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China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Picture origin: University Nuo overcomes Tian Na on the west Siweier divides a when industry of advanced composite material faces school     long-term challenge is the method that finds carbon fiber of manufacturing low cost, so that all hopes use this kind of valuable and effective composite material,enhance the industry of material to be able to be used. Be attributed to tens of year chemistry of the body before pass, mechanical innovation and craft are improved wait for the effort that will improve productivity, carbon fiber cost already was reduced greatly. Among them a domain that be well worth doing is to use replace traditional aerospace form polyacrylonitrile (PAN) van body. For example, american energy department (DOE, american Washington special zone) with oak mountain lab (ORNL, mountain of American Tennessee oak) had developed wait for the method that replaces van body to produce carbon fiber from polymer, lignin and coal. The van body   that can replace among them hopeful, also be to be close to one of commercialized van body, it is spin class polyacrylonitrile (PAN) , it is similar to the fiber that is used at producing acrylic fibbers sweater. What study with ORNL is other like replacing former silk, carbon fiber of spin class PAN (TCF) carbon fiber of PAN of special type aviation is different from in a few respects. Among them a distinction is body of van of textile class PAN, because it is,be used at textile industry (for instance fabric of curtain, dress, furniture) , be with wide silk bundle the form supplies, its cost is original under former silk of special aerospace class PAN. In process of carbon fiber production, compare with photograph of traditional PAN fiber, this is had carry high yield is measured and reduce the effect that changes cost. It still agrees with the silk with bigger production bundle fiber - the plant of carbon fiber technology in ORNL, the K number of the product on product line comes for 300K about 450K, and traditional PAN carbon fiber comes for 3K normally 50K. In addition, although handle TCF van body to need to spend longer time, but as a result of it unlike convention PAN contains reaction accelerant euqally, and move below inferior temperature normally (this depends on the demand that balances retention period and temperature) , because this is in given more fiber can be handled inside time, and press the sentence that weight or volumenometer calculate, the sources of energy makes dosage inferior, conduce to reduce cost. Actually, ORNL estimation, fiber changeover can save the total the sources of energy of about 60 % , save the cost of about 50 % . This offerred an opportunity again conversely, produce the fiber with lower cost with large quantities of quantities, use its at producing the product with carbolic lesser footmark. In such as car / the ground is carried, consume an electron, sporting goods, building / in the industry such as building and wind energy, with aerospace medium intensity drive applies photograph comparing, TCF is one kind is provided enhance material charmingly, because its apply,often be stiffness drive. Notable is, blame aviation industry may use up many fiber. But, TCF remains a kind of product that is different from traditional PAN carbon fiber, because this needs to undertake better token to this kind of fiber not only, and still need to find the method that change and uses it. Because body of this kind of van can be in,machine, need to undertake transforming to machining equipment in process of whole fiber production so. The exterior modified after it still changed production and pack, of course, it goes to the influence from production fiber belt and fabric beforehand the transition of dip makings and prefabricated component. Must be clear that those who realise is, TCF can solve carbon fiber cost on one hand / the problem of usability, if where manage, changeover is mixed,also be in on the other hand packed side of this kind of data to produce new issue. In going 3 years, advanced composite material is made with innovation institute (IACMI, american Tennessee Nuo overcomes Siweier) also be in all the time the research project that develops a lot of member support, in order to solve these problems. Among them an interesting project considered to will exceed wide silk bundle TCF changeover is thermoplastic beforehand the method that dip brings. Reduce a lot of cost   industries to be opposite thermoplastic composite material beforehand the interest that dip takes rises ceaselessly, but these products often the price is high, because want to be used successfully beforehand aggregate high polymer volume and tall viscosity are thermoplastic colophony macerate a kind of any fiber (is not heat up solid sex colophony with the low viscosity that did not react) , need special device and technical knowledge. Manufacturing clean is unoccupied place drenched sex differs much, fiber beforehand dip belt is honest too easy, eventually finished product looks very bad not only, and the risk that has premature be no longer in force. Si Weier of university Nuo gram divides Tian Na on the west school (UTK, city of Ke Siwei Er of American Tennessee Nuo) the composite material of be assigned personal responsibility for makes innovation center (Advanced Composites Manufacturing) professor and director, hold officer of IACMI banquet technology concurrently (CTO) Dr. Uday Vaidya takes the place of from 2000 first since, with Husman CoNsulting Inc. (horn of coral of American Florida city) the president holds Zoltek Co.Inc concurrently. (American Missouri st. louis) retired director holds joint development of George Husman of banquet technology officer concurrently thermoplastic composite material project. A lot of mutual communication between them were promoted online beforehand the big silk of dip tradition bundle carbon fiber (24K arrives 50K) idea, the back end production that produces a line with supporting oneself in fine is thermoplastic compound beforehand dip belt. After fiber is produced, produce instantly beforehand dip is taken leave out a measure of separate the technology intermediate, and leave out all carriage and handle the work. Hope this will conduce to reduce beforehand dip is taken and by these beforehand the cost of the part that dip belt makes. Want to realize this one idea, undertake developing in craft and equipment respect with respect to need, in order to make a different silk bundle the carbon fiber of dimension increases thermoplastic beforehand dip belt. Vaidya and Husman 2018 with Tian Na the university studies on the west foundation (UTRF, tennessee Nuo overcomes Siweier) applied for jointly temporarily, should involve online production by much 50K silk bundle what carbon fiber increases is thermoplastic beforehand the technology that dip brings. Second year, vaidya and his UTK group expands this job declare, include to be opposite exceed wide cut TCF (300K comes 450K silk bundle) undertake thermoplastic beforehand dip. TCF TP beforehand if dip belt   expects a material, the technology that in this one process need thering is no lack of solves is challenged. Fiber needs to undertake to equipment into makings and processing great transform, because be compared with traditional carbon fiber, TCF often wider, involve more fiber. Be in beforehand the fiber that dip belt produces beforehand in dip measure, it is incidental also catenary behavior. This is meant, when silk bundle enter beforehand when dip model, can form sine wave, bring about silk bundle inhomogenous dissension, enter a mould below different tension, bring about beforehand dip belt is screwy, be out of shape, cause fiber profit wet undesirable. UTK group must settle numerous challenge, can undertake online macerate in order to develop to tradition or TCF carbon fiber in order to produce thermoplastic composite material beforehand the technology that dip brings and equipment. The photograph above showed enter beforehand of dip mould exceed broadband TCF silk bundle, the image below showed complete thermoplastic composite material beforehand dip belt, already coiled to be worn in the gauze of different measurement, but at any time shipment has a test. “ finds a kind of method that poises between fiber tension and flexibility to have challenge sex really, and need a large number of works, ”Vaidya explains. Our group realises “ gradually, maintain silk bundle integrality is how important, so that disperse tiny bit bundle of wetability that gains height, of course, this is high grade to production beforehand dip area is crucial. ”It is dimension problem next. TCF silk bundle size is very large, can help fiber wear smoothly shift to arrive from gauze macerate model head, use colophony to soak its in macerate model head next, make beforehand dip belt. But, once enter a mould, foregoing research make clear, what should use tall viscosity is thermoplastic plastic obtain good wetability, the existence of sizing material is met actually block up macerate, because of sizing material of this special hope eliminate. Experiment to bring about a group to develop a kind of technology eventually repeatedly, can be in silk bundle before entering macerate mould burn-up sizing material. Carry macerate model head to forecast resinous well and truly to shed denaturation and polymer take makings amount and make good beforehand dip belt, need undertakes new emulation and test and verify work. This group devotes oneself to production by polypropylene (PP) with polyamide 6 (PA6) the TCF that makes beforehand dip belt, these two kinds thermoplastic plastic because its tenacity is mixed but endurance and use extensively at the car. This group used Plastic Flow LLC (the United States rests closely a city Hancock) PolyXtrue squeezes a mould to design software, this software is based on Williams-Landel-Ferry (WLF) model, flow with what measure change to learn and cut rate result to offer wonderful dependency. Mould design itself is another main research field, become especially group the 12K silk from the standard bundle change 50K to silk bundle, change direction again next exceed broadband TCF silk bundle when. In this one phase, the mould must be redesigned completely, adjust the craft of two phase. In level, beforehand dip fiber. In the 2nd phase, for tension / macerate roller set fine break off horn, in order to control score of weight of the drawing tension of carbon fiber, fiber (FWF) and quality control, in order to come true beforehand the drawing performance with dip good belt. Current, the FWF that this group had produced 30-50 % with PP and PA6 beforehand dip belt, although silk bundle bigger. After also breaking away from a mould to be in at the same time, cool quickly beforehand dip belt, developed system of refrigeration of air of the one macerate after planting. The width as a result of the product and apply these downstream beforehand the challenge that dip belt brings, the group must design a kind of method to come even will complete beforehand dip belt is tightened up wear in gauze / coil. Thermoplastic beforehand the applied field that dip leads includes a car, lorry, wind lamina, infrastructure (bridge) , building, sporting goods, shipping and maritime product. Vaidya says, this group is current and dedicated become at electronic collect, include compose to build formal graphical user interface and development to be based on among them but controller of process designing logic (PLC) system. Eventually, the target of this group is to develop a kind thermoplastic beforehand dip belt produces module, this module can add the back end of TCF or product line of groovy carbon fiber, in order to be promoted 2 times / among thermoplastic beforehand the production that dip brings. Vaidya explanation says: Our group is faced with “ a lot of technology challenges, but we also gained a few success. ”The silk with “ so wide processing bundle successfully and quickly macerate fiber with realizing high quality, those who do not have space is thermoplastic beforehand dip belt is difficulty. But, our group explored a lot of craft parameter, include mould design for many times iteration; The polymer that carries modular head sheds movable mould to draft; And fiber is entered makings, each respects of Zhang Jin and warm-up. We achieved the standard requirement in us not only, and producing polypropylene of 30 % FWF and PA6 adhesive plaster while, macerate linear velocity achieved 12 feet / minute (3.7 meters / minute) . Vaidya of next plan     say, already studied to UT foundation is referred plant around this beforehand the intellectual property protection that dip brings a technology, among them the 24K of a kind of use tradition and 50K fiber, another kind uses wide silk bundle fiber. He says, commercialize what will be centered inside carbon fiber product line is online beforehand dip. He says: This will reduce “ greatly the aftertreatment suits easily, reduced the totle drilling cost of intermediate body further thereby. ”How to use these beforehand dip belt? Vaidya says, have a lot of choices: “ for example, material can be grown by cut fiber form, use at pulling to squeeze shape the fiber of raw material, big pot is twined, compress 2 times in shaping shape (be similar to organic plank) , the plank in mixture craft lays in —— for example, use LFT (long fiber is thermoplastic plastic) , SMC (piece shape moulding expects) and other in coordination craft material. This opened “ a series of product type, improvement of stiffness of benefit from benefit from, high impact tenacity and improvement machine function, if appearance, drawing is mixed,bend, be used circularly and reversible chemistry. He says, application includes lamina of electric energy of car, lorry, wind, infrastructure (bridge) , building, sporting goods, shipping and maritime product. “ is wide now filar carbon fiber is thermoplastic the adoption that intermediate body may be carbon fiber offerred many kinds likelihood, and it is too costly before, ”vaidya is summed up. 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