When celebrating found a party ceremoniously 100 years up and down, on June 30 before dawn, national China invests Jiangsu east site of construction of wind cable project transmits news of victory on the Taiwan Strait: As east stage 5 period a lamina after 16# fan and hub essence finish a butt joint definitely, our country China and foreign countries is joint-stock and maritime Jiangsu of —— of wind cable project east wind cable project finishs all fan hoisting on the Taiwan Strait, press a plan for the project put into production, aid force to finish “ of group company new energy resources two 15 million + ” task laid a foundation. This project is in leader of Sino-French two countries collective testimony falls, by energy group and group of French electric power the our country of joint-stock construction operation China and foreign countries is joint-stock and maritime wind cable project, total investment makes an appointment with 8 billion yuan of money, energy group issues dependency China investment to hold 62.5% , company of new energy of cable of way of subordinate of group of French electric power and EDF () investment firm is held jointly 37.5% . Way cable group invests more than 160 million dollar directly, achieve this group to be not nuclear cable market in our country investment is new tall. National China invests Jiangsu east the Taiwan Strait is windward electric project by east stage 4 period, east stage 5 period composition, total installed capacity is 500 thousand kilowatt, be located in Jiangsu east maritime space of mud of Taipei a brief informal note and Zhu Gensha maritime space. East stage 4 period project outfit machine 300 thousand kilowatt, built in December 2019 and the net generates electricity, east stage 5 period the 50 typhoons machine of project of 200 thousand kilowatt finished hoisting entirely on June 30, 2021. After the project throws operation entirely, predict year of electricenergy production 1.39 billion kilowatt hour, can satisfy year of requirement using phone of nearly 2 million dwellers, be equivalent to four hundred and forty-one thousand nine hundred tons saving mark coal, the carbon dioxide that decrease a platoon nine hundred and thirty-seven thousand five hundred tons, 2 oxidation sulfur 1704 tons. This project is current our country already bank of ionization of hair of put into production is far, integrated the project of maritime wind cable with construction tall difficulty. The project innovates through the technology in construction process, overcame decharge operating mode, current successfully urgent, typhoon is much, land difficulty cable of far, sea grows big, off shore wait for difficulty, finished fan hoisting job smoothly. Especially east stage 5 period distance of project off shore is further, have feature of typical radiation alluvion terrain, level of seabed mud face is higher, depth of water is extremely shallow, it is the belt between home's rare off shore tide maritime wind electric field, it is to show one of projects of maritime wind cable with big difficulty of level home integrated construction. Several typhoons seat number is located in tall beach, and the difficulty that the wave motion of tide increased maritime construction and fan hoisting again. What grab the ” that install tide and allowance fall off in “ especially is current, speed of hoisting of group of maritime wind electric machinery and efficiency decide a destination directly and net time is mixed accrual. Face the task the of great capacity that close, environment needs heavy, time limit for a project besides execution condition, especially the challenge that “ of maritime wind report grabs the ” that install tide to bring, group of construction of Jiangsu company project holds to with “ high quality, high speed is spent, low cost ” is a target, in order to insist the drive that green hill does not relax, explore the construction method that gave an effective gradually, one by one captured epidemic situation is prevented accuse, shortage of engine of boat of equipment in short supply, construction, tall beach seat number pass in and out is difficult, effective window period is construction of pullback of short, fisherman, maritime superintendency hasten is severe wait for heavy difficulty, advance onshore collect safe and efficiently to accuse cable of sea of central construction, 220 kilovolt to lay, hoisting of station of maritime step up and electrified move, the job such as fan foundation heavy picket and hoisting, high quality, high level finishs each construction job. Through adopting sea cable to lay as synchronous as fan hoisting across works, promoted fan disappear to be short of power transmission to organize ability. Current, station of maritime step up has joined this project carry, approve 13 typhoons machine already and the net generates electricity. Next, jiangsu company will continue to organize good sea cable in order to lay as a whole, fan disappear is short of, installation is debugged, each job such as manufacturing preparation, ensure safe, do all one can realizes total capacity at an early date forward and the target of the net is advanced.

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