Carbon fiber of   of carbon fiber material is in high-end military affairs, industry, the life, car, the plane cannot leave etc. Carbon fiber technology is basic by Japanese Dong Li, east state, forestall of Li Yang of 3 water chestnut, at present T800 is returned cannot perfect quantity is produced, dong Li been playinging T1100G at present. Boeing, empty guest is Dong Li's frequenter. After afterwards carbon fiber, the fiber of new material SIC that comes from Japan will promote technical innovation again, the engine core component of new generation plane will use the new data that Japan develops. The CFRP from plane body (carbon fiber enhances colophony radical composite material) use rate to look, of European airbus and American Boeing new in large airlines has exceeded 50 % . In CFRP domain, the market share of Japanese enterprise is achieved about 7 into. General and electric GE will be sowed with Japanese Ishikawa island worry heavy industry, eaves ministry is promoted produce associated development, 4 kinds of component such as the fan lamina of the turbine that drives plane advancement with high-pressured gas, from before material of SiC of nickel alloy instead. Chip of semiconductor of production of semiconductor material   needs 19 kinds must material, be short of one cannot, and most material has extremely tall technology camp, because company of this semiconductor data is in semiconductor industry,holding crucial position. Japanese enterprise is in silicon brilliant circle, synthesis is semiconductor brilliant circle, smooth film of material of industry of glue of cover, photoetching, drug, target, protection, down-lead is worn, board of pottery and porcelain, plastic board, it is line of TAB, COF, solder, important to enclose material to wait for 14 kinds data side all, industry of Japanese semiconductor material is holding absolutely dominant position for a long time inside limits. The semiconductor silicon material of 70% , it is by Japan the letter jumps over chemistry to offer. Machine tool of precision of freeboard of   of freeboard precision machine tool and material learn and be industrial mother: Japan, germany, swiss the world, among them Japan is more banner one big chunk. Main shaft of high accuracy machine tool comes from Japanese energy industry. Opportunity for combat of American F22 bird of prey uses Japanese machine tool: Machine of project of SNK(new Japan) mill of boring of 5 axes dragon. Campstool of Qi of hill of Yamazaki Mazak(Japan is overcome) by Sweden royal academy of sciences judges factory of beautiful of the beautiful company that give, England this locality to hold exit concurrently to accomplish award, United States to make an engineer learn benefit spy Buddhist nun the machine tool supplier that armory of island of cliff of US.ARMY of productivity award gainer, U.S. Army makes technical center jointly and. The link of Mazak expert, should belong to) of Machining Center(machining center. The mother aircraft with the fast precision in superprecision domain, come from at Japanese nimble too the opportunity of treatment of diamond of AHN15-3D free curved surface of division spy Jtket, this equipment basically uses mould of all sorts of pair of optical camera lens and blue smooth lens to undertake turning is reached exceeding nicety abrade. This machine child tell from treatment precision only more magical than 3 war industry implement (the LODTM of American LLNL and DTM-3, the OAGM2500) of British CUPE even tower above is 8 times closer. The micron class of the high accuracy that the accurate machine tool of 70% is carrying to be developed by Japanese Metrol is full automatic to Dao Yi. Exclusive the electric spark of silk of don't go yet of precision of treatment of class of rice of accept of a breakthrough is machined machine, come from Japanese Sodick(Sha Di to overcome) , sodick combines treatment of electric spark type and treatment of water knife type successful development to publish opportunity of treatment of discharge of cut of mixture power line. In the drive disk assembly that cannot be short of on machinery of any most advanced industry, quantify the tall nicety of Japanese HDS, big torque, gently, return power little harmonic decelerate chance is being had 4 into above portion, lens of operation of surgical department of department of NASA, empty guest, Cai is rely on it to deliver feedback equipment stop, power gets lost, precision fixed position. The development on the foundation of Astro-540 Interpro type of the popular Europe that Japanese Amada rolled out 2000 went a stage to receive laser dissolve - shape - tap - fold a turn production working procedure of 4 Ban gold is compositive machine machine LASBEND-AJ at the compound Ban gold of an organic whole. The spokesman ——okuma(of lathe of tower of double knife of double main shaft rivers bend greatly company limited) . Okuma makes a person say of assist is this company is ” of the exclusive “ all-round in machine tool bound manufacturer, will a few years hold to all the time from core component (driver, coder, motor, main shaft) arrive to numerical control operating system terminal, design development to finish by oneself entirely, came true truly soft hard have both. The technology of navigation of Machining Navi automatic treatment that Maschinemarket of magazine of German machine technology awards Okuma prize of beautiful innovation technology continuously and multilayer slit is permanent Prex Motor of magnet magnetoresistive electric machinery. Machinery of Japanese loose riverside occupied treatment of engine of European high end by force almost, all through the ages is to exceed run farad benefit, bujiadiwei the client of boat. Material of copper of equipment of high-grade scientific research is main provider, the key gives aid to aluminous Luo Tong gives birth to homestead machine to buy a whole to extend copper to Japan in the orgnaization product line of cutting of double-faced mill face; The facility that the treatment process of the cupreous material on brand of almost all car wants to use unripe homestead machine is finished. Industrial robot the develops energetically property that   industry robot is future 50 years. At present the technology of industrial robot masters basically in Japanese hand. Robot 4 everybody a group of things with common features: Japan sends that division, an Chuan electric machinery, swedish ABB, german library gets stuck. Sending that division among them is leader of retainer of record holder of industrial robot sale, profit, technology. German library card is weak, its core technology is basic outside buy, at present by buy beautifully. Industrial robot has technology of 3 big core actually namely the crucial technology of component of 3 big core: Controller (control a technology) , decelerate machine, special servo electric machinery reachs the robot its control a technology. Manufacturer of a gleam of includes: Send that division (Fanuc Japan) , An Chuan (Yaskawa Japan) , ABB (Switzerland) , the library gets stuck (KUKA Germany) . Second line manufacturer includes Comau (Italy) , the Japan below OTC(Daihen banner) , plain Qi (Kawasaki Japan) , Na Zhi not 2 more (Nachi-Fujikoshi Japan) , below the pine (PanasoNic Japan) etc.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Moral character of beautiful day of   of top and accurate instrument is main forestall, among them the United States 10, japan 6, germany 4, england 2. Beautiful day is nobel prize big country, japan begins from 2000 basic and annual a nobel prize, among them one of cannot leave instrument of its high end namely make, use. Cite a few case. Japanese SATAKE devotes oneself to for a long time to develop the mankind one of crop of 3 big grain equipment of machinery of paddy rice respect, the food food equipment of the include below the banner, experiment detects the respect city such as equipment of equipment, associated environment machinery is occupied rate all be. Government of commissariat of main paddy rice and enterprise all have collaboration with SATAKE, include, area of and other places of the United States, southeast Asia, South America. Stand by day for Canadian Victoria university custom-built made powerful scientific research microscope already was used at official last year investment. At present high-end electron microscope basically has two old brands: The FEI of Japanese JEOL and United States. Exclusive class of rice of an atomic accept is holographic electric lens also has been developed to succeed by Japan —— comes from day to stand. One of heights of medical treatment hardware, the heavy particle cancer that 6 only investment use puts cure equipment to 5 are in Japan, 1 is in Germany, choose at present not make sb the first aim of attack and there is 80% in accepting heavy particle line to put the patient of cure undertake in Japan. Hardware of medical treatment science and technology the another —— proton of two great heights bundle the accelerator that put cure, stand to be invented with Hokkaido university by day, price of equipment of a complete set of 200 million Dollar+ , installation amount does not exceed 15. The comfortable form tone that the stage takes stereo and directional function puts cure equipment by force and use at pancreatic cancer to treat 3 water chestnut of —— to weigh labour. Do not rely on scientific research reactor, boracic neutron of appropriative of hospital of successful commerce melt into takes therapy (BNCT) equipment —— lives friendly heavy machinery - Kyoto university. BNCT is one of cancerous treatment steps that do not require begin art stage, japan produces academic cooperation. Fast hold concurrently exclusive capable to explore outside the ——maxi(of round-the-clock astronomy instrument of galaxy high energy is round-the-clock) of unit of X ray surveillance. The camera of surveillance of slit of wide eye shot that embarked to be developed jointly by Jaxa and Riken (12 solid state + 2 gaseous) , put platform of extra of Kibo of cabin of experiment of Japan of station of park international space. Observation of star of subbranch of a bank is used (extremely ultraviolet and prismatic) Sprint-A Sprint-A of Japan of aerospace binoculars —— . Jeol is used new alone of research and development 12 extremely child spherical adjuster resembling difference, roll out successfully tall the new generation awkward silence at an occasion that quickens voltage to amount to 300kv launchs a ball to differ ——jem-arm300f of lens of corrective transmission report, consolidated oneself are in the lead position of electron microscope bound. The energy that tall beam brightness, intensity builds capacity recovers Pearl of Japan of — of electron gun of dc of illuminant smooth cathode. The proton that day establishs bundle cancer puts cure equipment to had been in the United States of NO.1 of division of complete hospital cancer MD Anderson had 2400+ example, clinic of Mei Ao of hospital of for use of an emperor of in addition beautiful president, integrated cancer treatment holds the children that NCI of American cancer institute appoints exclusively concurrently research organization St.Jude Children's Research Hospital, the proton that the hospital of university of fort of German sea heart of division of European large-scale tumour is using day to stand bundle the equipment that put cure.   United States blocks project appliance pop chart special those is strapped, terex, the 3rd. Japanese small pine, day establishs minute of line the 2nd, the 4th. Before Xu Gong is entered 10. Developed capital construction energetically 2016, make Japan small loosen to soare compared to the same period 97% , day stands soare 42% , divine steel grows 29% . On the history big (the has a quantity to produce a record luffing jib tower crane of 8100tm) (luffing jib rises type crane oneself) ——IHI haulage is mechanical. Japan of bearing seniority   , sweden, german the world. The main effect of the bearing play in industrial domain asks with what learn to material, adept understand. Manufacturer of glass of advanced optics of optical material   has Japan to protect Guguang to learn Hoya, ohara of Japanese Xiaoyuan optics, japan lives Tian Guangxue Sumita, germany is like especially optical Schott. This its are Sino-Japanese living Tian Guangxue Sumita retains accurate mould pressing and of become optical glass, high refractive index, low figuration melting point, much breed amount is recorded. Japan lives no matter optical glass of Tian Guangxue is in workmanship, still be overall on line of the products banner and other person of the same trade. Optical field is main one of master machine of score of large and diffractive grating, have 3-4 only capable to build, day stands retain 10000g/mm of high score precision, affect the research of optical domain directly. Mao star is the Japanese Si Balu Subaru of planetary exploration ability big onefold advocate lens optics infra-red astronomy is telescopic, the earth is apart from in what discover at present the scientist uses it to discover there are 9 in 10 distant galaxy, include among them far that, broke the far observation record of new the Milky Way 2012. The —— of accurate and optical planetarium that via Jinisi the record maintains comes from 5 cany optics of Japanese. Go up now advanced optical planetarium can be accurate umbriferous 100 million 4 ten million sidereal, and 5 canes optics and Kenikamei can be amounted to add up here the domain already was grasped 7 become or so portion. Generate electricity with machine burning gas annulus 3 water chestnut of   weigh labour, day stands, xi Menzi's the world. High fever efficiency generates electricity to come from the M701J that 3 water chestnut of Japanese are versed in again with gas turbine, also be high-power at the same time generate electricity with gas turbine. Large double shaft gas turbine establishs H80 for day, 110mw+ of simple loop power, combine circular power 154mw+ . Catalysis of out of stock installs the heart of buy   dynamo, at present this domain is established by day forestall. The bulk of device of each catalysis that take off saltpetre is equivalent to multilayer the residence, each power plants are its client. Rubbish burns the rubbish that equipment   handles ability formidably burns equipment is the city turns the indispensable environmental protection equipment in advancing, day establishs shipbuilding to lead this the field, its client is spread all over, installed 26. The large extruding of ——PP PE of a kind of master of petrifaction domain key builds bead machine   to have completely own design to hold engineering capability concurrently 3 (Japan 2, germany 1) . This its are Sino-Japanese making of steel place can accomplish 100th(87 without gear pump type 10 thousand T year) Gao Shui is accurate, kobe makes steel be had tall have rate, PP/PE extruding creates an opportunity is the equipment with necessary chemical plant, the client that those two pails of oil are day of look forward to.   of industrial water pump weaks to make place formerly by Japanese Ebara() the large flow of tall monomer lift that the design creates, also be to be able to bear or endure drill industrial water pump is used at Shanxi to cite yellow project. The world that   Japan Fuji tells company level scanner. Commercial intelligence documentation is video solution one elder brother, watch sheet pressworks - identify - the contriver —— Fuji of technology of body of electronic chemical combination connects Pfu. Fuji connects Pfu to use his the OCR software that the business of high market share develops with scanner and independence (Ocr) , help statistic bureau is efficient and accurate finished large-scale census. Briny desalt, liquid waste benefit is in with   the velar industry domain such as the recycle of briny desalt, liquid waste, is used extensively reverse osmosis film in exceeding pure water preparation, with day east the company of Japanese chemical industry that person of electrical engineering, Dong Li, emperor, Xu Huacheng is can say is to mastering chemical speech to counterpoise. Technology of Microza water treatment is gone to by application in the match item that 5 annulus of Beijing need clean water. Hydrogenation reactor   hydrogenation reactor is large chemical plant is necessary, in amount to much not more capable to build hydrogenation reactor in, the reactor of hot wall hydrogenation of Japanese god steel and day steel maintains all the year round in the 1st, 2 (big external diameter, weight, temperature, wall is large) , divine steel also is the firm that completely own capacity has in designing those who assemble is core material, whole production process exclusively. Powdery body machines any machine   candy, the opportunity of powdery body treatment with the mass indispensable production such as medicaments.   of machine of Zhang Jin of leather belt of core winding equipment machines a domain in all plank (armor plate, car, home appliance, building) necessary the leather belt of core winding equipment that gives plank pulling force with what arrive Zhang Jin machine, 9 into above portion two kinds of model occupy the Beltbridle that be mixed by the RB21 of Japanese JDC by force.   stays in coke builder friendly heavy machinery regards master of old brand chemical industry as manufacturer, the palm is accusing metallurgy to make iron, the coke maker of coke of fundamental raw material is major the market, , United States flower, middle east is large Petroleum Company is its client. No matter   of equipment of test of dynamical assembly nicety is the sky what swim in the sea that fly still run on the ground, if move model mechanical object needs hair work, and the premise of hair result is to measure field of Ku of Horiba(of result —— Japan to make place) discharge in batholith of engine drive apply the brake wait for nicety of assembly of complete set motivation to check device sphere to have foudroyant leader power, in the car, tank, the domain such as the plane has indispensable effect. Special kind of rolled steel   is big special kind of engine that Daido Steel of Japan of —— of rolled steel manufacturer manufactures used switch a powerful person to be occupied respectively with transmission shaft and shipping derv engine 3 into, 6 component forehead, special in transmission shaft market the NO.1 that is be worthy of, of engine of plane of the brunt below banner of empty guest of Boeing of all through the ages anthology. Shape completely the insular essence mechanism that   of computer horizontal machine comes from Japan and song hill city makes place, it is fast shape completely record holder of computer horizontal machine, still grasp at the same time have this field 6 component forehead, computer horizontal machine and industrial sewing machine call the two old master of textile group. The computer horizontal machine that insular essence machine manufactures is in advocate be called in the European eye of high-end fashionable dress the “ of bound of knitting frame instrument Laosilaisi ” , president island rich gentleman by decoration of grant Italy class honor. The industrial dead plate that heat changes processing domain   to handle ability, tall compression greatly slope of day of heat exchanger —— makes type, portion respect and cut down of Swedish A farad are paratactic, additionally the day slope place that make uses heat to change a technology to achieve at system of sterilization of high temperature high pressure, in the link of antiseptic working procedure that already was in to produce dish of preparation of appliance of medical treatment infusion, Chinese herbal medicine, the daily life of a family to feed the domain such as beverage of material, flavoring, beer, flexible package by wide application, the market is had rate 7 into.   plain Qi weighs punch of servo of fluid pressure type labour is subordinate and accessary oil of enterprise plain Qi is versed in, offer to Motor Corporation of Jiang Huai of Anhui of —— of business of bus chassis production early or late big (punch of servo of 5000t/6000t) fluid pressure type. The peak of electromagnetism of   of electric wave darkroom, all sorts of mechanical electron finished product want spare parts of semiconductor of the existence on the body to need to undertake electromagnetic wave environment checks only, measuring the equipment with compatible and important electromagnetism is electric wave darkroom, manufacturer of darkroom of massive electric wave is Japanese TDK. Nict of   of high-end cable   and live it is OK that company limited of state-maintaineding university of friendly electrician, yokohama, Optoquest develops 36 smooth cores to hold every smooth core concurrently jointly the strong performance that 3 kinds of mode pass information is muti_function fiber-optic, successful open up the possibility that uses Chan Genguang fine to undertake 10pbps class exceeds high capacity to transmit. The software of IT technology ——software Defined Network(SDN- of burgeoning forward position defines instantly of   of network of SDN- software definition network) , below the low cost platform that strengthening rock-bottom selectivity and systematic collect by nature to promote pair of networks and resource visit control to be spent subtly, let operation business or enterprise orgnaization with more agile but process designing changes implementation different business character is comfortable match, the traditional pattern framework that makes the flow control of the network and transmit rely on hardware equipment produces essential sex to change. Of SDN first the concept is put forward by group of Stanford university research, the Japanese IT enterprise that is with Nec at present changes level to be in in application of research and development get absolutely run the position.   of of solution of safety of content couplet net will be henceforth the stress that content couplet net develops. Electric machinery of 3 water chestnut and university of house establishing a lot use the distinctive and imperceptible individual difference that circuit of large scale integration is making the generation when moving, innovation gives network of current and advanced IoT(content couplet) safety defends Id of solution ——lsi dactylogram. Future of batteries material   is electric car, hydrogenous motivation, of mixture motivation car, its important thing is batteries, at present by day Han forestall. But supply in upriver batteries material in, japan lives friendly chemistry, dong Li, clear and electrician, chemistry of 3 water chestnut has overwhelming advantage in catenary of industry of upper reaches of EV of pure electric car. Dong Li, live friendly chemistry falls for the pine, LG offers money. The day before yesterday of order of submarine cable   lives originally friendly electrician is in the technology of this domain, the cable of light marine transmit electricity that develops by its has been mixed to England Belgian submarine cable offers money, length makes an appointment with 130 kilometers, the price is 30 billion yen, be in Feinibin, east Asia, indonesia has wide perspective. Type of Cpu/gpu different form exceeds the precursory developer that calculates type of form of different of Cpu/gpu of systematic     to exceed the advocate that calculates a system to hold software of this platform program concurrently, super computer scientific information calculates the university of industry of Tokyo of —— of new division winner that bound height learning enjoys Sidney Fernbach Award central Prof.satoshi Matsuoka. At present almost all high-powered exceed the proponent that calculating a system is this framework, dr. Matsuoka also obtained the Sidney Fernbach Award of Gao Rongyu of individual of domain of indicative and super computer accordingly. Fiber-optic institute of Nict Kddi of transmission     and ancient river electrician are in Pacific Ocean is traverse and fiber-optic in transmission experiment, combinative tripartite is soft hard skill, realize look that makes odd root fiber-optic successfully to measure distance accumulating to reach 1Exabps level, broke Ntt previous retentive record. University of Tokyo of quanta computation   is in second use nitride of III a group of things with common features to popularize material (GaN- nitrogen changes gallium) nod odd photon source to generate the onefold photon that can make at normal temperature have drills successfully as quanta, strode quanta calculative pace. Prof.akira Furusawa of university of Tokyo of quanta communication   combines institute of technology of Ntt tip equipment, solved revolutionarily when undertaking quanta latent state is transmitted, bear the weight of the quanta on photon because signal is optical configuration of the component inside the system restricts the operation that cause patulous bottleneck. Of Dr. Furusawa issue a task to will be mixed to computer of quanta of high speed of production favorable balance of trade the target stride that exceeds communication of high capacity quanta. The researcher of board   Japan and Australia has been in the circuit of laser photons computer but the uses laser photons computer circuit of expansibility board gained revolutionary headway. The quanta system assemble that state-maintaineding university of Tokyo university and Australia has seen majority is measured jumps in a single component turn from 14 to 10000. Vector is super NEC of computer     announces to already was developed finish vector of new-style SX series super computer ——SX-ACE. This vector that uses Sun framework exceeds although its are overall,calculate operation ability (before 130TFLOPS) platoon is not entered 5, but the odd nucleus property that has however (the bandwidth of odd nucleus memory that 64GFLOPS) mixes (64GB/s) , use original industry to design implementation compact change with low cost can. Shi Tian of Ishida(of Japan of —— of provider of the contriver of balance of bull of computer of   of computer bull balance, old metric solution that pack) nowadays computer bull combines a balance to measure machine market to have 7 component specified number. Like combination benefit China, amount to can this kind has huge amount to produce can the faithful adherent that company of the food that cross a state is Ishida. Small company of   of software of three-dimensional graph changeover has origin of —— of great actual strength the three-dimensional figure that the Elysium that from Jing Gang prefectural bank loose city is not worth 70 employee develops changes software, begin to if the NASA Boeing, main item that amounts to special grade of all alone, IBM, Autodesk, Xi Menzi, Daimule, BMW, blessing provides support,be not gain orgnaization, transnational corporation for each at the beginning of this century oneself. The software of changeover of data of 3D of tall accurate high fidelity of Elysium comes for years the whole research and development of motorcade of F1 of perforative all the time Boeing, Reynolds is periodic. Heavy industry of   plain Qi is sintering furnace of composite material hot pressing answer increase production of Boeing B787-9 B787-10 and model of series of bigger henceforth 777x and the sintering furnace of hot pressing of big composite material that new design makes (heavy 920t) of diametical 9m long 30m is in formally already workshop investment uses a Gu Wu. The   such as sun sail airship the sun sail airship that the success spreads out and successful implementation photon advances a technology quickly (sun radiate quickens interstellar kite) IKAROS of orgnaization of development of research of aviation of universe of Japan of —— of Chao Jinxing set out. High accuracy and the Japan of —— of gravitation wave binoculars that the 2nd arm exhibits LCGT(kagra) (laser doing is folded plan 2 when exceed the objective of 3km to have the United States only) . The laser of X ray free electron of short wavelengh (the SACLA of institute of chemistry of manage of Japan of —— of XFEL) research facilities. High density exceeds cold neutrons source to generate institute of TRIUMF of Canada of big RCNP of slope of KEK of establishment —— Japan to be built jointly. Japanese smooth industry achieves Prof.yo of university courtyard universityNeyoshi Kitagawa combines Hamamatsu(bank loose photon company limited) with Osaka university, second success makes high speed ion heats as inertial tie nuclear fusion the desire of medium turns into reality. Japanese smooth industry achieves Prof.yo of university courtyard universityThe research group that Neyoshi Kitagawa heads is in second achieved laser nuclear fusion the successive investment that uses nuclear fuel, take the course of successive fusion reaction that causes by laser successfully, to practical change generate electricity to advance one step again. Another kind can light hydrate of glacial —— natural gas (NGH) , mitsui shipbuilding finishs hydrate of onshore natural gas of “ of one a complete set of to carry the research of flow ” in second success, build give a NGH special cargo ship. The day look forward to that is with Mitsui shipbuilding has tangible not only in competence region, intangible assets also is be far ahead. The contriver of radiophone catapult, test of communication of 3 big IT surveys one of equipment manufacturer the Anritsu that —— builds a company nearly 120 years. Wild industry of ridge of   of ridge wild industry, it is employee only 6 people, register capital gold to be not worth the mill of absolutely miniature family of 10 million. But, its have mobile equipment to use case of lithium battery stainless steel in civil domain almost 100% portion; The person that in war industry domain the technology of charcoal element finish machining that is American concealed opportunity for combat and NASA for use of an emperor is offerred, american national defence saves laser reflector to assign a vendor with paraboloid antenna; The punch technology that uses oneself in medical treatment domain helps Terumo successfully will fine pinpoint only the insulin inject needle of 0.02mm comes out, make patient of sugar make water gives or take an injection to ache no longer from now on (already was in this year in January appear on the market) . Cycle pressworks 3 water chestnut of   are versed in with Germany Manluolan, Gao Bao has had again offer locomotive rate to the newspaper office horary 90000cph(18 10 thousand / hour) the record that newspaper uses cycle offset press, presswork in cycle nevertheless domain they can stand side by side only 2, go up up to now high-speed printing machine of offset print of times newspaper cycle by machinery of Japanese TKS(Tokyo) develop in 7 years, presswork ability achieved horary 100000cph(20 10 thousand / hour) . Rare earth wastage can judge epilogue   industrial standard, any tall, essence of life, pointed material, original, equipment cannot leave rare metal. Japan is large rare tract uses up a country at present, its are rare earthy metallurgy level. Current beautiful day is developing computation of cloud of robot of content couplet net, industry, big data, new energy resources energetically, these are the stresses that will develop henceforth, from most advanced application we can see, beautiful day is working after all now. What big data analyses is current and basic be established by day of American IBM, Microsoft, Japan, NTT, Fuji connects forestall. Beautiful day is in the technology of net of couplet of content of race to control, . At present nearly half days of look forward to begins to use technology of content couplet net. Industrial robot is Japanese the world all the time, also will be henceforth the 4th the key of Industrial Revolution. Our country, have rare land! !

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