Adjacent benzene is general-purpose colophony - 410, double-loop (DC) the hand papers colophony - 440, man-made stone / stone stone colophony - 260, pull crowded colophony - 290, twine structural layer colophony - 350, twine a benzene liner colophony - 360, colophony of NPG mould pressing - 520, colophony of DPG mould pressing - 390. Raw material market is steep fall, this week colophony price continues to reduce 300 yuan. Last week commodity market dash forward meet new coronal storm, on the weekend occurrence collapse disk type drops, international oil price is to drop greatly more 13% above, tasted the market to hit to the chemical industry in been in weak force to adjust a passageway originally mark staggering blow, it may be said is one disaster after another. South Africa reports discovery to WHO B.1.1.529 of Xin Guanxin varietal virus, back-to-back Holand, Germany, Italy and Hong Kong also report say to discover this virus case of illness. According to the virus element structure that announces, this virus is had than current Deerda virus has stronger infectivity, hold urgent meeting to study the way to deal with a situation for this WHO, develop special investigation work, name this virus for “OMICRON” (Aomike armies) . Aomike armies appear, the instant is attacked break down capital market and commodity market, steep fall sweep across. Subsequently chairman of association of south Africa medicine publishs a talk to say, this virus is not terrible, exemple of feeling catch a disease is light disease mostly, the market is excessive acclaim its to endanger a gender. Anyway, aomike armies the influence to the market still can last for some time, endanger the conclusion after the gender gives out to its till WHO. Before this, predicting market will be in concussion in wave motion, and do not eliminate what level sex rebounds appear. Although the market is in weak force, but UPR downstream demand appears faint anabiosis, just needed to purchase return the market, this gave UPR market to be propped up certainly. Be in before in information communication, we emphasize repeatedly, the market that nonexistent unilateral runs, go up much be about to drop, but drop much go up likely also, after passing early days to drop continuously accordingly, do not eliminate UPR market to begin to be close to bottom concussion pattern, the space that continues to drop has begun to close narrow. " experience introduction " : The downstream client of UPR is more very with export or project kind the market is relevant, accordingly downstream user often hopes to be in accept the order when can will export order for goods or one-time all lock decides the UPR amount that project order place needs and value, but the force with upriver market because UPR industry is right enough lack and control force, the price of UPR factory can passive follow of price of upriver raw material change and undertake adjustment. Accordingly, every time UPR price appears relatively during changing substantially, create the contradiction between UPR factory and downstream user easily. Divide the experience of the enterprise according to eye forehead, good means of settlement is UPR produces factory and downstream client to undertake deepness bind, the interest shares everybody, the risk is carried together, who doesn't blame. Particular way is: In sign gross contract when, sign a price to change adjust methodological clause, namely basis " colophony price index " the price index that publishs is fluctuant extent, both sides assumes price index severally 50% of fluctuant part, calculate every week the price, implement the price actually as what delivering goods day is in a week. The practice of partial enterprise proves, this kind of method not only fairness is reasonable, and those who have the price but foresight, need not both sides delivers goods every time want bargain. This experience consults for everybody.

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