Index   of brief analyse   (1) index of price of VPI-W Zhoujun vinyl is small fall at 4 o'clock, cost rises prices appears short-term inflection point; (2) VPI-M month all vinyl price index relatively rise 52 a little bit last week, colophony of near future VER will enter cost perch; (3) index of VPI-P vinyl price is forecasted below period small go up about 38 a little bit, predicting later period will be progressively smooth; (4) price of VER main raw material this Zhou Jixu perch is fluctuant, big March probability can maintain such level; (5) begin to use as what early days raw material uses up raw material of ending high price, price of each manufacturer VER can rise in succession.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
[statement] index of VPI vinyl price reachs brief analyse to offer reference only; A person with high aspirations and determination, can from inside paying close attention to VPI index, increase profit / reduce cost   we do not offer VER price, the price because of every each different; We provide cost climate only, because the trend is same!

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