Recently, company of southern electrified wire netting releases carbon of service Hainan “ to amount to peak, carbon to counteract ” work program, put forward to be in 945 ’ of “‘ period, drive report of implementation Hainan smooth hot season, maritime wind to wait to increase outfit chance newly 5.2 million kilowatt, machine of outfit of clean the sources of energy is occupied than coming by the 67% promotion 2020 80% above, clean energy electricenergy production is occupied than coming by the 50% promotion 2020 70% above ” . Hainan once was one of active province of maritime wind report, but already stopped at crying in the round 2017, still have no project put into production up to now, restart the instant causes heat to discuss this. Actually, since this year, it is not only a few the distribution of province raise the quota that run is received inside course of study maritime wind report, also one batch is entered newly bureau person momentum is powerful. According to not complete count, up to this year in May, maritime wind report is relevant during including the many coastal province such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Guangxi to all release 945 ” of “ in succession program goal, add outfit machine newly to anticipate already exceeded 25 auspicious tile, dimensions of market of cable of our country maritime wind predicts to will achieve rapid growth. Greet “ to be entered newly bureau person”According to reporter understanding, hainan regards low carbon as division of test of civilization of pilot province, zoology, change to answering climate this one topic for discussion is very active from beginning to end. This year “ during two meetings ” , yu Xun of vice director of live abroad council ever built Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference discuss high quality to build Hainan “ carbon to counteract insular ” . Have calculate show, hainan average wind speed amounts to 70 meters of height 6.0-7.5 rice / second, it is one of areas with nice resource of our country maritime wind, but up to now, this province still has no project of maritime wind cable and net, the analysis inside course of study thinks, advance in what “ carbon amounts to peak, carbon to neutralize ” goal below, machine of windward report outfit greets its sea probably to break through, become report of our country maritime wind to install the ” of new “ point of growth of machine. Shandong, Guangxi also is “ is entered newly bureau person ” . In September 2020, general office of government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is released " Guangxi accelerates development to drive ocean strong area to build 3 years to sea economy the action plans (2020—2022 year) " say, change “ dimensions, intensive is changed, can develop ” of resource of maritime wind report continuously, cultivate industry of maritime wind cable, to 2022, preliminary compose establishs garden of industry of equipment of maritime wind phone, strive to produce per year installed capacity of wind phone equipment above of 1 million kilowatt, preliminary building maritime wind report installed capacity above of 500 thousand kilowatt. On May 9, igneous report occupies Shandong of bigger than be as high as the sources of energy of 93% province, also realize “ in domain of maritime wind report the breakthrough ” of 0, hua Nengshan east project of cable of 4 maritime wind austral the peninsula finishs Shandong smoothly to save hoisting of the fan on the Taiwan Strait. The analysis inside course of study thinks, shandong province coasting is relatively longer, condition of resource of maritime wind report is exceedingly good, of maritime and clean the sources of energy use conduce to this province driving transition of the sources of energy continuously. Strong province sends impetus of ” of successor of “ of force     continuously driving, report of maritime wind of ” of “ old brand is saved greatly is go through the mill more in order to need. Installation amount of report of our country maritime wind bends the Jiangsu that points to, those who release is in at the beginning of this year " environment of program of windward report of 945 ” sea affects Jiangsu province “ transaction " say, it is during 945 ” of “ , the location of maritime wind electric field of the program adds up to about 42, program installed capacity 12.12 million kilowatt, program gross area makes an appointment with 1780 square kilometer. As we have learned, yuan Chao of installed capacity of this one plan " Jiangsu saves “ 945 ” but second birth the sources of energy develops special program (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " in the end that the “ that put forward adds ” of about 8 million kilowatt newly. In March, fujian is in its " national economy and society develop the 14th 5 years to plan to mix 2  compendium of target of 35 years of distant view " in put forward, the focal point construction blessing grows the of great capacity such as Pu Liuao of happy open waters, smooth bay, Zhang windward cable project and dark open sea are maritime demonstrative project of wind phone base. In Feburary, bureau of Zhejiang province the sources of energy is in " 945 ” of “ of development of Zhejiang province energy plan (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " middle finger goes out, will make “ coastal waters and far-reaching sea sea windward report uses base + marine can + onshore property base grows new pattern ” , strive to omit wind report completely to 2025 installed capacity achieves 6.3 million kilowatt, among them installed capacity amounts to maritime wind report 5 million kilowatt. Guangdong province releases " economy of Guangdong province countryman and society develop the 14th 5 years to plan to mix 2035 compendium of distant view target " show, this province plans to make another name for Guangdong Province east base of class of ten million kilowatt, plan to be in charge of project of cable of maritime space wind to build installed capacity of put into production to exceed 8 million kilowatt in the province, promote maritime wind report to realize par to get online. Not only installed capacity anticipates hopeful, much province also plans in its file middle finger goes out, will big thrust moves catenary of industry of maritime wind cable to upgrade, sea of area of coastal waters deep water is windward report is soft send continuously, float type is maritime wind report, marine wave can, report of group of windward electric machinery, maritime wind controls high capacity of great capacity the key technology research and development such as hydrogen also includes a program. Research organization of market of big long-term gain challenge Home   much values perspective of report of our country maritime wind generally. The middle finger of a report that the industry analyses wheat of orgnaization five heart to agree to this to was released in March goes out, did not come 10 years, market of maritime wind cable grows implementation quickly, hopeful makes market of big maritime wind cable, 2020-2030 year, report of our country maritime wind adds outfit machine newly to will achieve 73 auspicious to cover with tiles, 8 times above breaks up on current foundation. Although industry of maritime wind cable grows like a raging fire, many personage inside course of study also expresses to the reporter, market of cable of our country maritime wind is opposite “ is young ” , prospective development still is facing a lot of challenge. Our country sea is windward 2019 report cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS falls reach 0.77 yuan / kilowatt hour, but because suffer nearly two years of “ to grab outfit period ” ,affect, catenary of industry of maritime wind cable is produced can suffer affect, many personage inside the industry discloses to the reporter, at present cost of maritime wind report does not fall to rise instead, the element such as the shortage of boat of installation of maritime wind report, or will bring about maritime wind report to install plan to anticipate not as good as, part already approve project is faced with even hard the predicament of complete. Meanwhile, the personage inside course of study also reminds say, the long-term operation of maritime wind electric field is safeguarded, the gain that realizes complete lifecycle, also be the serious topic for discussion that earnestly of each big development business needs to pay close attention to. The analysis thinks, although the sea is windward electric industry enthusiasm is rising, but as allowance of maritime wind report exit, development business obverse side is facing bigger operation to challenge, how to ensure a project long-term gain will be the focal seat that develops project of maritime wind cable.

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