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Our country is born a project that uses carbon fiber composite material at tall iron apply the brake

Good news: Recently, limited company of science and technology of Xi'an aviation apply the brake bear grinding “400KMh and group of motor-car of above high speed use high temperature carbon base composite material apply the brake dish ” project has the honor to win 2020 year traffic to carry first prize of award of innovation of technology of domain composite material.

The success of this project is developed, condensed to develop the painstaking effort of the group and sweat. To settle our country group of motor-car of Gao Tie CRH uses cast steel now (iron) apply the brake dish in high speed, high-energy carry, the hot decline problem that exists when successive apply the brake, since 2013, the company relies on technology of home's banner aviation apply the brake, begin “400KMh and group of motor-car of above high speed to use high temperature carbon base composite material apply the brake dish the development of ” project works. In last a period of time project of 7 years tackles key problem in the process, development group captures multinomial and crucial technology, the carbon of new-style high temperature that develops a train of contented high speed successfully to use requirement base composite material apply the brake dish, make our country becomes a will new-style high temperature composite material applies carbolic radical successfully at apply the brake of high speed train. [project name] 400km Gao Tie uses carbon of new-style high temperature base   of   of deputy project of composite material brake [hold unit]   of   of of limited company of science and technology of Xi'an aviation apply the brake [technology / product introduction]   is new-style high temperature carbon base composite material has weight light, hardness tall, brake is smooth, high temperature resistant, by accepted it is the material of new generation turn off a machine with superior performance, mature already at domain of aviation apply the brake applying, enlist in army at more than 10 kinds of type, outfit machine line installs accumulative total to achieve more than 10000 dishes. This project will be changed through the technology, make its can apply at domain of tall iron apply the brake especially apply the brake of 400km/h above high speed. [technical index / product function]     1. Carbon of new-style high temperature base composite material has density low, specific heat capacity stability of function of good, attrition, service life grows big, hear resistance wait for an advantage, apply successfully already at advanced military airplane and new-style and civil aircraft, already popularized application to use model to a few the army and the people at present. 2. The weight that reduced lock device, enhanced stop a machine by cutting off the power piece service life, bear the weight of level capability of tall, overload is strong, than pressing / brake moment of force answers delicacy to wait. In the meantime, return what can improve data significantly to fight oxidisability, and make material has taller static friction coefficient and fall in harsh environment (humidity, mould and smeary etc) brake function has better stability. [change a form]   of   of joint development [applied setting] the carbon that   matures aviation domain base promotion of compound brake material applies at domain of Gao Tie apply the brake, set out from function, safety and environmental protection angle, compound brake material has carbolic radical weight light, specific power consumption is small, high temperature resistant, won't appear the phenomenon such as fusion welding felt, process of apply the brake the security with be had small, better mixes smooth, noise pollution dependability; From economic respect regard, homebred the new-style carbon that change base composite material applies at Gao Tie brake deputy still can decrease purchase cost, fill is domestic and international the technology in industrialization application is blank. [located level]   of   of phase of small lot production, project application [expect beneficial result] after   this project builds, promotion Gao Tie spares parts to ensure ability independently, managing foreign currency reachs cost cost; Promote own innovation, develop tall iron equipment to make an industry, quicken spare parts of tall iron key and updating equipment replacement; Promote the development of relevant industry effectively, add working station, stimulative obtain employment, drive local economy progress. To build before this project invests two years the line is mixed period of research and development, begin progressively go into operation the 3rd year from investment, sales revenue of the 3rd year predicts to achieve 75 million yuan, net profit is 30 million yuan, after building overall put into production, will achieve produce per year apply the brake of 1000 carbon contented dish, will realize 150 million yuan / year year of sales revenue, the annual interest embellish after overall put into production will achieve 60 million yuan. In the project investment can be badly in need of the 5th year enlarging scale of production, build 2 period apply the brake of 1000 carbon contented dish product line, can throw production the 6th year, will realize 300 million yuan / year sales revenue, the annual interest embellish after overall put into production will achieve 140 million yuan. [the person that project industrialization collaboration has intention can connect answer ability network] technology of     * makes over: technical achievement, reach place to belong to the right to make over allow an unit at sufferring; * license uses: Allow other unit to use relevant technology according to the stipulation such as limits, time limit, amount achievement and; * joint development: With other unit collaboration undertakes technical development, market develop etc, share new product to concern rights and interests; * technology serves: Use a technology to offer design development, difficult problem to diagnose for other unit reach a technology to tackle key problem, the service such as design of equipment and product line research and development, engineering; Other form. Prof.Dr of   of   of honored guest of report of conference of Hangzhou answer material. - Li Da of Ding Han university of Nuo of Ning Bo of   of Xiaosu of beneficial of Xiaosu Yi     of the 3 professors that tell banquet former medium   of   of expert of banquet of technology of boat industry composite material Chairman SAMPE (F.SAMPE) academy of sciences of   Asia-Pacific material (APAM) title of academician   report. Dr. Fraunhofer IGCV of   of   of director of institute of composite material of labour big carbon fiber measures Munich of   of chairman of alliance of composite material of carbon fiber of Germany of   of academician of academy of sciences of Sa Kesen of Germany of   of academician of courtyard of project of Germany of Klaus Drechsler   gently Hangzhou of   of director of chemical Cheng institute, copartner of Forward Engineering of Germany of   of Forward Engineering GmbH, german Forward Engineering GmbH (“FE” of the following abbreviation) it is Europe famous light quantify design firm, predecessor is carbon fiber light quantify a car to design company Roding Automobile, headquarters is located in Munich of German Bavaria city, all set delegate office in Korea, Japan and United States, japanese Mitsui group (MITSUI) it is its the 2nd large stockholder. FE basically is engaged in composite material of car carbon fiber light the engineering design that quantifies component develops the work, ever participated in BMW I3, i8 and new the design of the component of automobile body of model composite material such as 7 departments. FE comes with colourful in the market new energy resources of steam of car, Chang'an car, north, view is sent wait for car plant to have rich cooperative case, in other Asia market, cropland, as contemporary as Ni Sang, abundant wait for a company to deepness cooperates. In addition, FE and famous light quantify data vendor Evonik (win achieve) build have joint-stock company, basically be engaged in carbon fiber light the sale that quantifies material. Design For Sustainability of   of report title  –  of How To Win With Composites faces the project that can develop continuously to design —— how to use Thermoset Materials Vs of   of   of How To Use Life-Cycle-Analysis In Your Product Design Process of   of   of Design Strategies For Sustainable Products of   of   of Key Challenges Of Composite Materials In The Market of   of   of Sustainability Trends In Automotive of   of   of outline of report of   of composite material get victory. Can last of industry of automobile of   of Future Outlook How To Win Business With Composites of   of   of State Of The Art Recycling Technologies For Composites of   of Thermoplastic Materials   the main challenge   that develops application of the composite material on trend   market can last the design strategy   of the product is in products plan process, how to apply lifecycle to analyse   to heat up VS of solid sex material. Thermoplastic the composite material with material new   reclaims technical introduction   is looked into - how to win LEo of   of   of Mr Gianfranco Lanini of business     with composite materialNARDO S.p.A. (Italian Lai holds accept much Inc. high) vice president of department of aviation structure facilities, lai holds general manager of headquarters of accept much Shanghai high, chief of large area of project of Shang Fei CR929. LEoNARDO S.p.A headquarters is in Italian Rome, held water 1913, 180 many orgnaizations spread all over more than 20, among them the manufactory has 83, the company has 7 business department is structure of helicopter, plane, aviation, airborne respectively system of defence electron, defense, as safe as dimensional system, Liu Hai with ministry of information system career, it is one of groups of industry of 10 main forces, the 2nd big aerospace of European enterprise, italy's big project reachs aerospace group. Report title   the   of   of outline of applied   report that composite material uses aviation field in business - composite material uses the application in aviation in business brief history, from hold accuse face plate to apply     to whole composite material structure - the dominant position that business uses composite material with aviation (weight, safeguard, service life)     - prospective challenge- - the requirement of structure of aviation of prospective composite material (can reclaim flexibility of system of gender, production, shorten the time of throw on the market)   of   Dr. Wei Bin currently holds the post ofHangzhou to block CTO of limited company of Lai composite material science and technology to hold project academy dean concurrently, ever took up the post of Munich industry university to estimate group of automobile of deputy researcher of chemical Cheng institute, Ao Di gently (German headquarters) engineer of research and development, colourful comes to car Germany center to measure chemical Cheng gently center of research and development of Germany of senior manager, auspicious car is light quantify compositive chief inspector. In the meantime, dr. Wei Bin holds composite material part-time to learn committee member of vice director of council of car project major. Component of carbon fiber of automobile body of report title   : Carbon fiber of   of   report outline is produced in the quantity of automobile body structure to the quantity from plan, research and development change application to need to solve use in where, production stability of efficiency, quality and use a problem of these a few core. Union already some quantities produce project experience, trial-produce of corrective, sample mixes test of research and development of the introductory plan argumentation of report system, plan and test and verify, material and CAE test, and assemble plan to wait for many sided content. Zhejiang of   of Song Guanghui is auspicious ministry of career of passenger car of limited company of group of commercial vehicle of new energy resources is vise general manager, advanced the   of outline of report of   of composite material application of automobile body of electric passenger car of new energy resources of   of title of engineer   report is current on the market, the automobile body of bus and passenger car basically uses traditional steeliness automobile body, self-prossessed bigger, oily cost is higher, operation cost on the high side. Regard operation as car, truckload lifecycle cost includes to purchase, day-to-day operation, maintenance and discard as useless the product index that cycle is care of operation square height, this also is making devoted cost to the producer, the manufacturing efficiency of the product, quality and content shed cost respect to raise new requirement. Be based on each square demand drive, quantify modularly, gently, distributed program of assembly car automobile body is versed in industry promoted agenda. The report basically elaborates auspicious commercial vehicle and Hangzhou Ka Laifu to join the product that limited company of material science and technology develops hand in hand and technical program.   of Dr. Han Fei assumes office to hold the post of senior director researcher at academy of treasure steel share now. Dedicated at the car theory of figuration of steel of advanced excel in and applied technology. Be in charge of treasure steel academy group of solution of technology of car board EVI and job of user technology support, automobile body of responsible treasure steel is reached with material light quantify figuration of strong steel of technology, freeboard and applied solution research and development and applied research and development, advance quantify carbon of   of title of technical application and report of practice collaboration   new material, gently to counteract with the user those who fall is light quantify car of new energy resources of challenge and Bao Gang to use material industry of car of new energy resources of   of outline of report of solution   is swift and violent development, face carbon to neutralize a goal, right light quantify, material progress raised new challenge and requirement. The report introduced to be below this setting, quantify gently to car of new energy resources, the understanding that low carbon develops, use the solution of material to car of new energy resources, included the material progress such as steel, aluminous, composite material to give out to look into to future. Ka Laifu of Hangzhou of   of He Peng adds up to doctor of university of industry of Munich of   of CEO of limited company of material science and technology, 2008 up to now, hold the position of German BMW Motor Corporation early or late (BMW) engineer of Munich headquarters research and development; College of German Munich industry is small quantify technical institute full-time deputy researcher; Equipment of academy spring city creates of great capacity of academy of sciences on the west institute assistant director holds concurrently light quantify controller of center of technical research and development, deputy researcher, adviser of Master graduate student; Kang Defu combines material dean of vice president of finite liability company, academy, CTO, general manager of center of research and development of composite material of Kang Dexin Europe, kang Dexin - Lei Ding car designs central general manager; Hangzhou Ka Laifu adds up to author of limited company of material science and technology, CEO. (more and splendid report and heavyweight honored guest, in announcing)   program arranges     on June 7 (on Monday)     13: 00-20: 00   forum reports for duty     on June 8 (Tuesday)     09: 00-12:   of   of report of 00   forum on June 8 (Tuesday)     14:00-18:0  of   of _ of   of   of report of 0   forum on June 8 (Tuesday)     19: 00-21: 00   welcomes late banquet,   of interactive communication   on June 9 (on Wednesday)     08: 30-15: Fact of site of 00   plant is held, the problem that encounters in production spreads out discuss solve, sample is revealed. Time / place   time: On June 7, 2021 - place of 9 days of   :   of   of relevant item of Zhejiang Hangzhou   1. Meeting Wu expends member of network of standard   answer ability: 3000 yuan / person,   of person of blame member 3800/ includes data of conference entrance ticket, conference, meal, accommodation to unite arrangement, charge provides for oneself. 2. Meeting Wu cost presses a requirement to be collected ahead of schedule please assign account, meeting Wu group is centralized open bill, data of make out an invoice sends mailbox please:
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