Polyurethane colophony is acting important role in the development of composite material, it is component of implementation car composite material (include lid of electric car batteries and consolidate of the protection end the car, doorcase and interior trim to reach board) more the crucial factor that economy, bigger batch makes, especially interlining structure.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Composite material group is dedicated at enhancing the physical function of core material and colophony material, productivity, totle drilling cost and compatibility ceaselessly, designed a kind special one-stop solution, its material of two kinds of polyurethane sets band. Got a compositive product eventually, can offer for automobile equipment manufacturer light quantify, the design is spent freely and simplify the advantage of production respect. Polyurethane material combination can be used at making the mould pressing polyurethane with complex form core material, hardly dimension is restricted, realize bigger design to be spent freely. This company shows, the bubble core material that with its polyurethane material combination makes is the good foundation of intensity of composite material component and life dependability, can change density and ply, can provide additional performance, if be able to bear or endure,be able to bear or endure blandly bad temper. Below high temperature fight press a gender to also mean bubble to be able to shape in composite material pressure of colophony of the resistance in the process, limit ability of colophony infiltration core. Series of colophony of fast solidify polyurethane is the other in part of structure of interlining of industry of automobile of henry Si Mai. Model is noted on core material, colophony of fast solidify polyurethane enhanced the osmosis of material to offer rigid, high strenth and long-term and durable sex to pledge composite material interlining is designed gently to fiber, include to have the complex 3D part of severe measure public errand. According to saying, this series colophony is machined for HP-RTM only and design, it is component of implementation car composite material lower cost, but the crucial factor that large quantities of system of quantities make.

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