Car illume design is increasing use glow diode (LED) will realize complex modelling, this makes the market good to fluidity and easily of drawing of patterns high-powered thermoplastic plastic demand rises.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Company of industry of sand spy base (SABIC) the freeboard fluidity polycarbonate that roll out (PC) colophony product can be used at car illume fender to make, can realize intricate geometry graph already, collect is muti_function, still produce easily. As LED function rise, of power comsumption and cost reduce, it becomes more and more practical in a variety of models. Conversely, use the freedom that also conduces to promotion illume design extensively of LED to spend. Compare with incandescent lamp photograph, the working temperature of LED is inferior, this makes PC colophony can apply extensively at car illume, it is especially in frame, because frame is OK chromatic or metallization. Because PC colophony has aesthetic exterior and impact resistance, it is fender commonly used thermoplastic material. “ should make full use of the complex design of LED, illume manufacturer needs revolutionary data, personnel says related ” . Our Gao Liu moves “ product of sexual LEXAN colophony combined bigger design to be spent freely with bigger treatment flexibility, the client can make a model complex but the illume component that machines easily again. ”The car illume that produces in SABIC uses PC resin in, fuse-element bulk is led (MVR) the test makes clear, LEXAN HF4010SR colophony has higher liquidity. Freeboard fluidity makes car OEM manufacturer and supplier develop complex headlamp fender not only, it still reduced the force locking up a model that treatment requires. This is meant use the existing machine that note model to also can realize complex formative to note model to shape, and the power locking up a model with complex modelling normally higher need. Brazilian illume manufacturer is in nearly new-style and compact model the LEXAN HF4010SR resin that high liquidity used on the fender before the illume of multipurpose racing bike. Relevant personnel states the PC colophony photograph with low liquidity is compared, this PC colophony can use SABIC the inferior force that lock up a model and inject pressure will undertake machining handling, can use existing equipment to make thinner fender, reduce development cost. In addition, LEXAN HF4010SR colophony still can be answered low unplug the industry with undesirable drawing of patterns of spare parts of modular horn PC is challenged. These angle may bring about a spare parts to be stuck in the mould, or the generation when drawing of patterns wears away trace, bring about reject thereby. And character of easy drawing of patterns of LEXAN HF4010SR resinous makes rate of drawing of patterns rapidder, exterior blemish decreases, be in even have part of challenge sex drawing of patterns (unplug than commendatory PC modular part is small 0.5 go to 1 degrees) also be such in the spare parts with Bao Bi. SABIC expresses, LEXAN HF4010SR colophony complemented with the grade such as LEXAN HF1110R colophony and LEXAN HF3510R colophony the high liquidity with bigger SABIC is thermoplastic plastic product combination. These brands can provide as similar as LEXAN HF4010SR colophony function, but they have different function feature, and can be shown inferior impact resistance and be able to bear or endure chemical sex.

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