Our country realized “ carbon to counteract ” target to be able to say 2060 is: “ controls muscularity, job heavy, time tightens ” , if according to before advancing carbon step-by-steply to decrease a platoon is far insufficient, future needs with bigger determination and boldness, stronger step is adopted to urge implementation in 12 respects. “ carbon counteracts ” is to point to enterprise, organization or individual to be engaged in what produce and arise in the process such as life activity discharging gross with the greenhouse gas that carbon dioxide gives priority to inside proper time, can decrease platoon, afforestation through the section, buy the form such as carbolic quota and get offsetting, implementation carbon dioxide 0 discharge. End at present, already 127 make “ carbon counteract ” acceptance. Our country put forward on the the United Nations General Assembly on September 22, 2020, carbon dioxide is discharged strive at peak value is being reached before 2030, strive for carbon of “ of the implementation before 2060 to counteract ” hard. On December 12, 2020, our country announces further, to 2030, unit GDP carbon dioxide is discharged will drop than 2005 65% above, blame fossil the sources of energy occupies the sources of energy to consume specific gravity to will be achieved 25% the left and right sides, quantity of silvan save up will increase 6 billion stere than 2005, wind report, solar energy generates electricity total installed capacity will achieve above of 1.2 billion kilowatt. In new coronal in the pattern of mixed international politics economy after pneumonic epidemic situation, our country puts forward “ carbon to neutralize ” goal, reflected our country to be in already environmental protection and the responsibility that answer climate change problem to go up take on, also planned grandiose blue print for development of low carbon of our country green. Discharge photograph comparing with main carbon, our country realized “ carbon to counteract ” target to be able to say 2060 is: “ controls muscularity, job heavy, time tightens ” , if according to before advancing carbon step-by-steply to decrease a platoon is far insufficient, future needs with bigger determination and boldness, adopt stronger step to urge implementation. One, after increasing to decrease a relevant capital to throw carbon of     “ to counteract ” target to put forward with carbon, certainly will general is decomposed through goal assignment and refine each district, local government will be become whether the crucial place that achieves a goal and requirement. In fact, reduce a job to drive carbon, our country developed low carbon town in succession since 2010 pilot job, the catastrophe that encounters during is inscribed even if capital supports strength to be not worth, financing gap is bigger, local enthusiasm is not tall. Consider to show, implementation “ carbon amounted to peak ” 2030, annual capital requirement is about 3.1 trillion - 3.6 trillion yuan, and current and annual capital supply dimensions is 525.6 billion yuan only, breach exceeds 2.5 trillion yuan / year above. Carbon of “ of the implementation before 2060 counteracts ” , need generates electricity in new energy resources, advanced store can, the domain such as 0 carbon building adds green newly investment will exceed 139 trillion yuan, capital demand is quite huge. But will look from capital of finance of our country government, develop a mechanism besides cleanness (CDM) the income of the project and but electrovalency of second birth the sources of energy is add outside, do not have at present direct the public fund income related to this. Accordingly, prospective need is perfected ceaselessly decrease a platoon to cast financing system mechanism relevantly with carbon, increase financing source and the finance investment to the place, aid push local “ carbon to amount to peak ” and “ carbon to counteract ” . 2, establish low carbon transition or “ carbon to counteract   of ” relevant fund to advance transition of the sources of energy, realizing “ carbon to counteract ” have cost and price. Because our country region is vast, gift of structure of each district industry, resource is different, different place, industry, enterprise will face different tie and challenge. For example, low carbon transition can quicken “ to go for certain coal changes ” , the move in can many worker wants to wait for catenary of tall carbon industry from coal comes out, this rich to the traditional coal such as Shanxi, Inner Mongolia collect and for the area with economic progress relatively inferior level, the impact is bigger. Cost is high, transition labour pains is more apparent. This draws lessons from the fair transition mechanism of the European Union with respect to need, by establish low carbon transition or “ carbon to counteract ” relevant fund, pass special fund, undertake declining to these places and group, help and support these area traditions of energy industry worker groom and turn hillock, avoid to appear to bring about poverty because of low carbon transition to change as far as possible wait for social problem and adverse effect. 3, although GDP carbon discharged our country unit to dropped respectively 2015 than was being mixed 2005 2019,the year carbon with taller setting decreases a target   48.1% with 18.2% , the target that before was being overfulfiled, sets, but in light of transverse contrast, carbon of GDP of our country unit is discharged still taller, be average level 3 times much, of the European Union 6 times much, carbon of average per capita is discharged also should exceed partial hair to amount to economic system (like England, France) . Besides develops as society of our country economy, energy demand still can increase somewhat, future must reduce unit GDP carbon discharge intensity, only unit GDP carbon discharges annual growth rate of carbolic GDP of speed prep above, the carbon that ability offsets the sources of energy consumes growth to bring discharges increment, make of carbon dioxide discharge grow no longer. And should reduce carbon dioxide to discharge further put an amount, unit GDP carbon is discharged drop extent wants taller. Preliminary predict, 40 years carbon of GDP of our country unit discharges future year all drop 9% the left and right sides, ability realizes “ carbon to neutralize ” goal, all drop year after year than 2005-2019 of 4.6% fall want tower above to make an appointment with 1 times. 4, the characteristic of gift of energy natural resources that reduces coal to consume “ of   our country to enrage ” rich coal, lean oil, less directly considerably, bring about our country economy to develop height to depend on the coal that tall carbon discharges, energy consumption structure is unreasonable. 2019, coal is in our country occupy in energy consumption than for 57.7% , exceed average consumption level far (30% ) . Although coal industry can pass clean coal production and relevant craft to reduce carbon to discharge a level, but should realize “ carbon to counteract ” , must cut down coal to be consumed directly considerably (come loose especially coal is consumed) , in reducing coal to be consumed in the sources of energy, occupy than, be being cast off stage by stage is the way that settles at all to depending on ability of coal highly. Electric power is our country carbon discharges main source, and report of its medium baking temperature is occupied again than tall. Accordingly, in power supply side, future needs the total dimensions of power plant of reasonable control coal fired, promotion cleanness electric power is occupied in total electricenergy production than. In consumptive side, the electric energy that should push the field such as traffic, heating, industry, building continuously replaces a project. 5, the cost   the sources of energy that reduces low carbon the sources of energy hard is national economy one of significant fundamental sex investment, the change of price of the sources of energy is born to cause an effect alive to economy, dweller. Below existing technology condition, if not plan ” of cost of “ exterior sex, of traditional the sources of energy efficient decrease the sources of energy of low carbon of platoon and cleanness use what will naturally bring about whole the sources of energy to use cost to rise. In addition, “ carbon discharges authority ” market build mean traditional the sources of energy kind the enterprise will face high cost, the rise of cost can be conducted necessarily go in value of product of the sources of energy. So, implementation “ carbon counteracts ” to want to calculate ” of “ economy Zhang, innovate through strengthening clean energy technology, accelerate reform of mechanism of system of the sources of energy, improve energy efficiency, the design is beneficial to the means such as the policy that promotes clean energy company competition ability, the scale that implements low carbon the sources of energy hard is changed, reduce low carbon the sources of energy to use cost. 6, driving energy science and technology to progress and technology of innovation   energy progress and innovate is the primary motivation that drives transition of the sources of energy, also be the crucial driving force that realizes “ carbon to counteract ” and inevitable choice. Consider to make clear, if continue,current policy, investment and carbon reduce a goal, have low carbon / decarbonization technology cannot prop up our country to realize “ carbon to neutralize ” goal. Accordingly, the breakthrough that future must want have revolutionary advanced technique and innovation will prop up, expedite the promotion of technology of maturity low carbon and application. For example, quickly but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity technical promotion; Key development carbon catchs collect to use with seal up for keeping (CCUS) technology; Strengthen store can mix with the technical research and development such as intelligent electrified wire netting enlarge demonstrative dimensions; Accelerate new energy resources to multiply the deploy that uses car and car of hydrogenous fuel cell; Study key area and industry are not gas of carbon dioxide greenhouse to decrease a technology, form canal of gas of full requirements greenhouse to accuse technical program to wait. 7, push domestic industry transition upgrades and carbon of   of high quality development discharges and between industrial structure interact, interplay: Industrial structure upgrades can reduce carbon to discharge, promotion carbon discharges performance, at the same time carbon is discharged upgrade to industrial structure again have urge action. Our country regards “ factory ” and manufacturing industry as big country, tradition of industrial industry since is used can large family, the sources of energy consumes the 2/3 that takes consumption of total terminal energy, it is the main field that our country carbon dioxide discharges, those who take total discharge capacity 80% the left and right sides. In industrial industry, steely, chemical industry and petrifaction, cement and lime and electroanalysis concentrated, carbon discharges the sources of energy of 4 traditional industries such as aluminium opposite taller. Accordingly, implementation “ carbon counteracts ” to want to control afore-mentioned a few great traditions strictly already high cost can industry new increase production can, optimize put a quantity to produce can, drive its to undertake energy-saving transform, adjust product and industrial structure. Accelerate the burgeoning estate development such as economy of industry of contemporary service line of business, hi-tech and advanced manufacturing industry, number even. Support technology progress and innovation drive industry grow, promote the low carbon transition of traditional industry, expand economy of new-style green low carbon energetically, push an industry structural adjustment and upgrade, the energy consumption that reduces industrial industry and carbon are discharged, progressively implementation economy grows the unhook that discharges with carbon. 8, drive coal, oil gas to wait for   of transition of company of traditional fossil energy at present our country has look forward to of center of nearly 10 the sources of energy, the company of nationalization stone energy that counts a hunderd schools to be major servicing with coal, oil gas. “ carbon neutralizes ” goal put forward, will force these fossil energy companies undertake deepness changes. The enterprise quickens transition pace, need to accomplish the following at 3 o'clock: It is discharge carbon bring into performance assessment, investment the square field surface of the company operation such as configuration of decision-making, asset, implementation produces operation course the low carbonization of each link; 2 it is to adjust company future to run the strategy quickly, accelerate layout to develop hydrogen can, the business of 0 carbon new energy resources such as wind energy, solar energy, make oneself the provider that serves into energy technology hard, is not energy natural resources offer square, implementation offers the low carbonization that product of the sources of energy serves; 3 be be united in wedlock in order to digitlize with low carbonization photograph, make full use of the advanced technique method such as technology of computation of content couplet net, big data, cloud, artificial intelligence, drive transition of company of traditional fossil energy in order to achieve newly, suit to come true with what lead “ carbon to neutralize ” goal. 9, drive electric power and carbon to trade carbon of “ of   of   of construction of two big markets counteracts ” to will drive the 0 carbon new energy resources such as wind energy, solar energy to generate electricity enter dimensions to change “ times fast ” develops, and the dimensions that new energy resources generates electricity changes development to rely on construction of two big markets again: It is power market construction. Suffer system reform not to reach the designated position, market mechanism is diseased, commercialize degree low influence, our country new energy resources generates electricity to exist all the time be restricted report, abandon the disappear accept difficult problem such as report. Accordingly, city of market of long-range electric power, spot market, auxiliary service and the potential capacity market in should not accelerate construction electric power, publish new energy resources to commercialize development policy, plan as a whole in design of market of centralized electric power mechanism of market of new energy resources, make all sorts of power natural resources can the market trades in realize its economy value, disappear accept is commercialized in order to promote new energy resources in bigger range, complete n. 2 it is carbon trades market construction. Carbon trades the market commercializes policy tool as what a kind of low cost decreases a platoon, apply extensively inside limits already. It basically has two functions: It is incentive function, namely industry of incentive new energy or industry of blame fossil energy, decrease a platoon in order to solve exterior sex problem; 2 it is tie function, restrain namely control fossil energy industry, solve the problem of negative exterior sex that carbon discharges, thereby low cost, efficient the ground changes structure of the sources of energy, improve energy efficiency, administer environmental pollution. Before answering to be combed in summary, our country carbon trades on foundation of pilot work experience, compose is built trade unifiedly the market, quota, enterprise is discharged to participate in the mechanism of price of limits, product arrangement that makes systematization in carbon, optimize risk of climate of resource configuration, management, discovery in order to achieve to discharge the price, thereby low cost, efficient the goal that the ground reduces carbon to discharge. 10, establish new energy security to watch, at present risk of safety of our country energy centers   of risk of level of more attention technology reflect in two respects: It is energy supply risk, basically be to because of,point to oil, natural gas external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent taller, more sensitive to risk of environment of ministry of substandard of politics of fringe of crisis of banking of natural disaster, international, ground. 2 it is technical level risk, especially the safe stability of power system runs a risk. Counteract the propulsion of ” target as “ carbon, as a result of 0 carbon new energy resources large-scale, large proportion enters system of power of the sources of energy, the energy safety problem that faces will produce major change, namely: Energy security turns to furnish to worry about home from afraid abroad supply, from the sources of energy supply risk turns for technical level risk. On one hand, new energy resources is extensive after application, oil gas is occupied than will be being reduced somewhat, its external the exterior risk that depend on sb or sth for existence spends tall place to bring will be reduced stage by stage, the sources of energy furnishs from oil gas exorbitant depend on abroad to import translate into the sources of energy own supply scale is increased. On the other hand, new energy resources generates electricity have very strong fluctuation, instability, random sex, ground of large proportion of new energy resources develops and enter will safe to power system stability to move cause tremendous effect, once appear day of large area, long cloudy day, wet, static wind, produce system of large area power to break down the probability of the risk will increase. 11, avoid to publish one knife of “ to cut ” , radical carbon to decrease an area of measure   our country to develop difference very big, the fundamental condition such as structure of structure of progress of different region economy, industry, the sources of energy is different. “ carbon counteracts ” is target of a distant view, realize this target to be accomplished in one move impossibly, also cannot do one knife of “ to cut ” , because this wants adjust measures to local conditions, the ” of “ carbon Da Feng with different due and different area and “ carbon counteract ” schedule. The people's livelihood of some areas still relies on the production of tall carbon the sources of energy and consumption, in pressure decrease tall carbon the sources of energy while, each district should have the social policy of form a complete set, avoid these crowd be in hot water. In addition, prevent each district to amount to carbon of peak ” , “ to counteract ” target to come on stage to realize “ carbon at an early date even radical, do not accord with this locality the carbon of actual condition decreases a measure. Do not answer to vie each other, do carbon to reduce a competition, reduce the crop of the fossil the sources of energy such as coal, oil gas and consumption substantially, bring about because strength of transition of the sources of energy crosses undercapitalize of the sources of energy of big, fossil,appear and brought the sources of energy is in short supply, damage economic development. To this, had had experience lesson domestic and internationally. Foreign respect, american California is divisional Spring 2020 by turns power cut, a main reason is in this the city is raising new energy resources to generate electricity considerably scale, advance transition of the sources of energy while combination of right without implementation the sources of energy, bring about the power natural resources with sufficient lack eventually. Domestic side, was 2020 finish in those days “ of the sources of energy double accuse ” target and “ to reduce job of coal ” job, and other places of city of Zhejiang justice black, lukewarm state city rolls out measure, enterprise of limitative office unit, public below certain condition, part with report. 12, hold to systematic thinking, break what all sorts of camp and carbon of “ of hedge     neutralize ” goal to put forward, will bring profound influence and challenge to system of our country economy, the sources of energy, technology, policy, also explaining implementation “ carbon counteracts ” is a huge systematization project. The innovation of pattern of the progress of the change that needs thought sense not only, technology, trade, policy gives aid to and system mechanism is ensured, still need to hold to systematic thinking, break all sorts of camp and hedge: It is to break the barrier between energy company, sort. Below system of traditional the sources of energy, the of all kinds the sources of energy such as nucleus of coal electricity oil gas cuts apart each other, it is battle severally, layout of whole of system of the sources of energy still stays on sort of the sources of energy of onefold, minority, cause energy overall efficiency low. The gift of energy natural resources of our country and future of decision of national condition current situation develop onefold the sources of energy impossibly, need undertakes much can complementary, realize confluence of of all kinds the sources of energy to develop, raise whole of whole society energy resources to use efficiency; 2 it is to break the barrier between the sources of energy and other industry. Although energy industry is the trade with carbon dioxide much discharge capacity, but the discharge capacity such as bldg. , industry, traffic is not little also. So implementation “ carbon counteracts ” is the sources of energy not only the thing of department of a trade, include other however numerous industry inside thing. It is the thing of industry production domain not only, also be the thing of industry spending domain; 3 it is to break the next door base with place, different area, different branch. Overall situation of base oneself upon, unite plan, had handled as a whole local concern with global interest, break through area camp, form “ ” of a dish of chess, make element, resource free inside bigger range flow, produce effect of market main body; 4 it is to break the barrier between different subject. “ carbon counteracts ” to involve the different principal part such as government, enterprise, individual, amid of every main body is had crucial and each have the effect that emphasize particularly on. So, the implementation that “ carbon neutralizes ” goal cooperates each other from what do not open different subject and of the society benign and interactive, this needs the action of the consensus of entire nation and whole society, any main body cannot absent.

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