Prevention and cure of solid trash pollution is dozen of serious content that wins battle of assault fortified positions of contaminative prevention and cure, the issue closes masses healthy and build without useless city. Especially pneumonic epidemic situation prevents new coronal accuse, to solid trash contaminative prevention and cure raised taller requirement. In March 2020, do in, the country does print and distribute " the directive opinion that builds contemporary environment to administer a system about compose " put forward “ clearly to raise solid trash ” of integrated utilization rate. " law of prevention and cure of environment of pollution of republican solid trash " (abbreviation is new " solid abandons a standard " ) already applied at rising on September 1, 2020, new " solid abandons a standard " green is carried out to develop to means, stimulative cleanness is produced and expand circular economy new requirement below clear new condition, the unit that offers “ to produce waste material of industrial solid body ought to carry out cleanness to produce ”“ of examine and verify to encourage the generator of the product to develop zoology design lawfully, stimulative resource reclaims use the requirement such as ” . Below the setting that builds contemporary environment to administer a system in comprehensive compose, the proposal cooperates with from entire industry catenary system of processing, complete element is advanced, whole main body is treated in all share, and the respect such as environmental lash-up management advances solid trash to pollute prevention and cure, fulfil in the round new " solid abandons a standard " .

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
One, the trash of solid of new condition   that prevention and cure of pollution of trash of present solid body is faced with involves a trade much, field is wide, cover rubbish of rubbish of litter of trash of industrial solid body, aricultural, life, renewable resources, building, dangerous trash to wait. It is to go up solid trash produces big country, volume of cargo in storage of solid trash history already exceeded 60 billion T, and grow with restricting amount of 10 billion T every year. Purchase development of type of electric business blowout as the net especially, a large number of plastic, paper kind, the one-time packing amount such as filler is steep add, bring enormous pressure for urban and rural environment, solid trash pollution already made the heat that care of common people care, society, government pays close attention to, central point. Compare with foreign photograph, solid trash uses a level still not tall, ” of ” of pollution of white of ”“ of encircle a city of rubbish of “ of a lot of cities, go and work in the countryside and mountain areas of solid trash “ and illegal move deal with wait for a problem still more outstanding, a lot of areas adopt “ for a long time to have a headache the extreme of ” of foot of painful medical service of cure head base administers mode, must seek accurate issue, grasp crucial point, research offers comprehensive solution. Current, in “ two ban ‘ of a minute of hurried not to have useless ’” , prohibit silvering coin namely rubbish enters a country, prohibit one-time below the plastic, policy setting that carries out rubbish classification and construction “ not to have useless city ” , prevention and cure of solid trash pollution is faced with present a new characteristic: It is by the entrance solid trash and country recover pay equal attention to to use integratedly with home give priority to change, solid trash entrance manages system reform to will accelerate domestic natural resources to use means transition integratedly. 2 it is to whole process by contaminative extreme processing contemporary processing system is transformed, fountainhead is prevented accuse, cleanness is produced and use whole technological process to administer mode circularly will ceaseless aggrandizement. 3 be reclaim simply by single industry use develop change to relevant industry coupling, between the enterprise, between the industry, whole society develops a tendency in coordination apparent with each passing day; 4 be deal with by the tradition mode transforms to new pattern of new job condition, like Internet + reclaim, green is packed, wisdom environmental protection. 2, solid trash processing deals with the   of main problem   that be faced with (one) reclaim use extreme to deal with attention is much, no matter waste disposal of present solid body of little   of attention of processing of entire industry whole technological process is policy, technology still is commercialized, focusing deals with link is much, be based on entire industry to consider an issue as a whole little. Look from policy, in the light of deserted electron electric equipment the enterprise that tear open solution undertakes fund allowance, but effect of lopsided, policy waits for fund income and expenses evaluate, executive limits is waited for extend. Look from practice, it is in order to do not have useless city construction exemple, each district solves ” of “ rubbish encircle a city to defeat in succession rubbish of mount a horse burns fill bury a factory, but renewable resources reclaims two nets of net and “ of net of rubbish classification environmental sanitation are shirt-sleeve ” progress is slow, urban construction pays attention to ” of face of “ of the appearance of a city only beautiful, concern urban “ to discharge poison to raise colour the rubbish sorting of ” , keep in storage is in however with ground program ceaseless and cut. Look on the whole, decrease quantity, clean production and circular economy “ to fountainhead oral take ” seriously much, ” of “ real operation is little, still pay close attention to extreme to pollute processing mostly. (2) attention of onefold environment element is much, firm of natural environment gas abandons much element system to pay close attention to little   to look from environmental element, prevention and cure of solid trash pollution involves much element of trash of atmosphere, water, soil, solid, between each element mutual correlation, impartible cut. Pay close attention to single essential factor normally before much, bring about solid trash to pollute take temporary solution of “ of prevention and cure not ” of effect a permanent cure. With the Yangtse River protective rehabilitate is exemple, pollute problem answer cross to knit, water pollution expression is in water, but root “ is already on the bank, also be in water ” . Industry of heavy chemical industry of catchment of the Yangtse River is concentrated, according to economy of the Yangtse River the river that take an edge saves city to concern sectional statistic, economy of the Yangtse River is taken 2007 - accumulative total added chemical industry item 2017 16 thousand, among them 1/4 distributings in water front inside 5 kilometers limits. Along the line of the Yangtse River in all area of garden of layout chemical industry 62, production and carriage dangerous chemical sort amount to more than kinds 250. Solid trash, dangerous trash did not get dealing with effectively, partial area open air piles up rubbish of smelt waste residue, life, the processing that prevent ooze does not reach the designated position, risk of gangue library safety is big, environment of zoology of serious minatory the Yangtse River is safe. (3) the singles between the industry between the area is fought alone much, governmental business community governs little government level in all in coordination, function of this locality of basic base oneself upon mixes each district interest, lack cooperates with linkage, “ sweeps ” of the snow before the door each oneself, to ” of stay at a respectful distance from sb of “ of other area litter, reject to cross area move. Company level, single industry begins most base oneself upon litter deals with, the enterprise is faced with cross area to carry difficult breakthrough of bottleneck of difficult, technology, environmental protection to deal with cost it is tall, difficult to cross written reply to a subordinate body of area project approving wait for a problem. Public level, because lack “ to know ” popularly, easily to classify knowledge, masses participates in rubbish to classify “ catchword much, action little ” , common people avoids to adjacent of “ of rubbish processing project ” effect is apparent. Overall look, between the industry, between area and government, enterprise, society administers a system to had be notted build in coordination. (4) attention of normalization pollution prevention and cure is much, lash-up deals with to manage attention to look less from normalization management in coordination with lasting effect, each district considers trash of local mouth dimensions and medical establishment amount, medical treatment integratedly to produce the ingredient such as quantity and processing cost daily, the medical treatment waste material that built basic contented our region to normalize management handles installation centrally. But look from lash-up management, pneumonic epidemic situation exposes the new coronal of arise suddenly give lash-up of medical treatment trash to deal with ability is not worth badly, medical treatment trash and dangerous trash cooperate with, fixed establishment and mobile equipment cooperate with and area of trash of solid of photograph adjacent area deals with in coordination the problem such as sexual difference. In addition, incident of lash-up of great sudden environment also is leak of gangue of ” of Chun Luming of Heilongjiang “3.28 Yi management of solid trash lash-up posed more grim challenge. 3, the   of countermeasure proposal   that fulfils trash of new solid body to pollute law of prevention and cure in the round (one) be based on complete lifecycle and generator responsibility outspread system, entire industry catenary administers solid trash   in coordination is “ accelerate during 945 ” make a raw material of stage second birth and product promotion use system, fountainhead to change sexual technology development and design of zoology of easy loop product operate detailed rules. 2 it is to perfect fund of electron of deserted electric equipment to impose allowance plan, solve time of appropriate of capital examine and verify to grow too (normally a year of half above) , difficult question of company capital turnover. 3 because the city uses strategy,be, solve the problem such as allowance of the establishment that restricts rubbish whole journey to classify processing, field, personnel, content shedding, low cost. 4 it is to publish key industry mandatory measure of policy of clean production examine and verify, fulfil in the round new " solid abandons a standard " the “ pollution that put forward is carried duty principle ” , management of implementation extreme processing is prevented to fountainhead accuse, clean production and resource are changed use whole process to manage change. (2) be based on element of much environment of trash of water, gas, soil, solid, complete element system advances solid trash to pollute prevention and cure to administer train of thought to go up, outstanding “ is treated with abandoning useless, become useless to be treasure ” , from “ 3 useless ” administer angle in coordination, complete element system advances solid trash to pollute prevention and cure, solve long-term since company cost the exorbitant, “ that commercializes operation difficulty circulates only, wasteful ” predicament. On real operation, use unit of relevant scientific research and solid trash generation, integratedly, deal with unit, diagnose integratedly from pollution, technological process is optimized, much element is administered in coordination etc begin combination to tackle key problem, solve as a whole deal with the liquid waste in the process, waste gas, more than heat, vapour, mud uses an issue circularly, implementation is monitored to intelligence from operation of construction of program design, construction, put into production, intelligence of complete element of jury of wisdom management, wisdom turns environmental management. (3) be based on tropism of target of problem of key, difficulty, pain spot, build it is oriented whole main body with the market multivariate manage a system in all in coordination first, focusing key industry, begin the key breed such as trash of bare mud, gangue, medical treatment to use basic research and technical achievement integratedly to change, outstanding essence is treated definitely corrupt, science is treated corrupt, treat lawfully corrupt. Next, aggrandizement demand is oriented, the directive side that strengthens pair of places is helped up, cogent solve local government and enterprise to be fear of environmental protection superintend but “ has the idea, difficult position that does not have method ” . Hind, outstanding treat in all share, it is aggrandizement complementary, zoology links the resource coupling between relevant industry, raw material, ” of implementation “ onefold processing uses ” change integratedly to “ ; 2 it is to strengthen area to cooperate with, the cent of ” of administration of “ of district of slam the door, establish “ area to treat ” concept in all, settle big city in coordination “ can use ” without the ground and circumjacent city deals with the pain spot of ” of establishment “ be on short commons; 3 it is to draw lessons from protection of zoology of water of the Yangtse River to compensate pilot experience, outstanding maneuverability, can assess a gender, check eventuate level in order to classification, adjust measures to local conditions is built cross area move to deal with for oriented litter with the market transverse compensation mechanism; 4 it is benefit and people rise the public to participate in degree, burn in rubbish factory periphery builds public facilities, offer favourable electrovalency, adjacent of the “ that defeat solution avoids effect ” . (4) be based on new capital construction and new-style town to turn construction chance, accelerate lash-up of medical treatment trash to deal with establishment construction   changes construction to be chance with strengthening new infrastructure and new-style town, consider normalization and lash-up government demand as a whole, layout of lead plan, scientific design, system, build division of photograph adjacent county for the unit with prefectural region (city) medical treatment trash deals with in coordination mechanism, build establishment of medical treatment waste disposal as a whole, implementation resource is shared, solve the great and real problem such as ageing of disequilibrium of layout of ability of waste disposal of current medical treatment, equipment, accelerate installation of waste disposal of medical treatment of construction movable type, fill trash of neat medical treatment collects have a change of luck and lash-up processing to deal with short board.

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