Polycarbonate (PC) it is an element carbonic acid ester is contained in catenary base (- [O-R-O-CO]- , root of carbonic acid of CO3 of be similar in shape) material of a kind of polymer. The main consumption domain of PC includes electronic electric equipment, car, plank. The high speed of the industry develops related profit from, and project of native land production in succession put into production, dimensions of polycarbonate industry market is in go 5 years present relatively apparent ascendant state.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Classification of polycarbonate structure of   of 01 of   of   of polycarbonate sun room and compare   basis the structure of ester radical is different, polycarbonate can divide for the following 3 kinds: (1) adipose a group of things with common features polycarbonate: Melting point low, solubility strong, thermal stability differs big, hydrophily; (2) fat annulus a group of things with common features polycarbonate: Photograph comparing is adipose a group of things with common features, melting point promotion, solubility drops, mechanical intensity still is not worth; (3) scent a group of things with common features polycarbonate: The integral performance in 3 kinds of polycarbonate is superior, among them double phenolic A it is the structure with at present wide application cent. Polycarbonate has scent a group of things with common features good optical and transparent, anti-flammability, fight the good character such as concussion tenacity and not easy hydrolyze, can replace the use of traditional material, among them 70% what density is glass reinforced plastics about, fight impact strength to be 200 times of glass about. Picture   performance of 3 kinds of polycarbonate is comparative, PC of scent a group of things with common features each performance is comprehensive and superior   of general situation of trade of polycarbonate of our country of   of     02·The step is earlier since research and development of polycarbonate industry technology, 1959, academy of Shenyang chemical industry produces craft to undertake study to develop to polycarbonate, but the large polycarbonate that after this does not have applied mainland technology since 50 one's remaining years produces project go into operation, industry progress is relatively slow.    ·Since 2005, the large company that cross a state builds a plant in investment in succession, polycarbonate supplies home to be centered completely at 4 foreign capital and joint-stock factory, it is respectively division think of achieve, person of the Supreme Being, medium petrifaction 3 water chestnut and water chestnut actor are plastic.    ·2014, the strong wind of iron of short for Zhejiang Province that uses own development technology is formal put into production, pull open polycarbonate enlarge can wet. After this, yantai 10 thousand China, the big project such as horse of god of Hua Cheng of far, Hainan, smooth coal signs benefit Hua Yiwei in succession, produce can year after year appears erupt type grows, polycarbonate entrance is depended on spend reduce   of picture of technology of polycarbonate production of   of     03 and raw material   stage by stage polycarbonate produces course   4 kinds at present polycarbonate produces craft course to basically interfacial phosgene changes ester of condensation polymerization law, traditional melt to exchange ester of melt of law and blame phosgene to exchange condensation polymerization law 3, the main raw material that each craft produces is double phenolic A. According to craft different raw material still has carbon monoxide, liquid chloric, phenol, carbonic acid 2 armour ester (DMC) wait for a product. Main cost includes polycarbonate raw material cost and make this two parts, cost of material of its Central Plains is occupied than 65%-75% between. Polycarbonate attributes petrifaction trade downstream product, among them double phenolic A holds raw material cost 70% above. (1) law of condensation polymerization of interfacial smooth aerification is current and even the technology with relatively wide application. Technology of this craft line is mature, product quality is high, suit large-scale with serial production, and pure, easy treatment, element measures the product tall (be in normally 60, 000-70, 000) , can satisfy all sorts of utility function requirements; (2) law of trade of traditional melt ester broke away from phosgene application in aggregate phase, it is law of a kind of indirect phosgene. This technological process is short, without solvent, whole sealing, free from contamination, cost changes condensation polymerization way under interfacial phosgene slightly, but product element quantity is opposite slightly low (be in normally 30, 000-40, 000) ; (3) law of trade of ester of blame phosgene melt and photographs of afore-mentioned course of technology of 2 kinds of production are compared, existence does not use virulent raw material, technological process methanol of segment of simple, small to environmental pollution, production and phenol can be used circularly wait for an advantage, produce the by-product with taller economy at the same time, can reduce manufacturing cost. Polycarbonate of 04   our country is produced can the electric equipment of electron of   profit from, car, high speed that builds an industry develops, dimensions of polycarbonate industry market (press crop plan) in the past 5 years present relatively apparent ascendant state. The PC of our country was produced 2020 can be 1.85 million tons / year, occupy than 31% . Be in at the same time build and plan to build PC project numerous, future inside 3 years, home is produced can will break through 3 million tons / year. Watch: Our country is in build reach plan to build PC to produce can   picture   is current, the polycarbonate product quality of native land production and sort still exist with abroad entrance product bigger difference. Mainland makes a product: Polymer element measures low, low viscosity, give priority to with CD class, pail class and plank class short-term inside high-end product line realizes an entrance to replace hard. Abroad entrance product: Trade amount quality of bigger, product is phyletic and tall, rich, can satisfy of all kinds and downstream enterprise to machine demand. Among them, it is with product line of sand spy SABIC complete. 05   the applied     of polycarbonate 1. All sorts of electrons of   of domain of electronic electric equipment the crust of equipment (wait like computer, TV, mobile phone, dynamoelectric tool, cleaner) , electronic connector (wait like plug electrical outlet) , connector of switch, terminal, cable. PC of   of   of PC/ABS computer case is flame retardant   of   of carapace of mobile phone of PC of terminal     2. Plank   building uses board (if be used at what decorate hollow board mix ceiling of sincere board, railway station, bus waits booth, indoor housetop and partition, agricultural conservatory)   ballproof glass (pressing plate of PC glass layer is used at the school, hospital, library, bank, . Pack reach commodity   to be able to repeat use the     such as water of outfit of water bottle, tableware, bucket, feeder (computer, mobile phone, car, plane, toy) PC of   of   of water bottle of   of chair of   of tableware of   of monitor of switch film, instrument, furniture filters velar     4. System of lighting of car traffic   (camera lens, reflector, crust, bracket) , the window after the side window of car of   of pushbutton of wheelhouse of exterior face plate, car, bumper, face plate and scuttle (attention: Cannot use at windshield) , (passenger train, light course, shipping, plane)   of   of light of   of face plate of car of   of pushbutton of face plate of   of glass of side window of window   car 5. Crust of floodlight of optical material   , (mobile phone, glasses, camera, microscope, telescopic, measuring projector, copycat) illuminator of lens, much face, prism. PC applies in optical material occupy than tall, achieve the 30% above that use up gross. Glasses lens   gases defence   of   of CD of   of optical camera lens of face guard   6. Medical material   injector, scalpel handle, oxygen closes implement, oxygen of   of   dialyzer crust adds up to injector of crust of medical treatment equipment, dialyzer, syringe pump   implement crust of equipment of   medical treatment

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