On April 28, CCTV " between news living broadcast " column, focusing home dimensions is big, homebred change the —— of maritime wind electric field with high rate, undertook interviewing direct seeding on the spot to the project. It is reported, this project uses sea outfit to build homebred turn set of maritime wind electric machinery, when ditto eye construction already entered sprint phase, be about to in June end building put into production, become 945 period to approve the project of cable of large-scale maritime wind of put into production.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Wave of billow of market of maritime wind cable moves each country of   profit from to be opposite of climate problem pay close attention to increasingly, especially momentum of development of maritime wind report is powerful. Public data shows, even if is the negative impact that faces new coronal epidemic situation, installation amount of annual of report of maritime 2020 wind still exceeds 3GW, occupy 50.45% what increase outfit chance newly, capacity of aircraft of general assembly of maritime wind report exceeds Germany, jump reside market of cable of the 2nd big maritime wind. 1.png   is current, already became greenhouse gas to discharge add fast the fundamental strength that puts delay. Change to answer climate, drive the greenhouse gas that gives priority to with carbon dioxide to decrease a platoon. On September 22, 2020, raise “30·60” target, to expression in defend the world the ecological balance, boldness that advances transition of structure of the sources of energy and determination. From the point of historical data, development of report of current and maritime wind is in area of European the North sea centrally mostly, and also be set of maritime wind report the development cause that has great ambition quite. As one of main engine that economic green anabiosises after epidemic situation, during 945 ” of “ , maritime wind report is sure to enter development drive. Inchoate development of home's maritime home of   of type of “ mainland ” is maritime wind report, or it is terrestrial aircrew the course is anticorrosive the go into business after waiting for adaptability to transform, although have certain reliability but stand-alone size is small, or it is to introduce foreign mature technology, but domestic company does not master its core technology, carry dimension, optimize also person of be enslaved to be enslaved to. In addition, the wind with abroad besides those who reach seabed is different, also brought huge to challenge for development of report of domestic maritime wind. It is under such circumstance, the market asks that he must master core technology, the unit of maritime wind cable that allow has higher reliability and lower cost, in order to promote the healthy development of report of domestic maritime wind. Be in early 2008, the sea holds the exploration that began domain of maritime wind report. There is cost in the process that develops maritime wind report in our country taller, technology lacks effective test and verify, standard to be short of break the setting that waits for a series of handicap elements to fall, sea outfit takes the lead in opening a phase, development goes the 5MW that has all intellectual property group of maritime wind electric machinery, and second be like in Jiangsu east batch turns application, the technical trend of group of electric machinery of maritime to home wind produced positive effect, also explored big unit application to accumulate valuable experience for report of our country maritime wind. “ is in now the 5MW fan of hoisting is our country's current and maritime brunt type, turn on average circuit, can send 5 degrees of telegram, a hour can send 5000 degrees of telegram, use phone two when can satisfy a family years. ” CCTV reporter introduces in direct seeding. Be like,wind cable project is located in on the East China Sea of sea outfit Hua Nengru east abbacy of province of prefectural coastal waters east the ox horn of side is sanded, what the project uses is the unit of maritime wind cable that sea outfit develops independently, current, this project already had partial unit and the net generates electricity, and network unit moves good, average but utilization rate is amounted to 99.38% . Homebred turn positive result of group of maritime wind electric machinery remarkable   is changed independently, homebred changing is advocated development thematic. Wind report serves as our country but the core component of second birth the sources of energy, pass the development during 935 ” of “ , domain of domestic wind report already obtained great progress, implementation spans from what follow to run and run type develops. But at the same time wind report component still is put in problem of a few calories of necks, want to promote development of high quality of cable of our country wind, those who realize partial domain is banner, of wind- driven generation set homebred changing is the only way. Be aimed at subproblem blocking neck, sea outfit began a technology to tackle key problem in the past check with the experiment, the Hua Nengru the East China Sea of this second CCTV focusing is windward of electric project unit homebred change rate amount to 70% , among them gear case, dynamo, blade, tower canister, the main part such as frame already all came true homebred change. As ceaseless breakthrough of the technology, at present this type can come true of 95% homebred change rate, blade removes the raw material beyond Basamu homebred change, be like cloth of fine of sticky agent of colophony, glue, Bo, bearing of headstock, gear case, dynamo (contain winding material, bearing to wait) , converter (include IGBT core component) , advocate accuse (include PLC core parts of an apparatus or appliance) , change the component such as paddle is homebred change. Took the lead in realizing maritime wind report in home overall and homebred change, to promoting industry of domestic wind cable development has important sense. Current, sea outfit is large and homebred group of electric machinery of own and maritime wind is in phase of key of component production, test, each job is advanced actively, the plan is by May on Hua Nengru the East China Sea wind cable project finishs hoisting, tribute found a party 100 years. Of a bureau that 2021 is 945 ” of “ year, also by “ of report of domestic maritime wind is called to grab inside course of study install year of ” . Enter maritime wind report to develop drive, challenge and good luck coexist, sea outfit innovates deep ploughing independently, realize the breakthrough iteration of core technology ceaselessly, the happiness that aids force to realize “30·60” carbon to amount to peak carbon to neutralize a goal wishs scene.

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