If give your time of 1 minute, are you consulting the applied domain of composite material of a few kinds of carbon fiber or goods be spoken below the premise of the data? Carbon fiber (Carbon Fiber, abbreviation CF) it is a kind of quantity that contain carbon the high strenth high standard of more than 90% measures fiber material, it is all chemical fibber in high temperature resistant the person above average of the bound, have high temperature resistant, fight attrition, electric, heat conduction to reach anti-corrosive wait for character, it is the king ” of “ new material, be known as ” of “ black gold, get the favour of all trades and professions. According to statistic, carbon fiber demand is in in the past 10 got rapid growth for years, demand was 103.7 kiloton 2019, amount reachs 2.87 billion dollar, 2009-2019 year all compound increase rate is 11.3% , 2008-2019 year CAGR of carbon fiber demand is 10% . As to carbon fiber research and development investment is increased and downstream demand lasts outspread, conservative forecast carbon fiber demand will achieve 200 kiloton 2025, will achieve 400-500 kiloton 2030. Those who make a person infatuate is the material character of carbon fiber oneself not only, the product that treatment of composite material of use carbon fiber makes more surprise letting a person. Regretful is, the cut technology that is aimed at carbon fiber material fares badly however. The carbon fiber process that make is included help a variety of complex programs such as silk, draft, stable, carbonization, graphitization, very strict to processing technique requirement. This also mirrors instead, why high end of function of carbon fiber material, the price is otherer material is qualitative a few taller. So, even if photograph relatively at not tall to requirement of precision of cut of carbon fiber material orgnaization, the error that they can accept also is the high accuracy standard in 1 millimeter less than. Ask about the Yan Ke to cut equipment with etc. With common carbon fiber composite material beforehand dip makings is exemple. Besides demand cut precision, it is right cut environment (include cut temperature, bit temperature to wait) and store temperature requirement is more strict. If use hot cut (like laser cut) or other blame essence follows cut, can destroy material character greatly, cause material to waste, at the same time the likelihood causes light pollution and cost to raise a question. Be aimed at cut of carbon fiber composite material, own research and development rolls out limited company of equipment of numerical control of Jinan Ao Lei machine of cut of AOL-S model intelligence.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Machine of cut of intelligence of model of Ao Lei AOL-S uses bit cut technology, without heat source, free from contamination, do not change material character, reasonable optimize cut environment, efficient assure material character and finished product function. Use next high frequency and oscillatory cut on bit, computer controls around to control shift, minutely on 10 thousand amplitude will achieve cut effect, cut edge is cleaner and orderly, cut rate is rapid, won't appear braid cloth to come loose the circumstance of edge, Mao Bian, material waste is little, promotion overall material utilization factor. In the meantime, choose Taiwan system of linear slideway transmission and component of equipment of product of whole set entrance, high quality, high quality, safeguard machine is run high-powered. Assure the precision of high level cut of ±0.01mm. Limited company of equipment of numerical control of Jinan Ao Lei is manufacturer of research and development of equipment of northward and high grade numerical control, have the double attestation of European Union FDA and CE, have the honor to win domestic and international equipment of dedicated intelligence cut innovates 6 technologies upgrade, have professional technology to develop a group. Be aimed at cut of all sorts of composite material of different carbon fiber custom-built solution, support automation line of custom-built machine equipment, butt joint and product line, all-around demand of contented customer service, promote client product competition ability. Ao Lei is full automatic system, the servo below embarking pine produces 2500mm/s of efficiency traversal speed, cut efficiency can replace 4-6 celebrity to be versed in. Intelligence is automatic composing, overall material utilization factor raises 20% above.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Since holding water 2010, ao Lei grasps from beginning to end hold “ technology to establish look forward to, quality is consummate the management concept of ” , it is a center with the client, handle each detail that research and development produces seriously, ensure the function of each equipment and character, in 100 many with the area stability moves, those who win a client is extensive approbate.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
In after service job, ao Lei does not forget from beginning to end first heart, affirmatory “ returns money 7 days without reason! Brand quality assures! Lifelong and free technology is safeguarded! ”Refer telephone call of   of plan of cut of intelligent carbon fiber instantly: 17686780703   contact: Mr Li

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