ powerful head that applies to lamina of large wind report to produce business feature according to digitlizing compose of “1410” strategy  ”” of this “ strong cerebra is in what place by force research and development of fast   of   of     No.1 and upgraded 18 kinds of intelligence are changed produce and detect equipment   includes a robot to grind cast system, lamina to shape mould   crossbeam is automatic the advanced intelligence such as lay up system, test system”The installation that digitlizes ” of “ powerful head used   to promote production efficiency, safeguard not only product quality   still reduces each management and production cost   greatly with factory of cereal of motivation of individual plant continent is passed for exemple   nearly 3 years!

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