On June 16, oriental wind report Vietnam of —— of windward cable project grows a batch of great capacity that exports report of wind of project of maritime wind cable, Oriental Tianjin to carry on windward cable project approves sea sea harbor of aircrew shipment volume. Windward cable project is located in long sea sea province of Vietnam Bin , 63MW of total installed capacity, the straight drive of 4.5MW permanent magnetism that chooses report of 14 Oriental wind to be developed independently is maritime group of wind electric machinery, this aircrew is based on the company's mature 4.5S MW platform, those who use the requirement of multinomial and contented ocean environment such as the anticorrosion, mist that prevent salt is custom-built change a solution to upgrade and come, apply to Vietnam maritime environment has good economy. Put into high gear is cheered dry, main sprint “ double cross half ” , receive found a party 100 years with outstanding achievement! The hundred time as the party absurd with “ double the drawing near that crosses node of half ” target, report of Oriental Tianjin wind is broad cadre worker morale is even more rising, will learn the force of the derive in education from party history ceaselessly, the “ in real work compares translate into, learn, drive, side ” , advance each production to manage the task to be begun ahead in order. Windward cable project approves long sea sea the high quality of aircrew yields to also be carried out for follow-up project laid solid foundation.

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