Adjacent benzene is general-purpose colophony - 650, double-loop (DC) the hand papers colophony - 670, man-made stone / stone stone colophony - 600, pull crowded colophony - 650, twine structural layer colophony - 700, twine a benzene liner colophony - 610, colophony of NPG mould pressing - 770, colophony of DPG mould pressing - 760. Raw material market enters passageway of be issued to lower levels, this week colophony price continues to reduce 600 yuan considerably. Last week be issued to lower levels of concussion of raw material market, the price of partial breed can be mixed in new increase production the dropping that bluff type appears below force of downstream demand double weigh, hit to UPR factory again unaware. The circumstance that at present UPR is down industrial catenary to be faced with is: One of, downstream client is wait-and-see the mood is aggravating, colophony order is gloomy, more and more UPR factories are forced short stop; Secondly, frigid weather again presence, processional course of study produces rhythm rein in below UPR; Thirdly, inventory of UPR downstream client uses up almost to use up in succession, the part just required a client will return market, to this week second half period, sale status of predicting UPR factory is possible faint improve. From the point of market of UPR upper reaches, need pays close attention to the following: One of, international oil price goes situation. Appeal of near future United States, Japan and Indian the Three Kingdoms and United States put in the strategy to lay in oil to hit together control oil price, the inflation that so that alleviate,American home rises increasingly. So far, japan makes known his position already clearly to will add the associated operation that puts a country on this oil storage, and be with India in the consideration. Because at present inflation is the common difficult problem that each country faces, accordingly, oil price drops will be helpful for oil importing a country to lower domestic inflation rate. But because differ,be in different economy and place of politics of international ground fringe, to oil price go up drop to also have different consideration jumping-off place, because this makes the move that controls oil price this jointly whether become reality, need farther observation. Nevertheless, if this the action can be carried out, that will be the associated operation with extensive throughout history of international crude market, will produce main effect to international crude price; And to, Japan and India, also be second put in the strategy to lay in crude oil to the international market. Once international oil price drops considerably, so all chemical industry is tasted will lose cost to prop up; But if combine action failure, oil price will appear to rebound considerably likely. Secondly, upriver raw material includes to arrange new increase production of anhydride and styrene can drive plan circumstance. New increase production can be at present more to the influence of the market still depend on psychological level, after all so far, partial new plant has not drive, the factory that has driven still has no a product to enter the market. These are produced newly can drive short-term to the market strike has plan important psychology is oriented action, affect the fluctuant way of raw material market thereby. Thirdly, the metabolic circumstance of dock inventory. Because a variety of elements are affected, a period imported raw material to arrive rhythm is thrown into confusion in the past, partial goods defer arrives harbor, bring about dock inventory to maintain from beginning to end thereby in low move. In light of integrated above circumstance, the overall start working of UPR factory will maintain inferior level, short-term inside the pattern that weak force adjusts is changed hard. If raw material market appears to drop considerably continuously no longer, the price of UPR market will be likely at the beginning of December enter bottom concussion phase. " experience introduction " : The downstream client of UPR is more very with export or project kind the market is relevant, accordingly downstream user often hopes to be in accept the order when can will export order for goods or one-time all lock decides the UPR amount that project order place needs and value, but the force with upriver market because UPR industry is right enough lack and control force, the price of UPR factory can passive follow of price of upriver raw material change and undertake adjustment. Accordingly, every time UPR price appears relatively during changing substantially, create the contradiction between UPR factory and downstream user easily. Divide the experience of the enterprise according to eye forehead, good means of settlement is UPR produces factory and downstream client to undertake deepness bind, the interest shares everybody, the risk is carried together, who doesn't blame. Particular way is: In sign gross contract when, sign a price to change adjust methodological clause, namely basis " colophony price index " the price index that publishs is fluctuant extent, both sides assumes price index severally 50% of fluctuant part, calculate every week the price, implement the price actually as what delivering goods day is in a week. The practice of partial enterprise proves, this kind of method not only fairness is reasonable, and those who have the price but foresight, need not both sides delivers goods every time want bargain. This experience consults for everybody.

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