On June 24, place of building materials group is belonged to in open hair that Inc. of carbon fiber of answer god eagle refers travel stock is in division achieve board the application material that appear on the market obtains Shanghai stock exchange to accept, this is the home inside system of building materials group is declared division achieve board the enterprise that appear on the market.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Answer god eagle held water 2006 in, it is the company of new and high technology that a major pursues research and development of high-powered carbon fiber, production and sale. This company passes technical research and development of ten years, broke through super- filature of wet spinning of high capacity polymerization, dry in season, fast all oxidize beforehand character the crucial core technology such as carbonization, built home the product line of industrialization of carbon fiber of wet spinning of kiloton class dry in season that has own intellectual property. 2018 up to now, answer god eagle does business in income year all compound increase rate is amounted to 31.47% , the rapid growth of business income reflects the good momentum that gave industrialization of product of high-powered carbon fiber. The domain of high-powered carbon fiber that answer god eagle is engaged in in ever was waited for for a long time by family name of Dong Li, conspicuous day beautiful business is controlled. Answer god eagle is the enterprise that domestic home masters carbon fiber to do craft of technology of gush wet spinning in, the industrialized amount that the innovation that this company relies on technology of wet spinning of dry in season realized the different level carbon fiber such as T700 class, T800 class, T1000 class is produced, successful fill the blank of technology of high end of our country carbon fiber, what wait for crucial domain in aerospace, new energy resources, new capital construction to high-powered carbon fiber is homebred replace have important sense. In January 2018, the “ of answer god eagle does excel in of class of kiloton of gush wet spinning in / technology of key of industrialization of carbon fiber of the model in 100 tons of class and applied ” achievement have the honor to win technology progress first prize, it is the business that domain of domestic carbon fiber wins this special honour exclusively.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
In answer god eagle is high-powered   regards carbon fiber product line as our country inorganic the team of metalloid material domain and leading sheep, building materials group holds to strategic reason and the balance with rational economy to unite, stare at safety of major strategy, national defence and major project task closely, aggrandizement innovates in coordination, exert oneself blocks neck ” technology at breaking through the “ of link of key of catenary of new material industry; Also pay attention to the economic benefits of the enterprise at the same time, create more value, promote new material industry long-term health develops. Bencishen signs up for answer god eagle in division achieve board appear on the market, it is the group drives new material to innovate energetically not only, capture “ blocks the representative case of neck ” technology ceaselessly, also be the group realizes the concentration with strategic value and economic organic and unified value to reflect in new material domain. In answer god eagle capital will use collect that appear on the market at Xining project of former silk of 10 thousand tons of high-powered carbon fiber and form a complete set, aerospace is high-powered the construction of the project such as line of test of carbon fiber and former silk. Afore-mentioned collect cast a purpose to carry out the carbon fiber of answer god eagle in will expanding effectively to produce can, reduce manufacturing cost further, what advance high-powered carbon fiber quickly is homebred replace; Answer god eagle is ongoing in also will promoting at the same time the comprehensive strength of the respect such as hair, production and management, make sure its are in the lead dominant position of industry of domestic carbon fiber, aid push its rapid development becomes the company of top-ranking carbon fiber that has competition ability, make building materials group be in the new calling card of composite material domain.

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