The heat of industry of two years of epoxy resin in the past rises continuously, profit also adds considerably, enterprise enlarge produces apiration to increase, produce can increase quickly. Enter 2022, delay of hasten of a few big downstream demand, tall light of epoxy resin industry always goes already, but inside a few to now months after the Spring Festival, still have produce newly what exceed 700 thousand tons can announce ……Mainland epoxy resin produces an enterprise to make an appointment with 50, produce always 2021 can be 2.49 million tons about / year (contain foundation, phenolic aldehyde, bromine to change, the type such as solvent) , occupy always produce can close half. Among them liquid epoxy resin basically is centered in Jiangsu, produce can occupy than what achieve 50% the left and right sides, solid epoxy resin basically is in yellow mountain area centrally. The others area is produced relatively can dispersive, but distributing with downstream demand correspondence more, huadong and Hua Na are the area that downstream demand centers domestic epoxy resin. Express 1. Epoxy resin is had produce can (10 thousand tons / year)

Company nameProducing areaProduce can
Jiangsu 3 woodAppropriate is promoted, river door, bank city, anxious make41
Changchun chemical industryChangshu, Pan Jin25
South Asia of elder brother hillElder brother hill24.8
Raise Nong JinhuYangzhou17
Nantong starsNantong16
Grand prosperous electronZhuhai15.5
National capital of elder brother hillOffspring hill15
Establish flood groupRiver shade, Guangzhou15
Ba Ling petrifactionHigh mountain this world14
Anhui beautiful beautifulOver grown with weeds lake8
Shandong heart sourceTai'an4.5
Dalian is changed togetherDalian4.4
Anhui constant is farYellow hill4
Inspire confidence in sb of Anhui be apt toPortant; Overflow-wrap: Break-word! ImPortant; "> Huang Shan4
Anhui constant peacefulPortant; Overflow-wrap: Break-word! ImPortant; "> Huang Shan4
Shanghai yuan stateShanghai3
Huang Shan 5 annulusPortant; Overflow-wrap: Break-word! ImPortant; "> Huang Shan2.3
Shandong emperor springJinan, Zhuhai2
Huang Shan is homocentricPortant; Overflow-wrap: Break-word! ImPortant; "> Huang Shan2
Yellow Shan XinjiaPortant; Overflow-wrap: Break-word! ImPortant; "> Huang Shan2
Home Zhang harbor judge course of studyZhang Jia harbor2
Shandong day is striddenZi rich2
Heibei forest sourceDark blue city2
Add up to/249

The demand of the industry such as report of wind of benefit from benefit from and electronic electrician increases quickly, 2020-2021 year epoxy resin industry appears Gao Jing bearing continuously, enlarge of old brand enterprise is produced quickly while also attracted large quantities of one industries new entrant, be like Bofei of friendship of state of Zhejiang a person of extraordinary powers, Shanghai China, Zi bay of source, Qingdao. Epoxy resin planned to be in 2022 build produce can be as high as 3.43 million tons, produce inside 2022 among them can predict to will increase 865 thousand tons to reach 3.36 million tons / year.

Express 2. Epoxy resin plans to be in build produce can reach a project to make progress (10 thousand tons / year)

Build an unitThe ground is noddedProduce can
Jiangsu lucky constantConnect cloud harbor18 (already put into production)
Shandong moxa is unconscious specialEast battalion6 (already put into production)
Zhejiang state of a person of extraordinary powersThoroughfare city20
Cupreous hill constant peacefulCupreous hill10
Zhejiang inMake the same score a lake8
Zi gain gets off the ground sourceZi rich15
Anhui starAnqing6
Fujian annulus silvers coinBlessing Qing Dynasty6
Be the same as Yu XincaiJingdezhen6
Establish flood groupGuangzhou3
3 wood Portant; Overflow-wrap: Break-word! ImPortant; "> groupRiver5
Peaceful spy ErEast battalion1
Cupreous hill abb of be apt toCupreous hill21
Shandong heart sourceTai'an18
Qingdao bayQingdao15
Anhui beautiful beautifulOver grown with weeds lake15
National capital chemical industryPeaceful wave12
East battalion He BangEast battalion8
Jiangsu luck auspiciousYangzhou13
Cupreous hill new farPortant; Overflow-wrap: Break-word! ImHill of Portant; "> copper7.3
Panjin ChangchunDish bright and beautiful5.5
Shandong heart sourceTai'an3
Sea king is changed labourWei lane1.6
Yantai east changeYantai1.4
South Asia plasticPeaceful wave30
Grand prosperous electronZhuhai22
Guangxi Hua YiAdmire city20
Cling to hill petrifactionHigh mountain this world17
Shandong dragonDistant10
Heibei advance stateDark blue city8
3 wooden groupsBank city5
Zhang Jia harbor judge course of studyZhang Jia harbor5
Nantong starsNantong2.5
Add up to/343.3

Mixed 2022 2023 is domestic epoxy resin produces the fastigium that can release centrally newly, market supply raises bouncing pattern quickly, exceed downstream consumption apparently add fast: Wind telegram construction enters smooth postpone a deadline stage by stage; Real-estate industry depression brings about level ground of coating, ground, adhesive, beauty to seam the industry such as the agent to have increment hard; Fu copper industry also shows declining tendency after erupting greatly 2021; The quantity of produce and sale of automobile industry also is to glide considerably ……

2022 first half of the year, epoxy resin supply and demand is contradictory already peep clue, as produce newly can continuity put into production, industry competition will be further aggravate, for be more than the situation that beg to will become normalization, the price is progressively profit of fall after a rise, company glides, industry or “ will is in inside quite long period of time inferior healthy ” condition.

If prices shows what concussion glides continuously,go situation, have fluctuation to swim the company of epoxy resin production of industrial form a complete set will get competition ability of lienal beneficial, market greatly stronger, if have the Jiangsu luck of form a complete set of double raw material,the constant and Qingdao bay, Nantong stars that has form a complete set of double phenolic A is mixed the Shanghai China friendship, raise Nong Jinhu that has ECH form a complete set and state of Zhejiang a person of extraordinary powers; The Jiangsu that has the downstream form a complete set such as copperplate of report of coating, wind, Fu the enterprise such as electron of beautiful beautiful of 3 wood, Anhui, grand prosperous.

Vigilance invests overheat, promote business market competition ability, product of oxygen of annulus of development special type undertaking competition is met differring dissimilation is development of industry of prospective epoxy resin is thematic with breach. (above statistic, offer only referenced)

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