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Potential of market of agricultural and unmanned aircraft is tremendous pull crowded shape carbon fiber demand rises

In recent years, project of agricultural and unmanned engine is in Japan, United States to wait develop realized large-scale applying, in these, the farmland area that agricultural aviation works all exceeds the 50 % of total farmland area, in, agricultural the scale that aviation work area occupies total farmland area is insufficient however 2% , the market potential of equipment of agricultural aviation technology is tremendous. To catenary of unmanned machine industry this one annulus, material whether catch up with the speed of development is crucial, develop further as agricultural and unmanned aircraft, the demand of carbon fiber composite material that has an advantage on tenacity and intensity also rises in year after year.   of   of canal of carbon fiber wall is general and agricultural unmanned and airborne carry on one's shoulder is maintained in 5kg-20kg, the strength that this provides to the wall posed a challenge, have tensile strength the low, anti-corrosive, carbon fiber that inhales the advantage such as stability of can aseismatic, chemical function can be in tall, density this “ exhibits skill ” . How much to use at carbon fiber to provide the carbon fiber content of producer face, decide its are mechanical directly function and value expression. The carbon fiber canal that shapes through helping crowded technology applies to different airframe position according to need, can replace aluminium alloy to be in charge of the use of material greatly in the airframe orgnaization of machine of unmanned plant protection and component. And, carbon fiber is in charge of the manufacturing technology of material to should have matured, can give all sorts of profile through different mould production, can be in charge of appearance, length, wall according to the wall with individual custom-built and diverse demand not only thick etc, and still can choose exterior 3K grain in process of later period treatment or the different kind such as spray paint undertakes wrapping outfit and beautification, meanwhile, the producer style that batch changes also can reduce product cost effectively. On unmanned aircraft of   of   of carbon fiber housing fly accuse, the main part such as GPS needs to be lapped by airframe crust, housing besides can corrode in order to prevent exterior drug, still can reduce interference of exterior wind field, raise the dependability of performance of plane of unmanned plant protection and accuracy. Regard the flight of whole flight system as carrier, the housing of agricultural and unmanned aircraft should use the data with high strenth light weight commonly, carbon fiber plank is to use carbon fiber and resin prefab shaping composite material, its proportion is small, 1/4 what weight is steel only, flexibility is good, taller than intensity, tensile strength is the 10 times above of common rolled steel however, have fight creep and aseismatic sex exceedingly goodly, have good wear and corrosion resistance at the same time, to acid-proof, alkaline, salt and condition of big compression ring corrode the endurance with have certain, prolonged the service life of unmanned aircraft. Besides function exceedingly good outside, plank of carbon fiber composite material also presents a flatness in exterior respect the characteristic with beautiful and tall, easy glossiness of good, surface, very appropriate at housing of agricultural and unmanned aircraft make. Squeeze to strengthen domestic and international composite material to pull shape the technical communication of craft and market butt joint, advance forward position craft, advanced equipment and applied product development, drive catenary of composite material entire industry to optimize upgrade, study pulls crowded new technology, understanding to draw crowded new facility, master terminal new application, understand thoroughly market new trend, international of scan widely of answer ability network, home of base oneself upon, is on October 2021 27-29 day in Zhejiang? Jia Xingshao opens “2021 international composite material to pull crowded craft to apply height forum and plant site to demonstrate to groom meeting ” . This second conference pulls crowded craft and applied ” to give priority to a problem with “ composite material, kelaosimafei assist do. The conference plans to invite international to play crowded technology expert, help research and development of crowded products company the splendid report that total industry and scholar of expert of terminal application domain make technology and applied photograph union, craft and market phase tie. Session visits the organization the chemical plant of Jia Xingyi body that inspects German brand to overcome Laosimafei, do 4 intelligence change industry of learning understanding composite material 5 large dominant positions moxa chart? The picture is pulled crowded shape systematic whole solution, promote and deepen forum delibrate achievement. Invite sincerely domestic and international composite material to pull expert of crowded craft domain, scholar, entrepreneur and industry colleague to arrive at congress, conspire answer material new tomorrow. Sponsor unit   composite material website   assist do unit   to overcome   of   of topic for discussion of congress of   of of Lao Sima humble 2021 pull squeeze shape technology market report and   of analysis of prospective development foreground help crowded technology in, remove dust, retroflexion automatic product line   time / place   time: On October 27, 2021 - place of 29 days of   : Zhejiang fine promote   of   of   relevant item 1. Meeting Wu expends member of network of standard   answer ability: 1900 yuan / person,   of   of person of blame member 3800/ (contain pass of data of all and relevant conference, conference and conference have dinner)   notes: Accommodation unites arrangement by meeting Wu group, charge provides for oneself. 2. Meeting Wu cost presses a requirement to be collected ahead of schedule please assign account, meeting Wu group is centralized open bill, data of make out an invoice sends mailbox please: Contact of   of   means signing up:   of Yu Zhen connects a telephone call: 186 5346 3667

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