Ouwensikening announced to buy the Vliepa company that is engaged in technically using blame weaving product, paper and film to undertake besmearing Fu and surface are decorated for housing materials industry recently. Buy the blame weaving product with enlarged Ouwensikening main this to combine, be built with serving European client to quicken this area better and build the growth of market application. Marcio Sandri of president of composite material business expresses Ouwensikening: The combination with this kind of complementary height advanced “ catenary of our development value and the strategy of market of invest in fast growth. Bought the client that is industry of our housing materials this to increase capacity of instant besmear Fu, at the same time support builds the market to stick solution change to the Bo fine of innovation from traditional material. ”Trade through this, ouwensikening acquired the property of the two production plant that is located in German Brüggen. Trade the clause was not announced. The administrative copartner Eric Schillings of Vliepa company expresses: I am opposite “ to feel special excitement with the new opportunity that Ouwensikening works together. Use its extensive company ability and market lead position, ouwensikening will help the growth that we enlarge the market and accelerates us. I believe Vliepa will have bright future in new organization. ”Buy the commitment that strengthened Ouwensikening to be not weaving product business to its this, offer the solution of poor dissimilation. Sandri complements: We believe “ the ideal that the technology of Vliepa and ability are the solution of blame weaving product to us, engineering capability and commercial concern is compensatory. The organization after we are amalgamative will be passed in all sorts of application (include to get together different cyanogen Niao is acerbity heat insulating materials and plasterboard) in the big trend with offer higher performance to answer a few fundamental, include to be able to pledge housing materials is mixed duratively, gently more the building solution of save labour. ”Vliepa company has about 70 stuff in all, the sale 2020 is 30 million dollar about.

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