Petrifaction announces 17 days, its tackle key problem mainly project “ pledges crude oil splitting decomposition makes ethylene technology development and industrial application ” issue experiment of Tianjin petrifaction industry to succeed in the banner gently, can wait for ethylene of crude oil translate into, propylene chemical directly (namely “ oil changes ” ) , the home that implemented technology of splitting decomposition of crude oil vapour second industrialization application, chemical closes rate is near 50% , shorten considerably pull current Cheng, reduce the manufacturing cost, carbon dioxide that decrease a platoon.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Petrifaction introduction, the technology of splitting decomposition of crude oil vapour that implements industrialization application this is one of courses that “ oil changes ” , its “ skips process of fine of ” tradition crude oil, crude oil the chemical such as ethylene of direct translate into, propylene, be equivalent to wheat leave out the intermediate link of wear flour, biscuit of direct make it. This will shorten greatly pull current Cheng, reduce manufacturing cost, reduce specific power consumption and carbon to discharge considerably at the same time. Current, only the industrialization application that dust gram Sen Meifu, petrifaction implemented this technology successfully. This technology organizes limited company of academy of chemical industry of the Beijing below the banner, project to finish research and development and project to change by petrifaction, industrial test is developed in Tianjin petrifaction. Already applied for to invent 45 at present, international invents 1. Via calculating, use this technology every process 1 million tons of crude oil, can yield chemical is close 500 thousand tons, among them ethylene, propylene, light aromatic hydrocarbon and hydric wait for nearly 400 thousand tons to be worth a product at high price, integral technology amounts to international advanced level, economic value is enormous. It is reported, ethylene is known as the mother ” of “ petrifaction industry, it is the important sign that measures level of a petro-chemical development. And the raw material that normally production of ethylene, propylene wants, the crude oil fine that wants classics refinery machines a process, pull current Cheng is long, and in crude oil only 30% the left and right sides is used at producing industrial chemicals. In April 2021, petrifaction place belongs to petro-chemical scientific academy another “ oil changes the —— of technology of splitting decomposition of crude oil catalysis of own research and development ” technology course, industrialization application came true in Yangzhou, make our country becomes technology of splitting decomposition of crude oil catalysis to get the person that run. As identical as technology of splitting decomposition of vapour of this crude oil, the chemical yield that its produce also is 50% the left and right sides. And two kinds of afore-mentioned technologies are united in wedlock, the chemical gross that hopeful produces crude oil raises 70% above, will become prospective “ oil to change the technical course with ” feasible economy. Petrifaction assistant chief engineer is princely ancestor divulge, next petrifaction preparation are changed in refine of Xinjiang tower river begin splitting decomposition of vapour of 1 million tons of crude oil to make development of technology of ethylene whole set and engineering design, build “ oil to change ” industry demonstrative unit.

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