Colophony of sex of biology radical hot solid with but renewable resources is main raw material, their dimensions turns application is one of important steps that colophony of sex of implementation hot solid and composite material can develop continuously. With colophony of sex of oil radical hot solid is same, they are after solidify cross-linking, face the problem that reclaims difficult degradation, hard likewise. Realize biology radical to heat up value of high price of solid sex resinous to reclaim use right current low carbon, environmental protection, but durative development has important sense.

Technology of material of peaceful wave of academy of sciences and project institute are new-style Liu Xiaoqing of group of colophony of hot solid sex's researcher is based on old live thing base experience of research of colophony of hot solid sex (Composites Part B, 2020, 190, 107926; Green Chemistry, 2021, 23, 8643; Progress In Polymer Science, 2021, 113, 101353; Chemical Engineering Journal 2022, 428, 131226; Composites Science And Technology, 2022, 219, 109248) , the essence that puts forward to develop biology base material to expect is to realize pair of live thing of carbon efficient use. Be based on this, the group uses the method of laser ablation, will material with carbon element of sex of function of translate into of colophony of sex of biology radical hot solid (Carbon, 2020, 163, 85; Carbon, 2021, 183, 600; ACS Nano, 2021, 15, 12, 19490; Nano Energy, 2022, 100, 107477; Small DOI:10.1002/smll.202202906) , plan to finish to “ from ” of “ biology carbon ” of biology radical colophony arrives again the closed circuit of ” of “ function carbon is changed. First, be based on benzene and the advantage that Qin colophony leads high into charcoal, the group used technology of infra-red laser photoetching to come true from biology base benzene and Qin colophony is changed to the high additional cost of material of Xi of poriferous black lead, low cost (graph 1) . relatively at material of body of other colophony van, benzene and the material of Xi of poriferous black lead of preparation of Qin colophony develops an extremely high area that compare a list (883 M2/g) and conductivity (35 Ω/sq) , at the same time benzene and sole of Qin colophony radical is able to bear or endure by force chemical energy force also assured this kind but the use stability that the material of black lead Xi that design turns preparation issues in harsh environment (Carbon, 2020, 163, 85-94) . Give birth to content radical benzene to be highlighted further and the advantage that Qin colophony regards van as body, the group uses benzene and the Gao Liu of Qin monomer uses sexual feature, with metallic organic compound / benzene and Qin colophony is carbolic source, developed a kind not to have oxide of solvent preparation metal novelly accept rice grain is even the method of material of Xi of laden and poriferous black lead (graph 2) . Cycle of whole preparation process is short, safe environmental protection. Its special poriferous structure and superior electric performance mix profit from magnetism function, of place preparation miscellaneous change material to show an efficiency of outstanding absolutely electromagnetism screen (28, 044 DB Cm2 G-1) ; In the meantime, this kind miscellaneous change material to also show a good applied prospect in water treatment as sorbent. But, this kind is in through laser irradiation the material of Xi of poriferous black lead that colophony surface makes applies actually in the trend when, the limitation of function of itself of colophony of be enslaved to be enslaved to. For this, the group formulated a kind of brand-new detached strategy, use colophony base and the difference that material with carbon element heats up coefficient of expansion namely, regard temper by dipping in water as cryogen with liquid nitrogen, realize both fast depart, get is in tall reservation is had on structure and function complete spent independence props up film of Xi of poriferous black lead oneself (Carbon, 2021, 183, 600) . Parameter of laser beam machining can accuse, method is adjustable waited for a characteristic to be able to gift further the advantage of preparation of design of diversity of functional material with carbon element. Xie Senlin structure inspires the injection that extremely tall sun's rays has to use efficiency in sufferring nature, the group passes adjusting control of structure of multistage of material with carbon element, successful compose built a kind to cultivate ” by “ of Xi of poriferous black lead close the Xi of three-dimensional black lead that arranges is filmy (Forest-like LIG, graph 3) . This kind of unique multistage structure makes incident light is between “ tree ” and undertake for many times reflexing between “ branch ” , reduced the reflection of black lead Xi significantly. The smooth heat that combines itself of black lead Xi is characteristic, forest-like LIG has the smooth absorptivity that is as high as 99.0% and exceedingly good smooth heat to change property inside limits of sun's rays complete wavelengh (temperature of the balance below the xenon lamp illuminate in intensity of a sun's rays is achieved 90.7±0.4 ℃ ) . Because of Forest-like LIG at the same time distinctive chemistry reachs structure of exterior small accept, material behaves hydrophoby of favorable balance of trade can. Be based on these two kinds of character, group development goes have fast drive is answered and the smooth hot driver of expensive campaign speed and have the abiding function that fight salt and high solar energy to evaporate the film of desalt of seawater of interface of double deck solar energy of efficiency, announced Forest-like LIG uses latent capacity tremendously in smooth hot field (ACS Nano, 2021, 15, 12, 19490-19502) . The dominant position that method of scanning of laser of have the aid of can charge, the group designs preparation composite material of design fossil Mo Xi and dug the application that its run a field in heat (graph 4) . Through repeating laser to handle, the quality of black lead Xi rises substantially, at the same time poriferous structure is able to withhold; After fill colophony, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of place preparation composite material can achieve 8.2 W/(m·K) , as 45 times closer than rising as pure colophony photograph. Change a design through design, the quantity of heat of composite material is delivered have apparent directional, and show go out to come loose goodly hot effect. In addition, be based on the electric heat performance with black lead superior Xi, the group still puts forward to be able to design sexual design to turn heater, among them every heat unit electric heat function can undertake through adjusting laser parameter custom-built. This is Central Africa of imitate electron equipment the true condition of even heat source offerred unique opportunity, will conduce to medicinal powder the design of hot system and development. Workmanship of this kind of laser beam machining can be in local add functional character with any area, can not cause to base excessive damage and affect structural integrality, for muti_function the design of structural unifinication composite material and preparation offerred feasibility of a kind of choice. (Nano Energy, 2022, 100, 107477) close, the group passes mode of scanning of laser of simple adjusting control, design preparation design is changed exceed surface of Xi of embellish wet black lead, came true to efficient the sources of energy is used and be changed (graph 5) . The group uses laser grating scanning and vector scanning two kinds of mode, compose built those who differ to exceed surface of Xi of embellish wet black lead, have structure of Xi of poriferous black lead namely exceed close water (LSHL) the surface and have what grain of black lead Xi covers construction of small post array to exceed scanty water (LSHB) the surface. Exceed wetability surface through designing design to change, form capillary force gradient, successfully the surface can kinetic energy of translate into liquid, what realize water thereby is directional, carry without pump and the local refrigeration of electronic parts. In addition, profit from its unique array structure, LSHB surface has excellent mechanical stability and chemical stability. In the meantime, the electric heat that combines itself of black lead Xi and smooth heat are characteristic, LSHB surface still shows exceedingly good electric heat to change (·cm2/W of 222 ℃ ) change with smooth heat (88% ) function. Be based on above feature, LSHB material is in prevent freeze and a tremendous applied potential is shown in deice (Small, 2022, DOI:10.1002/smll.202202906) .

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