On July 16, in the morning 9:30, carbon discharges authority to trade to be started formally in bourse of Shanghai environment the sources of energy. 9:30, pen carbon trades to had matched a success, the price is every tons 52.78 yuan, clinch a deal in all 160 thousand tons, trade the forehead is 7.9 million yuan. It is reported, approve those who participate in carbon to discharge authority to trade to generate electricity industry stress discharged an unit to exceed 2162, these company coke discharge capacity exceed 4 billion tons of carbon dioxide, meant carbon discharges authority to trade the market, will become cover the carbolic market with big dimensions of greenhouse gas discharge capacity. Recently, zhao Ying of undersecretary of zoology environment ministry civilian express, from 7 places pilot moving circumstance looks, increase advantageous position nearly two years average carbon price is controlled in 40 yuan of money about.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City