On March 7, the petrifaction of short for Zhejiang Province that company of the earth Shanghai carries out 2 period phenol / acetone project drives successful, the mark is worn another large phenol / be well versed in of all fronts of acetone plant technological process, cast successfully makings yield eligible product. Zhejiang is petro-chemical limited company 40 million tons / year refine turns unifinication project, be located in Zhejiang to visit island of hill of fish of county of hill of another name for Taishan Mountain of boat hill city, turn an organic whole project to large temper with fire exceeds inside limits.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Company of the earth Shanghai bear this project that build 2 period phenol / acetone device is build plant, plant design produces per year 400 thousand tons / year phenol, 250 thousand tons / year acetone. Device covers an area of an area to make an appointment with 42900m² , it is current big phenol acetone unit. This project uses UOP technology of combustion of benzene of third of different of the 3rd acting middling pressure, technology is advanced, the technology is banner, decorate compact, automation to control rate tall, strong, environment pollutes sex of on the safe side small, energy-saving rate is high, product quality is top. Carry out in the project in, group of project of company of the earth Shanghai is shown those who go out is masterly the affirmation that technical actual strength and rich engineering experience gained UOP group height, facilitated to cooperate with UOP group deepness, craft of joint development share wraps content. Offer the more excellent service, difficult issue that in solving a project to carry out, encounters to give owner, company of the earth Shanghai forms “ early or late the vertical equipment ” that ” of device of release of safety of a kind of chemical industry production, “ heads sparge unit one kind, “ a kind of intermediate skirt the tower that prop up implement ” and “ depart one kind from inside tar the systematic ”4 of phenol and benzene second ketone, applied for 3, solved device safe, efficient, energy-saving wait for a problem with harm processing, got the recognition of owner and business height. Current, manufacturing unit runs data to reach design target in the round, public project is used up under design index. Index and stock use up the product quality of device to all be in international banner level, the congener product that outclass other engineering technology produces. General drawing is decorated reasonable, managing with the ground, reduce specific power consumption, saved investment for owner. Company of the earth Shanghai will around market demand, make ” of technical “ diamond continuously, exploration promotes Jin Yao of “ of benefit of project executive efficiency spoon ” , pursuit models ” of brand of gold of the earth “ , towards international Cheng of top-ranking refine chemical industry serves the target of business integratedly to advance courageously.

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