On September 7, tai Xingju goes major industry project centers 3 quarters start working ceremony, in all 31 major projects centralize go into operation, the plan always invests 12.56 billion yuan.

“ whole town contends for the first ” when surveyor's pole, Su Zhong is the specific requirement that peaceful state municipal Party committee promotes to peaceful, the internal institute that is development of Tai Xinggao quality needs. Development is good sense, the project is hard prop up. Since this year, peaceful promotes cinch project to build this “ in the front article of the front page. ” , hold to a project to be king do not shake, maintain “ to run quickly continuously the posture of ” . 1 to July, this city new go into operation project of 100 million yuan of above 55, the plan always invests 15.11 billion yuan, among them project of 1 billion yuan of above 4; New complete project of 100 million yuan of above 50, complete investment actually 13.87 billion yuan, among them project of 1 billion yuan of above 5.

Of the economy entering hurried with the project firm. Every quarter peaceful is promoted final hold a project to concentrate start working activity, lift ceaselessly catch the project, upsurge that catchs big project greatly, farther tamp economy grows “ to press cabin stone ” . The project of the start working in Benciji, 1 to 500 million yuan of projects 19, 5 to 1 billion yuan of projects 9, project of 1 billion yuan of above 3, cover the industry of many forward position such as big health, new material, new energy resources.

The Suzhou that settle promotes economic development at peaceful starts project of makings of new profile of colophony of special type of course of study, amount of body of the dimensions in project of second start working is the here largest, total investment achieves 3.004 billion yuan. This project follow closely prints the intelligent manufacturing industry that is a delegate and high-end equipment manufacturing industry to rise abruptly with 3D pace, colophony of phenolic aldehyde of special type of production of research and development, 3D prints product of synthetic resin of the high end in shaping to wait with colophony with material of colophony, advanced alloy. After project building, year can form make out an invoice to sell many yuan 40.

New energy resources of race to control develops ” of “ a place with a draught, the family that developing zone of yellow bridge economy greeted investment to exceed 2 billion yuan sincere material of advanced nonferrous metal and project of equipment of intelligence of new energy resources, this project purchases drawbench, number to show the advanced equipment such as horizontal mill boring machine, fiber-optic laser beam cutting machine many 2000 (set) , after building, year the productivity that can form products of alloy of electric heat of 7000 tons tall resistor and lamina of 5000 wind report to equip with intelligence of new energy resources.

Be worth what carry is, those who look at industry of big health of city of accurate peaceful state to obtain power of government of provincial Party committee, province to hold out is strategical good luck, project of recreational food treatment chooses the one high end in approving in succession be born peaceful is promoted. Among them, the ginkgo of king old auspicious that invests 1.2 billion yuan + garden of big healthy industry, base oneself upon promotes substantial ginkgo natural resources at peaceful, make 30 intelligence turn product line, year can form the series fruit juice such as Wang Laoji cool tea 100 thousand tons productivity. Still have devote oneself to to make “ China soft mind surprise the limited company of food of bud of Zhejiang Sha cloth of ” of the first brand, the Japanese advanced technology that investment introduces cold storage and 2 agitate union 620 million yuan, provide Chinese bake industry first are achieved formerly large and automatic shape product line, the productivity that bake food produces per year after building achieves 100 thousand tons.

“ makes provision, we stand fast first heart, craftsmanship, conscience; Do a business, we hold to ‘ to dare rush, hold to, the spirit of enterprise that deal with concrete matters relating to work, essence takes ’ . This and peaceful city ‘ do not believe ’ town drive is idiosyncratic 3 times come down in one continuous line, oppose development of professional characteristic estate with Tai Xingjian the heart happens to have the same view first. He Erbin of president of limited company of food of bud of ” Sha cloth expresses, the company will hold peaceful city adequately to expand the opportunity of big healthy industry energetically, peaceful of base oneself upon starts advantageous division advantage, new product of more of positive research and development, reveal culture of contemporary food company, make garden division attentively first shop store, accelerate blend in local industry catenary, build an one's pygmy effort for peaceful state economy hard.

“ this year is the key that peaceful promotes compose to build a project to build new structure year. These projects especially strategical the start working construction of burgeoning industry project, will thrust moves peaceful to promote industrial transition to carry qualitative, high quality to develop. ” peaceful promotes Liu Hui of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, standing deputy mayor to express, will enhance “ to catch a project greatly further, catch big project ” go all out grab energy, had hit the project attract this year to build “ to receive government-owned battle ” with all one's strength, become to realize “ peaceful city surveyor's pole, su Zhong contends for foundation of tamp of target of the first ” .

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