Ultraviolet light (UV) solidify technology is newest a kind of when appear efficient, environmental protection, energy-saving, high grade material finishing advanced technique. The company of Anhui Tiger new material that is located in cupreous hill classics to open an area is manufacturer of brand of high end of new material of chemical of electron of a characteristic and chemical industry, the research and development that has product of stronger chemical industry and field of high polymer material, production, sale and industry development are sentenced beforehand, the UV group that runs ability.

A few days ago, the reporter walks into project of colophony of UV of new material of Anhui peaceful dagger to build the site, see workers are being grabbed catch time limit for a project to intensify construction, large crane moves back and forth among them, the picture of an in full swing. As we have learned, this project always invests 413 million yuan, cover an area of a face to accumulate 69 mus, purchase reaction boiler to wait advocate equipment is covered 58 times. The project is divided period construction, first phase on Feburary 9, 2023 start working, build 15 thousand tons / year UV monomer (active thinner) mix 15 thousand tons / year UV colophony (oligomer) product line and establishment of its form a complete set, project of building principal part is at present finishing already, main and large facility and establishment of form a complete set are installed basically reach the designated position, predict this year October complete put into production. To 2025 the 2nd period after building go into operation entirely, produce body year after year monomer of 30 thousand tons of UV and productivity of resinous of 30 thousand tons of UV, predict 1.05 billion yuan to achieve year of sales revenue, profit tax 150 million yuan.

“ expands of demand ceaselessly as the market, new material of Anhui peaceful dagger from sales volume is produced to be stabilized all the time up to now at the beginning of founding rise. We have glue of coating of a batch of domestic and international smooth solidify, photoetching, 3D to print material, electron industrial film makes all sorts of Chinese ink of leaf fat of the glue that seal end, printed circuit, optics client of the high end in waiting for downstream industry, the product sells as far as to area of Euramerican, southeast Asia. Chief introduces to the reporter related company of new material of dagger of ” Anhui peaceful, we are accelerating “ core promotes competition ability continuously while enlarge produces step, increase investment of technical research and development ceaselessly, optimize product function, accelerate only technical change is hypostatic economy pace. ”

Delay chain, promote an industry, build firm economy to develop “ to press cabin stone ” . In recent years, cupreous hill classics opens construction of catenary of industry of area focusing key, seize project, strong property hammer and tongs, promote high quality development with high quality project. Project of colophony of UV of peaceful dagger new material serves as strategical burgeoning industry project, have very large growing latent capacity, high quality of economy of the hill that it is copper development is offerred help strength.

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