On Feburary 17, oil and chemical Joint Industry Conference are held in Beijing oil and chemical industry economy ran a press conference 2021. The news briefing holds secretary-general Zhao Jungui concurrently to chair by petrifaction federation vice-chairman, petrifaction federation information and Fan Min of market department vice director are released industry economy ran a condition 2021, fu Xiangsheng of petrifaction federation vice-chairman published a problem to be " outstanding achievement exceeds anticipate firm in beg again into " report.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
One, a year 2021 is extremely rough every when obtained   of outstanding outstanding achievement extremely to just go last year. Extremely rough every: Make a comprehensive view, clairvoyant annual, big country of number one of the beginning of the year changed new president, this thinking that hegemonic act can return to reason, the homeland of factual proof “ that comes one year is first ” continues unbridled; England of New Year beginning takes off Europe formally, in She Ji of European Union chariot slow before row, big country of Europe of the end of the year changed new prime minister, “ 3 drive carriage ” be in office pattern remains of political wisdom control; Second half of the year made Afghan war of 20 years, in order to cost death of 2 trillion dollar, U.S. Army the cost of 2400 much people, those who in disorder with “ on the west wind up of tribute hour ” , suffer misery hand in again return Taliban; The end of the year, si Tan of Wu Kelan, Kazakstan condition is choppy, alamutu repeats commotion of ” of type of “ color revolution, new president falls in just support, together how is collect organized decisive smooth cruel, new Year ding just restored to stabilize namely too. The 2nd extremely rough every: Politics looks, the Russia in “ new era is comprehensive ” of relation of strategic cooperation associate consolidates further, europe relation maintained the strategy and overall situation stability in, the competition in Sino-US relation dialog and rich play chess is in aggravate, sino-Japanese Han gets with unifinication of middle east alliance materiality is advanced, “ is taken all the way ” proposal and Central Africa collaboration are deepened ceaselessly, imprint in the relation spent a year of Jing Yin period; Russian-American relation and the crisis that because black overcomes Lan Xin,Russian Europe concerns lie between aggravate of the insecurity in empty punish ” in “ , beautiful Yi relation restarts because of negotiation of Iranian nucleus crisis, the ding that receives New Year together in alleviation atmosphere. The 3rd extremely rough every: Economy looks, 2021 is an economy anabiosises a particular year that high speed of driving, economy rises, monetary Fund of the international at the beginning of the month is calculated on economy was added 2021 fast 5.9% , bank on January 11 " economy is looked into " predict economy was added 2021 fast 5.5% . Although economic gross has not regain the level to the front of epidemic situation, but the bank says this came true 80 years to anabiosis strong. The 4th extremely rough every be: New coronal is pneumonic the abidance of epidemic situation indulge in wilful persecution, the people at the beginning of 2021 forecasts the promotion that leads as vaccinal inject, begin to epidemic situation can get controlling or improve at all from second half of the year, but the fact is virus appeared first half of the year Deerda mutates, cause develop the South Asia area such as economic system and India is new break out greatly; Second half of the year appeared to transmit the Aomike with rapidder rate again Rong Xin mutates, cause Euramerican and ” of type of sexual “ seismic sea wave breaks out greatly, multilateral day adds new diagnose number to connect innovation tall, the mutation of every time, each rounds new break out greatly. Cause new backwater and severe impact to activity of each country society and daily life and economy, can say 2021 is human history experience again a epidemic situation disaster is difficult year. The rough every last year: It is the epidemic situation in big country and main economy system is prevented accuse well-done, although often have Nanjing, Xi'an, peaceful wave, Henan, Tianjin,wait for much ground zero hair scattereding about like the stars, but accomplished overall can accuse; Receive found a party hundred time absurd, summed up hundred years struggling main achievement and historical experience, realized comprehensive well-off, open the new journey of the 2nd hundred years struggling target; Economic progress jumps new platform, what growing exclusively is main since becoming afterwards epidemic situation to break out greatly after economic system, grow 8.1% again, economic gross achieves one hundred and forteen thousand three hundred and seventy billion yuan, average per capita is close to 81 thousand yuan, by year all average per capita of exchange rate plan reached twelve thousand five hundred and fifty dollar, although did not reach level of good-paying average per capita, but already exceeded 2021 average per capita the level of twelve thousand one hundred dollar. 945 ” of petrifaction industry “ leave of the bureau year economic outstanding achievement also is to be exceeded greatly anticipate, entire industry realizes business income 14.45 trillion yuan, grow 30% compared to the same period; Implementation profit total 1.16 trillion yuan, grow 126.8% compared to the same period; Amount of imports and exports eight hundred and sixty billion and eighty million dollar, grow 38.7% compared to the same period. Of the beginning of the year of Yuan Chao of this group of data that occupies total office of statistical bureau and customs anticipate, do business especially income and profit created new historical record. Below, from “4 the history is new tall ”“4 the amount increases ”“3 second drop ” and “ use collect frontal ascendant ” to analyse the characteristic that industry economy ran last year: 1. 4 histories are new tall. It is business income achieves the history new tall, entire industry realizes business income 14.45 trillion yuan, better than be being done on the history time exceeds 400 billion yuan, achieved the history new tall. 2 it is profit total achieves the history new tall, implementation profit total 1.16 trillion yuan, history of petrifaction industry profit breaks through -727379968 yuan last, created the history new tall. 3 it is chemical board piece profit total achieves the history new tall, total of profit of the company on chemical board slip gauge seven hundred and ninety-three billion two hundred and twenty million yuan, exceed chemical board piece the time with 935 good ” of “ 31% , achieve the history new tall. 4 it is chemical board piece income profit margin achieves the history new tall, chemical board piece income profit margin second achieve 9.16% , good time nods 935 ” of prep above “ 2.27 times, achieve the history new tall. These a few histories are new tall, each business board piece, each child major feels with experience, foreign capital and inside endowment the enterprise is a full earthen bowl more full. 2. 4 amounts increase. It is crop of crude oil natural gas increases. Total equivalent output grows annual oil gas 5.1% , fat yield of its Central Plains 199 million tons, grow 2.4% compared to the same period, this is successive grow 3 years; Last year natural gas crop 205.3 billion stere, grow 8.2% compared to the same period, this is successive 5 years increase production exceeds 10 billion stere. The increase production of crude oil natural gas was security of energy of safeguard our country and transition of low carbon the sources of energy to make important contribution. 2 it is crude oil treatment capacity reachs his main petrochemical crop increases. Crude oil machines a quantity to break through 700 million tons, grow 4.3% compared to the same period, main chemical total output grows 5.7% . Among them, finished product fat yield grows 7.9%(among them benzine grows 17.3% , derv grows 2.7%) , fuel oil grows 22.1% , naphtha grows 12.6% , ethylene grows 18.3% , synthetic resin grows 5.8%(among them polyethylene grows 9.7% , polypropylene grows 10.5% , polyvinyl chloride grows 2.1%) , synthetic rubber grows 2.6% , polyester grows 9.3% . The 3 import volumes that are main petrochemical and consumption increase. Consumption of finished product oily apparent increases 10.3%(among them, benzine increases 20.8% , derv increases 4.6%) , fuel oil entrance increases 10.3% , spending increases 16.6% , entrance of liquefied petroleum gas increases 24.6% , spending increases 11.7% , ethylene entrance increases 4.5% , spending increases 16.9% , pure benzene entrance increases 41.1% , spending increases 12.3% , coating entrance increases 19.5% , spending increases 19.7% ; A variety of inorganic chemical industry taste the consumption that waits like caustic soda, soda ash, vitriolic, hydrochloric acid to also increase. The crop of main petrochemical and consumption grow above considerably, the influence that proves epidemic situation is in subsidise, production continues to continue to restore to good, market. 4 it is measure of the industry on compasses is increasing. The amount to the enterprise on the compasses end 2021 26947, than going up the end of the year increases 908, although the number is not big, but this is successive 5 years reductive circumstance increases next time. According to statistical “ of 925 ” end 2015 the amount of the enterprise on petrifaction compasses 29765, after this drops continuously, apparent is 2018 reduce 1494 considerably than 2017, to “ of 935 ” end reduced 26039 2020, namely accumulative total of the company on 935 ” compasses reduces “ 3726. 945 ” of “ open the addition of year of industry measure of the bureau, explain a few years we were increased in the past fall into disuse backward produce can, close to stop and turn messy corrupt the enterprise obtains apparent effect, also show position tall, competition ability mixes content of reasonable, technology by force the company with high level of management obtained better development space, this is the base that high quality of industry of the petrifaction that prop up expands and pillar. 3. 3 second drop. It is crude oil imports a quantity to drop. Crude oil imported 513 million tons last year, drop compared to the same period 5.3% , this is our country crude oil below the condition that import volume adds 20 years continuously, second occurrence fall. Our analysis thinks oil price perch is main factor, last year annual Bulunte all valence 70.72 dollars / bucket, than going up year all price rises 69.4% , through reserve, look international market oil price walk along crude oil of situation, macroscopical adjusting control to import an amount, can be economic foreign currency not only, and still can restrain congenial capital to seek profit; Of course, crude oil imports the fall of the quantity, also be medium oil, medium petrifaction, medium sea oil carries out increase production of oil gas of deploy, executive “ 7 years the action plans what ” obtains result to reflect; Still perhaps implement strategy of ” of “ double carbon with our country, the dependence that reduces pair of fossil resource stage by stage is concerned. 2 it is crude oil external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent second by litre turn fall. Decrease because of what crude oil entrance measures, crude oil external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent also by on of year 73.6% drop for 72% . Second occurrence crude oil entrance is measured and external the “ that depend on sb or sth for existence spends double drop ” , ten million cannot understand simply to misunderstand the peak value that estimates for crude oil consumption and entrance to already showed even, this is market of our country spending when offer price of sue for peace to international crude oil only regular report, say the implementation of the 2nd hundred years target cannot leave the nation again of the petrifaction material of industry of national economy pillar and petrochemical prop up, also cannot leave crude oil the safe safeguard of this one main raw material. 3 it is to basically synthesize material to import a quantity to drop. According to statistical synthetic resin import volume drops compared to the same period 16.5% , among them polyethylene entrance drops 21.3% , polypropylene entrance drops 29.4% , polyvinyl chloride entrance drops 52.7% , polystyrene entrance drops 11.8% , ABS colophony entrance drops 13% , synthetic rubber entrance drops 16.8% , entrance of synthetic fibre monomer drops 25% , these products are the fall that appears below the condition that adds continuously in volume of successive and old import, resemble polyethylene especially from “ 935 ” rise to import a quantity every year to exceed ten million ton, in successive years grows considerably, the entrance was as high as eighteen million five hundred and thirty-four thousand tons 2020. Sober analysis: Synthesize what material product entrance measures to drop, one is reflected is our country new increase production can fill original in short supply, another is reflected is innovation of our country technology filled of product of partial high end short board, this is delectable one side; And but of care is epidemic situation have not be over to the influence of the market complete rehabilitate, add trough of produce and sale of estate depression, car again, cause an effect to petrifaction data market. 4. With collect the forehead to rise. We are made deepen analytic discovery, a lot of petrochemical imported a quantity to drop last year, and entrance forehead rises considerably however, like crude oil import volume drops 5.3% , entrance forehead rises considerably however 42.9% ; Organic chemistry tastes import volume to drop 13.7% , entrance forehead rises however 27.6% ; Volume of synthetic resin import drops 16.5% , entrance forehead rises however volume of 17%(polyethylene import drops considerably 21.3% , entrance forehead rises however 4.6% ; ABS import volume drops 13% , entrance forehead rises however 22.7% ; Volume of epoxy resin import drops 22% , entrance forehead rises however 16.5% ; PC import volume drops 7.9% , entrance forehead rises however 32.3%) ; Glycol import volume drops 20.1% , entrance forehead rises however 16.4% ; Volume of propylene nitrile import drops 33.5% , and entrance forehead rises however 25.6% . This “ falls a litre of ” explains international crude price was mixed last year petrochemical price is exalted, cause quantity depreciation to add so, also cause from this the unfavorable balance of trade of petrifaction industry expanded again last year 32.3% , be as high as two hundred and sixty-eight billion nine hundred and ninety million dollar. 2, open year of implementation of the bureau good a bureau     2021 is 945 ” of “ leave of the bureau year, enterprise of petrifaction entire industry, broad petrifaction and cadre worker, in order to review thought of socialism of characteristic of close smooth new era is guidance, implement new development concept deep, hard compose builds new development structure, do “ of good petrifaction industry with all one's strength 945 ” and in long-term development deploy, drive of thorough executive innovation and green develop the strategy, not only moving outstanding achievement of entire industry economy exceeds anticipate, those who realized 945 ” of “ is good a bureau, and development of petrifaction industry high quality obtains a lot of new progress again. 1. 945 ” high quality develops “ new deploy. It is the industry plans to be highlighted mainly. With the petrifaction industry “ that Li Shousheng chairman holds the post of a group leader 945 ” plan to head a group, from 2019 leader of four quarters union takes survey of industry of city of area of team open entire industry, each province, each petrifaction respectively, last a period of time between a year of half, development study comprehends 19 5 in plenary meeting spirit, carry out party, the State Council decision-making deploy, after many discuss, seek an opinion extensively, after many revise, the work out is finished " 945 ” of petrifaction industry “ develop guideline and target of 2035 distant view " , ” of 4 old strategies, “ weighs establish “ 5 times drop industry ” , “ the key task of ” of domain of 5 big general character, 6 special programs such as development of area of chemical industry of new material of development of innovation of along with science and technology, green, petro-chemical, chemical industry, contemporary coal, garden, undertook video release at the beginning of last year, will be May during congress of industry of admire city petrifaction undertook key announce as string of 1000 cash. 2 it is strong, professional program refines macroscopical program directiveness specific. Hair change appoint, new material of the energy resources of staff of ministries and commissions such as industry letter ministry, raw material, chemical industry with the “ closely related oil and chemical industry 945 ” industry grows program and directive opinion; Each major society is organized respectively wrote oil gas industry, nitrogenous fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, methanol, pesticide, chloric alkaline, soda ash and fluorine chemical industry, organic silicon, get together the 945 ” of “ of the professional domain such as industry of ammoniac fat, coating, dye, rubber develop a program. 3 it is clarity of train of thought of program of city of each province area. Area of garden of petrifaction of city of each province area, key is mixed according to overall deploy industrial policy, consult the industry develops a program, the 945 ” of “ that work out of serious also research, high quality completed property of petrifaction of this province, our region develop a program. Petrifaction saves Shandong province greatly, put forward “ clearly dimensions of industry of chemical industry of 945 ” end continues to maintain, achieve 2.65 trillion yuan, it is a target in order to build petrifaction strong province, change unifinication, marine chemical industry, coal chemical industry and careful chemical industry around refine, optimize industrial position, breed petrifaction base, the key makes group of industry of class green chemical industry. Guangdong of the 2nd big province saves present petrifaction, put forward “ dimensions of industry of petrifaction of 945 ” end exceeds 2 trillion yuan, with the project stuff of film of sex of chemical of plastic, electron, function, high-powered fiber attach most importance to a dot, make group of home's banner, top-ranking green petrifaction industry. Zhejiang province puts forward “ clearly total dimensions of industry of petrifaction of 945 ” end 1.8 trillion yuan, will peaceful wave (the hill that contain a boat extends an area) petrifaction base makes green be big, class -727379968 industries group, breed area of garden of petrifaction of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two green 6, ability of complete province oil refining exceeds 100 million tons, alkene is produced can 15 million tons, aromatic hydrocarbon is produced can 14 million tons. Jiangsu province puts forward total dimensions to achieve 1.4 trillion yuan of above, develop the stress edge river / “ of division of division of edge lake estate, coastal estate division, North Jiangsu estate ” of 3 large position, 945 ” end forms “ to give priority to the development pattern of body in order to join base of property of cloud harbor petrifaction and division of garden of 28 chemical industry. Other still have the province such as Henan, Liaoning, Fujian, Hainan, Sichuan, Ningxia, also released 945 ” of petrifaction industry “ to develop a program in succession. To the end of last year, train of thought of the development target that macroscopical program, industry grew guideline, each district to make clear 945 ” of petrifaction industry “ , development and development key, the position that high quality of petrifaction industry future expands, key and goal assignment are clear already. 2. Innovation leads achievement plentiful and substantial. Petrifaction industry and vast enterprise place innovation in development and the significant position that overall situation works from beginning to end, insist to implement innovation drive strategy, cooperate relevant ministries and commissions to organize project of innovation of good focal point and technology to tackle key problem already, guide an enterprise to implement intellectual property strategy again, begin innovation to set an example, main attack fills short board technology. Obtain positive result of plentiful and substantial appraisal of innovation platform construction, science and technology and award, a batch onshore, deep-sea the core key technology that mixes a batch to restrict an industry for a long time to develop with technology of exploitation of technology of exploration of oil gas of sea of exceeding operational depth, shaly gas achieves major breakthrough. 3. Effect of green development side is apparent. The beginning of the year is released " 945 ” green develops petrifaction industry “ guideline " , petrifaction entire industry and development of broad petrifaction business carry out green to be able to develop the strategy continuously, the organization carries out responsibility consideration, focusing highlights a problem to promote safety the level of management of environmental protection ceaselessly, take research of policy of safe environmental protection seriously, drive useless salt, useless acid, useless activator, useless packing decrease quantify, harmless change and resource is changed, aggrandizement standardization is propped up, the standard management of petrifaction industry and enterprise and intrinsic safety level, green development level promotes further, resource uses efficiency to be improved ceaselessly, litter discharge capacity is reduced considerably, made important contribution to ensure petrifaction industry high quality to develop. 4. Carry out “ strategy of double carbon ” is sound advance. Petrifaction entire industry and broad petrifaction enterprise, positive action, solid advance, do good industry research, policy to make seriously, statistical business accounting, Training Within Industry, carbon trades each preparation such as market construction works. 17 petrifaction enterprise and garden area issue the beginning of the year jointly " Da Feng of petrifaction industry carbon and carbon are counteracted enunciative " , serious research is made " petrifaction industry carbon amounts to peak carbon to counteract action program " , the organization begins carbon of industry of petrifaction chemical industry to arrange job of statistical business accounting, discharge carbon of solid of product of factor, key to lead demarcate, carbon to discharge to limitting carbon scientificly early or late detect method the research such as maneuverability of standard of business accounting of statistic of perfect, promotion, solid the fundamental sex that does ” of double carbon of good industry “ works. Begin ammonia of oil refining, ethylene, methanol, synthesis and urea to wait for key product at the same time the research that standard of quota allocation technology and carbon arrange fiducial cost set, accelerate industry low carbon the construction of energy-saving standard system, what be party, the State Council and relevant ministries and commissions not only is macroscopical and decision-making make with policy produced main effect, still wait for many provinces and municipality with Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Liaoning, ” of double carbon of good to do “ works to study together, advance together, made sufficient preparation. 5. Garden area runs normative promotion. 6 unifinication ” develops “ of travel of carry out of each garden area concept, according to “ program science, layout reasonable, management efficient, industry cooperates with, the fundamental that group changes development ” , technical research was written " program of 945 ” development mixes “ of chemical garden area 2035 in long-term development is looked into " , petrifaction garden area organizes the key “ during 945 ” of establish “ ” of 5 major project, rely on base of 70 keys petrifaction and chemical garden area, the key breeds bay of annulus Bohai Sea, Hangzhou bay, Hai Ximei ” of group of industry of petrifaction of 4 coastal class mixes “ of Daya Bay of continent bay, extensive ” of group of industry of chemical industry of contemporary coal of triangle of gold of “ the sources of energy; Area of garden of wisdom chemical industry and area of garden of green chemical industry are founded and pilot set an example obtain new progress and new result, advance the standardization that garden area is built and manages quickly. Industry international collaboration and communication also overcame the influence of epidemic situation to do a large number of fruitful works, get is in not only China of transnational corporation support energetically, also get their affirmation and recognition! Major problem studies the industry, reflect a business in time not only appeal to beg, the working proposal that puts forward to solve quandary, also be various government decision-making provided beneficial reference. We still published last year " industrial history: Oil coils " and " chemical industry coils " " chemical industry hundred years phylogeny " , 100 years old of birthday that are a party are displayed went up a largesse. In “ 945 ” leave of the bureau year, can obtain above outstanding outstanding achievement, implementation is good open bureau fact to belong to not easy! This is the strong leadership of the party that is core with Comrade Xi Jinping, it is petrifaction battlefront broad cadre worker carries out a party decision-making deploy, unitive enterprising, immerse oneself in hardworking result. One year we arrived in the past each district survey, walk into an enterprise, walk into garden area, walk into a workshop, no matter where walk along to be able to see the figure of ” of “ iron man-a person of exceptional physical and moral strength, be this plants everybody not Wei hardship, be brave in to go all out in work, the spirit that deal with concrete matters relating to work innovates, just go all out in a extraordinary in the past year gave outstanding outstanding achievement, implementation good a bureau. The entrepreneur that turns battle line to stone here people, Scientists and Technologists and fight bravely to pay great tribute in the broad worker of a gleam of! To petrifaction battlefront various party organizes and wide high-ranking official: Develop battle fort action and vanward type action adequately to pay great tribute everywhere constantly! The friends of the leaders of all levels that supports petrifaction industry reform, innovation, development to the care and social all circles pay great tribute! 3, new   of   of new condition new opportunity of the key that 2022 is 945 ” of “ year, blue print spread out, deploy already, this year should be a year when swing wing to work energetically. Of course, this year also will be international home environment a extremely complex year, the concussion of century epidemic situation still is in continuously, hundred years those who have no is big change bureau quicken gradual progress, number one big country enters metaphase election, another main France of European enters an election year, beautiful Russia overcomes orchid danger function to deny crisis of nucleus of Iran of handclasp make peace to be below the circumstance of auroral peep because of black whether “ all directions dissolves ” , will be fond of those who receive a party 20 big, the major event of these international home gathers together. The arena 2022 the heavy curtain open from the quarter, until the fourth quarter rings down the curtain, is those who present us with one climax following another, wonderful still confused is shown? This will affect the economy of economy, economy and petrifaction industry to move directly. Look currently, petrifaction industry is new facing new condition and new challenge one year: 1. Epidemic situation influence is big uncertainty. Year of at the beginning of be based on a century with respect to somebody SARS with eruptive epidemic situation forecast: Went to summer, resemble in those days “ winter comes like SARS summer go ” ; But not only summer did not go, and the 2nd year spring appeared new mutation De Erda, cause new round break out greatly. At that time somebody forecasts hopefully: Rise as what vaccinal inject leads, epidemic situation is met controlled live. Can arrive to appear to diffuse again in the winter the Aomike with rapidder rate armies, at present diagnose number accumulative total already exceeded 400 million, dead number is already adjacent 5.8 million, now everyday increase diagnose amount newly still increasing, see epidemic situation currently inside short time already ended hard still. The large-scale transmission that Aomike armies new variation is in, not only block up develop the economy of economic system anabiosises, develop to owing because economic system is vaccinal severe shortage effect is more serious. Accordingly, international Monetary Fund expressed January: Because Aomike armies the rapid transmission of mutation poisonous individual plant, give economic activity the impact that cause, economic foreground is cloudy; The bank also warned January say: Because the concussion of new coronal epidemic situation affects economic growth continuously, economy is faced with ” of “ grim prospect, economy is added fast fear putting delay; The world defends an organization is anxiety-ridden more, say epidemic situation is the big uncertainty that influence economy continues to anabiosis so. 2. Pressure of economic be issued to lower levels is increased. No matter be economy, still be economy, facing the challenge that pressure of be issued to lower levels increases. The effect that suffers epidemic situation, supply chain not the influence of a few because of inflation constrictive policy such as free and United States, international Monetary Fund reduced the anticipation of economic growth January, predict economy will grow 4.4% this year, under on 5.9% of year, before comparing forecast reduced 0.5 to nod, still reduced the main economy put oneself in another's position such as area of the United States, euro at the same time this year add fast; The bank is forecasted economy is added this year fast will from 2021 5.5% drop 4.1% , forecast American general at the same time from 2021 5.6% fall for 3.7% , euro area will from 2021 5.2% fall for 4.2% . Pressure of economic be issued to lower levels also is being increased, annual was added last year fast 8.1% it is main economy system in good, but add fast before tall hind low apparent, add fast the be issued to lower levels that chase season, especially second half of the year: The 3rd quarter is added fast 4.9% , the fourth quarter is added fast 4.0% . International Monetary Fund is right also January economy adds our country this year fast forecasted a value to make reduce: Before comparing forecast reduced 0.8 to nod to 4.8% . The bank forecasts our country the economy this year is added fast will be 5.1% , under 8.1% last year. The pressure of be issued to lower levels that petrifaction industry economy runs also will be apparent, did business last year income grows 30% , profit total grows 126.8% , such add high fast of crude oil of main profit from and main chemical price grow considerably, such add high fast it is a when obtain in special time special outstanding achievement. Also be such add high fast the history that ” of “ in pairs created income and profit is new tall, so high cardinal number, the pressure that keeps growth is very great! We must be treated calmly last year this report, rational analysis is new new challenge of a year, better carry out fulfil good economy to work pawn of meeting “ firm word, advance steadily the overall deploy of ” ! 3. Product value is put in uncertainty. Last year, the price of a large amount of raw material and main petrochemical rises not only range is big, and the price lets a person high not dare orthoptic. Arrive 9, peak of value of very much October product when, very much downstream business, especially medium and small businesses bears hard, can adopt only jockey the step such as the overhaul comes avoid. Bulunte oil price January 50.23 dollars / bucket, go tall to amount to 83.71 dollars to November all the way / bucket, the callback will arrive in December 80.79 dollars / bucket, annual all valence compared to the same period amplitude 69.4% ; 46 kinds of inorganic chemistry that monitor mainly are tasted in annual all price rises compared to the same period have 39 kinds, occupy than be as high as 84.8% ; 87 kinds of organic chemistry that monitor mainly are tasted in 80 kinds when annual rises compared to the same period, occupy comparing is to be as high as 92% more. Some individual products get high bit higher unusual: Carbonic acid lithium the high point December two hundred and thirty-two thousand six hundred yuan / ton, annual all price rises 157.3% ; Polycrystalline silicon the high point November 185 thousand yuan / ton, annual all price rises 111.6% ; The high point of month of double phenolic A10 twenty-two thousand four hundred yuan / ton, annual all price rises 102.2% ; The high point of PVC10 month forteen thousand eight hundred yuan / ton, annual all price rises 48.8% ; High-pressured polyethylene the high point October thirteen thousand three hundred yuan / ton, annual all price rises 28.5% ; The high point of ABS10 month seventeen thousand nine hundred yuan / ton, annual all price rises 25.2% ; Epoxy resin the high point October 37 thousand yuan / ton, annual all price rises 58.3% ; Amine of the acyl inside oneself the high point October sixteen thousand one hundred yuan / ton, annual all price rises 38.7% ; Propylene nitrile the high point December fifteen thousand five hundred yuan / ton, annual all price rises 63.4% . Look at this group of data not to make a person how suddenly tongue? No matter be of price of a large amount of foundation raw material, main still petrochemical,rise one new year extent won't be such big. Judge crude oil from supply demand relations and condition of ground fringe politics the price and on year keep balance basically or slightly tall, bulunte all valence is in 75 dollars / bucket left and right sides. The price of main petrochemical will slightly under go up year, from last year actually the price of petrochemical will been in November callback, more apparent December: Producer price annulus compares property of oil gas exploitation drop 6.9% , annulus of chemical producer price is compared drop 2.1% ; 46 kinds of inorganic chemistry that monitor mainly taste annulus to have 21 kinds than what rise, than will falling again November 21.7 are nodded; 87 kinds of organic chemistry that monitor mainly taste annulus to have 25 kinds than what rise, than will falling again November 4.6 are nodded. 4. Supply catenary safeguard to face a challenge. The manufacturing process of petrifaction and chemical industry and common treatment cause are different, the successive stability of equipment and device is very important. Because petrifaction and chemical industry produce a process to need high temperature maximum pressure commonly, and the oneself characteristic of product of petrifaction chemical industry mostly combustible explode easily, poisonous and harmful, the safe stability that produces catenary of the successive stability of the process, product to supply chain so is very important. The influence of epidemic situation produced serious effect to supplying chain, have a plenty of epidemic situation influence to cannot be produced normally, have a plenty of epidemic situation to affect content to flow not free. What experienced jointly last year is chip, as a result of chip break for, electronic product, car got be affected badly; Another show that supplies catenary to be critical is one ark of “ begs one boat of ”“ hard to beg ” hard, because the influence of epidemic situation causes artificial shortage, because be short of truckman,very much steamer is embraced block up in haven. Whether can this kind of state alleviate this year? From at present the circumstance of epidemic situation sees may short time still alleviate hard. And the supply to catenary of industry of our country petrifaction problem, we still increased to be anxious, it is because of,the last ten-day of a month will begin last year in September “ specific power consumption double accuse place of ” policy some one knife cuts simple “ ” , many garden areas and company experience arrive to be restricted to produce stop production, be pulled even brake is restricted report, individual business returns experience to arrive not to inform beforehand cut off the power, this browbeats not only the stability that supplies chain to petrochemical is safe, and the production that direct menace holds enterprise of buy, chemical industry and garden area to petrifaction is safe. If cut off the power suddenly,cause alkene, organic compound to get together oneself inside reaction boiler or container, light person cause equipment loss, the person that weigh is temperature out of control causes explosion, the loss is more inestimable. The executive means that we hope one knife of simple and crude “ cuts ” pattern one year new is not recurrent, if,we also believe complete and accurate carry out the spirit that implements economic job to meet and requirement, mix this year such thing will happen henceforth. Above analysed economy of new industry of a year of petrifaction to run the situation that face and challenge. Analyse the situation what see the challenge is a bit lucidder, a bit more austere, for the sake of against a rainy day, for the sake of making preparation a few more sufficient? Some things need not happen, but ten million cannot dying be thwarted, panic-stricken even. Of course, before grim situation and challenge, we not should be afraid of difficulty, more ought not to crestfallen, analysing a situation, see a challenge while, we still ought to see “ danger ” and “ machine ” coexist adjly, a new year no matter be international environment, or domestic environment still has a lot of advantageous factors, still have a lot of new opportunity: It is economy is remained growing. Current consensus is economy is added this year fast put pressure of be issued to lower levels of delay, existence, but still be to growing. International Monetary Fund is forecasted economy will grow 4.4% this year, the United States will grow 4% , will grow 4.8% , euro area will grow 3.9% ; The bank forecasts economy to will grow 4.1% this year, the United States will grow 3.7% , will grow 5.1% , euro area will grow 4.2% . Those who include U.N. forecast, numerical value agrees not completely, but the trend is consistent: It is to growing, and the growth of 4.0% above or not low adding fast. To “ according to international Monetary Fund 935 ” economy adds fast statistic: 2016 is 3.2% , 2017 3.8% , 2018 3.6% , 2019 3.0% , sufferring epidemic situation to affect 2020 is - 3.5% . Visible, economy of 4% add fast it is not low. 2 it is the loco that economy will continue is economic growth. Economy was added last year fast it is main economy system in good, gross achieves one hundred and forteen thousand three hundred and seventy billion yuan, by year all exchange rate calculates 17.7 trillion dollar, occupy economic gross to be close to 20% , the increment last year makes an appointment with 13 trillion yuan, by year all exchange rate calculates prep above 2 trillion dollar, about 30% what occupy economic increment, the contribution that already increased to economy for years continuously is in 30% the left and right sides. According to economic job meeting “ adds fast forecast in the spirit of reasonable interval ” : Economy adds our country this year fast in 5.5% the left and right sides is big probability. Mix plus policy of policy of specific macroscopical policy, microcosmic policy, structure policy, science and technology, reforming and opening, area policy the space of the macroscopical adjusting control that the policy measure of 7 respects and we have social policy and latent capacity, economy will continue to produce economic stabilizer and loco effect. The 3 market spaces that are petrifaction industry are large. Petrifaction industry is the pillar industry of national economy, not only the basic necessities of life of 1.4 billion person cannot leave chemical material and petrochemical, regard manufacturing industry as big country, traffic of information of car, home appliance, electron, orbit and building need much chemical material and high-powered composite material, need much fiber material, film stuff and insulation material, the anticorrosive material with much need, sealed material and felt material and many careful chemical, function chemical. Entrance organic chemistry tasted sixty-three million one hundred and twenty-four thousand tons last year, synthetic resin thirty-one million two hundred and forty-three thousand tons, synthetic rubber 5.916 million tons, glycol 8.426 million tons, this proved the market is right adequately the exuberant demand of petrochemical and chemical material. Change those who learn council to forecast according to the United States, chemical industry will grow 3.8% this year, association of chemical industry of committee of industry of European chemical industry, Germany right also chemical market expresses this year hopeful. Economic work will be specific: Add newly but second birth the sources of energy and raw material are used can not plan into gross of specific power consumption. Visible, no matter be interest of international market or domestic demand, policy good it is petrifaction industry offerred the opportunity with new more this year. 4, a new year firm in beg again “ came true last year into   945 ” are good on the foundation of a bureau, the overall train of thought that economy of new industry of a year of petrifaction runs is: In order to review thought of socialism of characteristic of close smooth new era is guidance, wear with drive of great spirit of found a party we, be comprehended deeply and hold “ firm word pawn, advance steadily the total fundamental key of ” , carry out implement new development concept, stress the theme that high quality develops, drive of thorough executive innovation and green can develop the strategy continuously, increase the strength that traditional industry upgrades and burgeoning industry breeds, increase the strength that key petrifaction base and modern industry group breed, accelerate intelligence is changed and digitlize transition, accelerate the start working of major project and major project and construction, extend the deepness of international communication and collaboration and range ceaselessly, make good “ steady growth with all one's strength ” of battle of 6 large assault fortified positions, the 20 big victories that welcome a party with outstanding achievement are held! Entire industry of new a year of petrifaction should accurate hold “ firm word pawn, advance steadily the total fundamental key of ” , it is “ first ” of firm word pawn, should protect “ firm ” with all one's strength, “ develops in high quality again into ” again pace of promotion, reentry. “ protects what firm ” basically points to with all one's strength is economic data, added last year fast look: Business income grows 30% , profit grows 126.8% , add fast history infrequent; Economic gross treats business income 14.45 trillion, profit 1.16 trillion, quantitative history is new tall. Accordingly, “ protects firm ” with all one's strength is main goal! But we must be comprehended deeply carry out “ to advance steadily in the round ” , this is the fundamental decision of big country of a petrifaction, also be the target place requirement that marchs toward petrifaction powerful nation. So, one new year we should strive for the new progress that petrifaction industry high quality develops hard, to carry out “ in the round firm word pawn, advance steadily the total fundamental key of ” , the ” of battle of 6 large assault fortified positions that one new year we answer to hit good “ to advance steadily with all one's strength: 1. Advance steadily one of battle of assault fortified positions: Protect for certain price. Safeguard chemical fertilizer, pesticide farming the supply that changes goods and materials and price are stable, it is the weighty responsibility of petrifaction industry and rice bowl of common people of safeguard of broad petrifaction person; Ensure the supply of the fundamental the sources of energy such as oil, natural gas, it is the main responsibility that ensures safety of the sources of energy; Safeguard petrochemical supplies the safety of catenary, it is petrifaction industry the main task that ensures national economic stability to move as industry of industry of national economy pillar and base. It is chemical fertilizer pesticide farming turn a product protect for certain price. The rice bowl of “ common people any moment want firmly to carry in him person the ” in the hand, so food safety is the first class important matter that the party that is core with Comrade Xi Jinping cares, chemical fertilizer pesticide farming change a product to maintain 7 years continuously for crop of our country grain important contribution was made in 1.3 trillion jins of above. The influence of epidemic situation causes provisionment shortage, problem of current food safety more highlight, left chemical fertilizer and pesticide, high yield bumper harvest of agriculture is almost impossible, and the personal interest that the stability of chemical fertilizer and pesticide is supplied and price discretion matters to a farmer directly, so farming like changing the price of the product to cannot resemble other industry product, decide by the market completely. Last year since second half of the year home market of outclass of international fertilizer price, ammonium of international market urea, phosphor will be in December 800 dollars / ton above, and home market did not exceed 3000 yuan basically / ton. Since the four seasons is spent, domestic fertilizer company carries out total demand, protect home to supply first stabilize with the price, be not exported or little exit, made many sacrifice for this, branch of nitrogenous fertilizer association, phosphate fertilizer association, potash fertilizer also did many organization chime to move the work. Want to greet spring ploughing and spring to use fat peak period immediately, chemical fertilizer pesticide farming change a product to produce a business is to ensure spring to use drug with fertilizer with all one's strength, this is us farming the responsibility that turns a company. Hair change appoint much arrange develops simultaneously ensure spring ploughing uses fertilizer, also carry difficult problem Henan province in chemical fertilizer of solution of bend force Shu, petrifaction federation also is considering to protect spring ploughing to use fat program, pesticide of broad chemical fertilizer produces an enterprise to also abandon a holiday, be medicine of equipment of fertilizer of spring ploughing equipment. Of course, broad fertilizer company also hopes, consult the practice of electric coal fulfils good rich coal to grow assist; To alleviate off-season capital takes up, ensure successive stability of production, weak store the system should produce effect weller, more scientificly; In view of nitrogenous fertilizer phosphate fertilizer it is home produces can superfluous variety, with fertilizer off-season in ensure the certain amount reserve, premise that ensures home is supplied falls, allow to measure fertilizer to export certainly, this alleviates not only company capital takes up, develop those who produce device adequately also to produce can utilization rate. 2 it is oil natural gas is protected for. This is the main component of energy security. The oil in last year, medium petrifaction, medium sea oil increases executive “ 7 years for oil gas increase production action plan ” and “ are added store on produce ” of project of assault fortified positions, obtained the not easy result of double growth of oil gas output, especially natural gas crop is successive 5 years of increase production 10 billion cubic above, increase reserve amount, protect for oil gas for making important contribution. Ceaseless promotion of company tubal a network conveys ability, alleviate continuously carry bottleneck with what enrage a height, protect for natural gas not only contribute for was being made, also made contribution to accelerate transition of clean the sources of energy. New one year oil gas is protected for regarding the sources of energy as safe component, want to implement the important directive when fulfilling good secretary-general to inspect triumphal oil field: Construction of oil energy resources is major to our meaning, the rice bowl of the sources of energy must be carried in him hand; Carry out good secretary-general to be in the speech when 6 collective learn thirtieth of the Political Bureau: Drive revolution of the sources of energy to want gift of natural resources of energy of our country of base oneself upon, after insisting to stand first plan of broken, all-around, traditional the sources of energy is exited stage by stage must build in on the safe side of new energy resources replace a foundation to go up. Want tamp country energy resources to produce a base, maintain crude oil, natural gas to produce can steady growth, strengthen gas oil to lay in ability construction. This is we do the sources of energy of good oil gas to protect those who offer is total abide by, we must increase the exploration strength of oil gas resource, increase and expedite the application of the technical innovation of oil gas exploration and exploitation and new technology, the technical innovation that increases the resource of special rule oil gas such as shaly gas and exploitation strength, the research that accelerates the resource such as coal-bed gas and use. Of course, the support that the enterprise hopes to increase the capital that extracts to upriver exploration or taxation policy, natural gas reserve assumes capital completely to press muscularity by the enterprise, price of entrance natural gas hangs contradiction to highlight, gas price unlocks appropriate time to also be worth to consider. 3 it is petrochemical supplies catenary safety. Petrochemical involves an area wide, drive a gender strong, involve the rice bowl of common people not only, still involve energy security and medical treatment health, involve high-end manufacturing industry not only, still involve military project of aerospace, national defence, so the safe stability of petrifaction industry catenary matters to the implementation of social stability, economic stability and powerful nation target directly. Because the influence of epidemic situation causes plant stop production to belong to force majeure, extremely cold like south of the United States at the beginning of last year weather, hurricane of “ Ada ” will create Mexican bay district August stop production of ten petrifaction plant belongs to force majeure; But, factitious, be restricted subjectively report is restricted to produce, pull brake to be restricted electricity should not produce, add petrochemical to produce maximum pressure of process existence high temperature again, big much petrochemical is combustible explode easily, if not be orderly, had done what prepare adequately to jockey, drive, cause the happening of the accident easily, if some of chemical did not get dealing with scientificly inside reactor, possible consequence is unimaginable. Catenary judges the new product that hopes not recurrent factitious element is brought about one year for, each enterprise should ensure catenary of safe and manufacturing stability, orderly, product supplies catenary stability hard, swim up and down inside safeguard petrifaction industry not only stability cooperates with between the enterprise, and the stability that ensures the place such as traffic of light industrial, spin and electronic information, orbit, aerospace to require petrochemical and chemical data is supplied. 2. Advance steadily of battle of assault fortified positions: Traditional industry upgrades transform. The foundation that traditional industry is national economy and basic dish, it is the stone pressing cabin of steady growth. Structure of our country industry is with the tradition the industry is given priority to, although be old manufacturing industry big country, but the part of a lot of core that high end makes and crucial material still exist many bottleneck and be in by what “ blocks neck ” . Industry of our country petrifaction also is same, industrial structure fractionize can discover, it is with a large amount of this kind of foundations such as ammonia of oil refining, caustic soda, soda ash, synthesis, chemical fertilizer, pvc chemical is given priority to, wait with beautiful Europe day develop to be compared with area photograph, our industrial structure high end is changed, change subtly, special turn respect difference apparent. The importance that is traditional industry nots allow to ignore. Speak of traditional industry there is a kind of misunderstanding since a paragraph of period: Think American industry has been changed hollowly, already transition is given priority to to serve industry. So some people are in shout: We ought to accelerate transition —— to weigh to American study to light, go solid to empty. The industrial structure of our lay particular stress on needs to accelerate transition to upgrade really, need to be changed to high end really, change subtly upgrade transform, but ten million cannot tell American industry one-sidedly to had been changed hollowly highly. The product of general, Ford mixes the United States we can see the brand everyday, a lot of people are using American apple, tesla, american Boeing, strong unripe, brightness luck also is the transnational corporation that turn, si Mai of family name of the dust gram Sen Meifu that petrifaction person is familiar with, contented, Du Bang, go smoothly, Sailanisi, Huoniweier is not which! The aerospace company of Losk Heed, Masike is very powerful. Germany is same also: The masses, BMW, run quickly, rich world, Xi Menzi and Basifu, do obeisance to ear, win achieve, division think of achieve, japan also has Feng Tian, day to produce, below the pine, chemistry of heavy industry of 3 water chestnut, 3 water chestnut, live friendly, Mitsui, Dong Li. Left fundamental industry, hypostatic industry and manufacturing industry, building powerful nation of economic powerful nation, science and technology and national defence power is impossible. Of course, goodness day develop the high end of industry of traditional industry, base is changed far banner at us. So, our country economy wants health to be able to develop continuously, want to build power of economic powerful nation, science and technology, cannot ignore traditional industry absolutely. If discarded traditional industry, economic edifice lost solid base. The development of burgeoning industry cannot leave industry of factual proof high end, strategy the support of fundamental chemical and safeguard. For example, soda ash is company of dimension of all alone Er the 100 many invention year ago begins production, home is ethical entrepreneur model after company of Xu Dongcheng Li Yongli, oneself produce the history that gives soda ash product to also have 96 years. It is inorganic chemical industry tastes a such common, bases that having hundred years years, the glass that smooth today hot season generates electricity board production cannot leave it, mobile phone, liquid crystal shows the vitreous production of screen also cannot leave it; Be like sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate again chemical industry of inorganic of this kind of foundation is tasted, many a lot of scientists are studying today them binary and compound, or again with nitric acid lithium 3 yuan compound, the chemistry that is used at new energy resources store can; Polyvinyl chloride is born this early plastic breed, product of its high end has application in field of Gao Tie, information today. So, petrifaction industry should maintain growth, want steady growth, cannot ignore traditional industry certainly upgrade transform, the “ that should comprehend economic job deeply to be able to put forward should be known correctly and hold raw product supply to ensure the demand of ” , combine the current situation of the industrial structure of petrifaction industry, product structure, increase traditional industry to upgrade transform strength, accelerate green low carbon the promotion application of advanced and applicable technology, reduce raw material to use up further with specific power consumption, the green that realizes manufacturing process is changed and low carbonization, promote the quality of the product the standard further, the high end that achieves a product is changed, the applied field with ceaseless new research and development. 2 it is traditional industry upgrades transform should borrow force intelligence to change digitlization transition. The trend of digitlization is not reversible turn, the future of digitlization is the competition ability of the enterprise. Since 935 ” of “ , the enterprise such as a batch of petrifaction, chemical fertilizer, caustic soda, tire carries intelligent plant pilot set an example, its produce efficiency, level of management to promote considerably, specific power consumption of content bad news and litter discharge a level to be reduced considerably, effect is apparent. By last year, we arrive in coal Yu Lin Neng changes survey, this is enterprise of chemical industry of a contemporary coal, main product catenary is coal makes alkene, be built through intelligent factory and digitlize technical application, they came true to produce not only can change greatly (design ability 600 thousand tons / year, produced 766 thousand tons of) last year, the product can be combined according to actor of market supply and demand, and realized one overhaul, double Xi 4 years to close rate rise, only waste time is reduced, decrease with labour, benefit is changed greatly. 3 it is traditional industry upgrades transform must take medium and small businesses seriously highly this main group. Medium and small businesses is a of national economy steady growth fundamental strength. According to labour amount of medium and small businesses of the statistic that believe a ministry occupies 90% above, the contribution of medium and small businesses to economy: GDP60% above, taxation obtain employment of 50% above, town 80% above. Additionally medium and small businesses is in of product catenary go up in coordination, with large mainstay business it is the important complement that swims up and down, beneficial partner. In can saying to develop a process in economy, large mainstay business and medium and small businesses are “ complementary give priority to, competition is complementary the concomitant win-win of ” concerns, the cooperation between the economic structure of this respect Germany, industry organization structure, enterprise is complementary wait, offerred for us draw lessons from benignantly. Medium and small businesses must realise: Oneself competition ability depends on only with essence of life, dimensions is not the main goal that medium and small businesses pursues, what medium and small businesses goes after is poor dissimilation, benefit and competition ability, what medium and small businesses goes after is be short of on catenary of economic loop, product one cannot action and importance. A year of new medium and small businesses must seize new opportunity: Industry letter ministry breeds the key 3000 or so “ this year only the company of small giant ” with especially new essence of life, finance still will choose 500 above emphasis of company of small giant ” supports such “ , labour believes a ministry to also drive be in harmony of medium and small businesses to understand the policy measure with new development in research, federation is studying " oil and chemical industry only especially new medium and small businesses fosters spirit 3 years plan " . Medium and small businesses must study seriously and strive for policy support hard. Because medium and small businesses is numerous, do not have temporarily selected not disappointing, should study “ seriously only only the condition of ” of small giant of the requirement of new ” of spy of essence of life and “ , the characteristic that wants him base oneself upon only, dominant position that stresses oneself, do oneself do essence of life by force to become actor, not only him remain invincible, in also making oneself into national economy indispensable important one annulus. 3. Advance steadily of battle of assault fortified positions: Burgeoning industry breeds the strategy. Equipment of energy-saving environmental protection, information, biology, high end is made, car of new energy resources, new material, new energy resources is the strategy that shows level key progress burgeoning industry, the development of burgeoning industry cannot leave each strategy to change labour new material to reach its the form a complete set of high-powered composite material and high-powered chemical and safeguard. And these requirement just are current of petrifaction industry short board with weak sports, also be to restrict the bottleneck that burgeoning industry develops the strategy and check point, the enterprise studies seriously related the hope " 945 ” of “ of chemical new material develop program guideline " , the “ that spends some of energy key to study establish especially ” of task of 6 big focal points mixes ”“ of new material of 8 old series “ ” of 5 major project, namely: It is a key around polyolefin of “ high end balata of material of plastic, polyurethane, fluorine silicon material, special type reachs plastic, project new material of chemical industry of 8 old series is in ” of chemical of stuff of film of sex of elastomer, high-powered fiber and composite material, function, electron high end is changed go up to have new breakthrough again; 2 it is the key captures around “ a batch of ‘ of significant demand block neck ’ technology, optimize project of a batch of industrialization, breakthrough raw material of a batch of crucial form a complete set, race to control commanding elevation of a batch of high-tech, construction a batch of Gao Shuiping innovate platform, breed a batch to get army enterprise and characteristic industry, own innovation, free-standing self-improvement is obtained new span; 3 it is the key reachs orbit liaison man around “ car light quantify, chemical of high-powered film, electron, biology radical and but degradation plastic, form a complete set is special the capability of form a complete set that equipment promotes ” 5 major project has new promotion again, the action propping up that attachs most importance to form a complete set of bit of domain, priority discipline increases further. This year is the key that 945 ” of executive “ plan year, plan to had been released, the guideline is already clear, the focal point is already certain, this year is to carry out year! Besides around major project the organization implements step outside major project form a complete set, relevant enterprise combines him certainly advocate course of study, stress oneself dominant position, the key is aimed at for traffic of information of new energy resources, electron, orbit chemical of the high-end film stuff of the form a complete set such as He Dafei machine, electron, high-powered composite material is mixed the respect such as special chemical, strong chain filling chain, dredge blocks dot, breakthrough up to block a dot, make the new contribution of petrifaction new field to produce power. 4. Advance steadily of battle of assault fortified positions: Crucial core technology. Petrifaction domain implements innovation drive strategy since 935 ” of “ , captured technology of whole set of 1 million tons of ethylene, get together carbon, get together a series of grand key technologies such as new material of acid of ammonia of polyethylene of quantity of element of lactic acid, freeboard, egg and silicon fluorine. The technology of a batch of core such as 2 nitrile obtained polyolefin elastomer, oneself again last year major breakthrough, effect is apparent. Analyse our innovation and progress calmly, very much, achievement is not little, but the project is changed, the difference of industrialization respect is apparent also. Domestic petrifaction industry greets a new development cycle again since 935 ” of “ , big project is put into production of continue of buy of a large number of construction, new clothes, new base grows quickly, but the device polyolefin technology that sees new put into production introduces transnational corporation almost entirely, craft of dehydrogenation of more than 10 propane wraps also be UOP or Lumusi, also oneself do not develop package of craft of many when build even double phenolic A. Still have even if high pure electronic chemical, a few crucial activator, a lot of reagent, medical the carbonization heat that velar stuff, high end produces high end to reach product line of its composite material, carbon fiber with high-powered fiber, equipment of product of technology of a few large whole set, high end, core return existence “ to block neck ” and person of be enslaved to be enslaved to to wait. Accordingly, capture “ blocks battle of assault fortified positions of neck ” technology very arduous still, also be the crucial point seat that maintains growth and steady growth. Ought to supply catenary safety in order to ensure industrial catenary is mixed to attach most importance to a dot, around major project and strategy burgeoning industry form a complete set, stress crucial core technology and general character skill, regard the motivation that promotes petrifaction industry supply capability as project of constituent executive innovation, accelerate through innovating fill short board, supply capacity of catenary form a complete set through catenary of innovation aggrandizement industry, accelerate petrochemical through innovating structural adjustment and optimize, promote the high end of petrifaction material and petrochemical supply capability greatly. Begin each this year relevant unit wants according to “ research and development of 945 ” key plans special, the key aims at makings of biology base material, high-powered project major equipment of 3 machine ” and carbon dioxide resource change “ of plastic, ethylene use technology of sex of the look up before waiting to tackle key problem, executive key is broken through, capture the “ of crucial core technology and crucial material blocks neck ” problem stage by stage, hard to science and technology free-standing self-improvement strides. 5. Advance steadily of battle of assault fortified positions: Green low carbon develops. Entire industry carries out “ green to develop strategic ” since 935 ” of “ , green can develop a concept continuously increasingly thorough, green development obtains apparent effect, through boosting clean production, do good fountainhead to be administered control of precaution, process, integratedly, increase the innovation of green cleanness craft and new technology and promotion application, the standard that entire industry green develops promotes continuously. Enter “ development of green of industry of 945 ” petrifaction faces new task, namely “ carbon amounts to what peak, carbon counteracts ” strategy to carry out. Last year a year of solid and effective preparation, the train of thought that from the top down works to ” of “ double carbon clearer and clearer, target clearer and clearer, requirement is more and more specific, maneuverability is stronger and stronger. Make fight of assault fortified positions of good green low carbon: It is the decision-making deploy that considers to comprehend a party deeply seriously. Achieving goal of ” of “ double carbon is extensive and deep change, we must increase strategic thinking capacity, accurate carry out good progress of party deploy, adj processing and the impact that reduce carbon. Secretary-general of no less than emphasizes: Decreasing carbon is not to reduce productivity, also not be to be not discharged, should take modes of life and relation to their environment however low carbon of preferential, green develops way, green transition is promoted in economic progress, greater progress achieves in green transition; Want to overcome the eager for quick success and instant benefit, thought that is eager to hope for success, had held to fall carbolic rhythm and strength, do not do one knife of quick march, “ to cut ” . 2 it is accurate the key content that holds party deploy. Party " about complete and accurate the opinion that carries out new development concept to do good carbon to amount to peak carbon to counteract the job in the round " with the State Council " program of action of Da Feng of the carbon before 2030 " wait for a requirement, industry of actor fossilization chemical industry is produced can dimensions and layout, increase backward produce can wash out strength, dissolve structural sex effectively superfluous contradiction; Adjust raw material structure, drive petrifaction raw material to be changed gently character; To 2025 process capability control is in domestic crude oil 1 billion tons of less than, high cost of determined keep within limits can be high the blind development that arranges a project, the oil refining that did not bring into industrial program layout and build ethylene, right xylene, coal makes alkene item, uniform must not be built and change extend; Reasonable control coal makes oil gas produce can dimensions, promote high cost can tall discharge standard of admittance of project specific power consumption. Reliable and orderly drive enterprise of key domain, key and key ratio defective product to be begun first energy-saving fall carbon technical reformation, avoid one knife of “ to cut ” management and ” of “ campaign style to decrease carbon, reasonable setting policy is carried out excessive period, advance according to “ whole, one look forward to the requirement of one plan ” , make respectively provincial and energy-saving fall carbon technical reformation is overall executive plan and industry are particular working program, push measure clearly, transform course of deadline, technology and working node, anticipate a target to wait, ensure policy is carried out reliable and orderly, natural resources of ceaseless promotion energy uses efficiency, ensure industrial catenary supplies catenary safety and economic society to move smoothly, bad news of progressively implementation content, specific power consumption and discharge reach advanced level. End to cannot be being transformed on schedule inside time limit, discharge still be in the project under standard level to fall into disuse stoutly. Should hold economic job to be able to make clear further more: Be known correctly and hold carbon to amount to peak carbon to counteract, should adamantine advance, but cannot accomplish the whole task at one stroke, traditional the sources of energy is exited should build in on the safe side of new energy resources replace a foundation to go up, want to establish the fundamental national condition that enough coal gives priority to, catch good coal cleanness efficient use, firm catchs technology of green low carbon to tackle key problem, innovation talent develops pattern, want to be assessed scientificly, add newly but second birth the sources of energy and raw material are used can not bring into the sources of energy to consume gross control, standard of ” of perfect “ double carbon, compose builds the carbon of uniform standard to arrange system of statistical business accounting, drive “ of the sources of energy double accuse ” discharge gross and intensity “ to carbon double accuse ” to transform. 3 it is scientific and rigorous the homework that has done oneself. Proposal various places, each enterprise is opposite seriously mark " high cost can industry stress domain can level of effect surveyor's pole and standard level (2021 edition) announcement " affirmatory can effect standard, the product that is rigorous and serious calculating producing its can is effect level to reach standard level? Be still surveyor's pole level? If did not achieve standard level to clutch,transform promotion, should carry towards surveyor's pole level carry, will face the risk that is eliminated otherwise; The project that building and device, also calculate strictly again, if short of is fiducial level, after in building, be being handed in, perhaps be faced with can the problem of put into production. If be in standard level above, did not reach surveyor's pole level, ought to clutch consider and seek new technology, new technology and new facility to make its reach surveyor's pole level as far as possible hard; Approve newly have not the project of start working or device clutch to mark can effect level, did not reach surveyor's pole level not start working project must leave cautiously labour, try hard to surveyor's pole level. Each enterprise even according to new release " high cost can industry stress domain is energy-saving fall carbon is transformed upgrade executive guideline (2022 edition) " requirement, accelerate key product and key enterprise energy-saving fall of carbon transform upgrade, pay close attention to the carbon of industry of “ petrifaction chemical industry that considering to make to discharge ” of method of statistical business accounting, calculate carbolic discharge capacity rigorously according to integrating system of normative statistical business accounting, make carbon scientificly amount to the action program of the peak and schedule. On this foundation, attention carbon captures, solid carbon and carbon dioxide resource influence the evolution that uses new technology, the technical plan that makes carbon again serious research, scientificly counteract, route chart and schedule. 6. Advance steadily of battle of assault fortified positions: Group of contemporary petrifaction industry is bred. Cultivating modern industry group is the strategic deploy that the 19 your work of the party give, cultivating group of contemporary petrifaction industry is the key that petrifaction industry high quality develops. Industry of our country petrifaction already formed the base of a batch of large petrifaction such as above sea, Ning Bo, Daya Bay, already formed Nanjing, east battalion harbor, Ning Dong, peaceful is promoted wait for a batch to give priority to area of garden of professional chemical industry with new material, still have grow the petrifaction base in promoting the island, Gu Lei, harbor that connect the cloud to wait for a batch to grow quickly, rely on large petrifaction base and chemical garden area to breed group of contemporary petrifaction industry to already had solid base and requirement. A new year according to " program of 945 ” development mixes “ of chemical garden area 2035 in long-term development is looked into " train of thought and deploy, in the organization executive industry upgrades innovation, green is changed, wisdom is changed, demonstrative “ of standardization and high quality ” of 5 major project while, those who continue to increase area of garden of chemical industry of area of garden of green chemical industry and wisdom found with pilot set an example, aggrandizement is new-style the job of alliance of industrialized demonstrative base, wait for six ministries and commissions according to industry letter ministry new promulgate " standard of construction of chemical garden area and cognizance government measure (try out) " requirement and condition, in 20 much provinces area city already began the base that garden area maintains to go up, uniform standard begins the unity of chemical garden area to maintain. Change according to sending appoint believe a ministry with labour " area of 945 ” garden changes good about doing “ circularly the announcement that transforms the job to concern item " , according to “ fore-and-aft and transverse coupling, outspread, loop links the principle of ” , draw lessons from Ludeweixi the successful practice of base of harbor Ba Sifu, the circulation that increases petrifaction base and chemical garden area is changed transform, drive petrifaction base and chemical garden area to realize production of type of circulation of combination of industrial circulation type, industry as soon as possible, between stimulative project, between the enterprise, loop of closed circuit of the stock between the industry, make the best use of everything, adopt chain of reasonable and outspread industry, cogent raise resource to yield rate. On the foundation of standard go ahead of the rest, appropriate this year time we develop open “ high quality demonstrative project of chemical garden area pilot ” and carbon of Da Feng of carbon of area of garden of “ chemical industry counteract executive plan demonstrative ” to work. Pass the joint efforts of each petrifaction base and chemical garden area, to breed “ one new year ” of group of industry of petrifaction of 5 big step strives for new breakthrough and new progress. Protect stable, hurried one new year to increase the job arduous, a lot of challenges await us to go assault fortified positions, a lot of new tasks remain we go defeating solution, want us only sturdy confidence, indefatigable effort, the target of petrifaction powerful nation can come true certainly! No matter international environment is changeable, big country rich weichis and also compete no matter acerb and complex, want us only Jing of face the music, place is changeless, sureness has done his business, as long as prosperous and strong, rich, what everything will be helpful for a nation is great revive! Good will be in tomorrow to our beck, let us hand in hand in all act vigorously is entered, together to future!

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