Phenolic aldehyde colophonyBasically use at making all sorts of plastic, coating, adhesive and synthetic fibre wait. The compression moulding pink of goods of mould pressing of production of compression moulding pink is phenolic aldehyde resinous one of main use. Use roller to press law, helix to squeeze a law and latex law to make colophony macerate filling mixes with other auxiliary even, again via smashing sift out can be made compression moulding pink. Pink of commonly used wood makes filling, make to create certain tall insulating property and hear resistance, also wait for inorganic filling with pink of micaceous pink, asbestine pink, quartz. Compression moulding pink is usable mould pressing, deliver moulding and inject to shape legal system becomes all sorts of plastic products. Thermoplastic phenolic aldehyde colophonyCompression moulding pink basically is used at making the electric part such as switch, electrical outlet, outlet, product of commodity etc industry. Pink of compression moulding of colophony of phenolic aldehyde of hot solid sex basically is used at making tall report be isolated from to make. Enhance phenolic aldehyde plastic with phenolic aldehyde colophony (basically be colophony of phenolic aldehyde of hot solid sex) solution or latex macerate all sorts of fiber and its fabric, shape via dry, suppress all sorts ofIncrease plasticIt is important industrial data. It not only mechanical intensity tall, integral performance is good, and can undertake machining. The phenolic aldehyde that with fibre glass, quartz fiber and its fabric enhance is plastic and main use at making all sorts of brake chafe piece with chemical anticorrosion plastic; Tall silicon oxygenFibre glassAndCarbon fiberBuildup phenolic aldehyde is plastic be spaceflight industry is important be able to bear or endure ablation material. More information pays close attention to Http:// of composite material website please!

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