Black lead Xi is a kind of ultrathin material, have super- tiny curve a model quantity, exceed the characteristic such as ultrathin sex. Now, jyv? The researcher of center of science of rice of Skyl university accept revealed a kind of experiment technology that is called optics to forging how to make black lead Xi becomes adamant, its hardness raises level of a few amounts. Black lead Xi is the material with carbon element with a kind of small atom, have good performance, if carry greatly,flow child mobility, wonderful thermal conductivity and tall optical diaphaneity. Its impermeability and tensile strength are 200 times of steel, because this suits Namili,learn to apply. Unfortunate is, it is unusually flimsy, make any three-dimensional structures extremely flabby calm, make hard. These difficulty had ended possibly now, the laser treatment that how because group of a research had demonstrated,uses a kind of special development makes black lead Xi becomes adamant. This kind of sclerosis is this kind of magical material open up brand-new applied domain. This research group ever used laser of pulse flying second to become before this like the method (call optics to forging) preparation structure of Xi of three-dimensional black lead. Laser irradiation makes crystal lattice of black lead Xi produces limitation, make crystal lattice expands then, form stable three-dimensional structure. Here, study the group uses optics to forging to undertake got-up to film of Xi of monolayer black lead, like making its resemble rousing a skin suspension, use law of accept rice impress to measure its mechanical function.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Measure a result to show, compare with photograph of Xi of primitive black lead, the flexural rigidity of black lead Xi raised 5 amounts level, this is a new record   at the beginning, we did not understand our outcome even. We spent a long time to just understand light to forging the practical effect of pair of black lead Xi. However, gradually, we begin to realize the seriousness that its affect, researcher says, he led token optics to forge the job of character of black lead Xi. Coping - the image of nuclear power microscope of skin of beat of Xi of Chinese ink of floatstone of the rear overhang before optics forgings. Bottom - the imitate that how moire account data becomes better expresses. Xi of sclerotic black lead is new application open up road   analysis makes clear, forging in optics in the process, the ripple of project of meet an emergency in layer of black lead Xi meets those who cause flexural rigidity to increase. As the one part of research, undertook to film of Xi of moire shape black lead laminose flexibility builds a model, the result makes clear, on the level that causes defect in crystal lattice of black lead Xi, sclerosis happening is on micron and accept rice measure. Carry out the researcher that builds a model to say, integral mechanism is very clear, but should make clear all and atomic detail that blemish produces still requires further research. Sclerotic black lead Xi is novel applied open up way, the mechanical and syntonic frequency of the resonator of film of black lead Xi that makes structure of support of personal computer report or control be as high as GHz limits for example. Because black lead Xi is to pledge gently, solid and cannot permeate, the micron class that because this kind of latent capacity is,on chip of black lead Xi use optics forgings to be used in order to make at have a change of luck of the medicaments inside vein basket shape structure. Optics forgings the method is particularly powerful, because it is OK,keep feature of sclerotic black lead Xi accurately the seat that you want directly, the researcher that is in charge of supervising new technology to develop says, continue say, our will be patulous next our imagination, attempt optics forgings, see us can make parts of an apparatus or appliance of Xi of what black lead.

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