Recently, the researcher of institute of physics of chemistry of Lanzhou of academy of sciences uses adjusting control of structure of matrix of constituent modified, colophony to improve noumenon strength, adopt fluid posture can accuse migratory implementation solid fluid lubricates in coordination, broke through the design concept of traditional and lubricant coating, the new-style solid fluid that developed to have exceedingly good anti-friction and wear-resisting property is compound coating. Suffer skate the skates in athletic process and water of ice of interface of contact glacial a layer are compound the inspiration of condition, this research collects appliance to reversible trends double sulfur bolts but liquefaction is inclined square sulfur is low to 8 vinyl polyhedron get together processing of modified of alkyl of oxygen of times half silicon, obtained the heat that has special structure to be able to change accept rice is compound content. its compound in lubricant coating, developed its to improve the mechanical carrying capacity of coating from anchorage firm action on one hand, use its to be sent in the heat in attrition process on the other hand change realized solid fluid compound and lubricant effect and from repair action, lowered the coefficient of friction of coating and wear rate. In addition, researcher still changes black lead Xi through oxygen (of the anchorage firm action that the heavy nitrogen of GO) surface changes GO of reaction, modified, polyurethane former polymerization realized matrix aggrandizement, the cross-linking density of material and compact sex promote effectively, make the coefficient of friction of compound coating is reduced 90% , wear rate reduces an amount level, and attrition life is lengthened 5 times the left and right sides. They aggrandizement matrix and fluid photograph silicone oil compound, make the coefficient of friction of 3 yuan of compound coating is reduced further 30% , life lengthens 1.35 times. With not the compound coating photograph of aggrandizement matrix is compared, coefficient of friction is reduced 60% , wear away life tall promotion 5 times, and effect of this one promotion is more apparent below Gaozai and high speed. Additional, because the hydrophoby of silicone oil reachs his the capillary obstruction in coating matrix, the corrosion resistance of compound coating also gets effective promotion.

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15-18 December

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