Adjacent benzene is general-purpose colophony - 250, double-loop (DC) the hand papers colophony - 230, man-made stone / stone stone colophony - 240, pull crowded colophony - 310, twine structural layer colophony - 220, twine a benzene liner colophony - 100, colophony of NPG mould pressing - 230, colophony of DPG mould pressing - 40. Weak potential of raw material market shakes, colophony market price reduces 200-300 yuan. Concussion of this market of week raw material goes weak, rate of UPR plant go into operation falls considerably, market depression. At present overall before last is in the crucial period that rich weichis downstream, from the point of upper reaches, concussion of international oil price goes up, all sorts of raw material stock are limited, filling stock trend still is continueing, euramerican market value is exalted, asia-Europe covers profit opportunity emersion. Accordingly, upper reaches holds out valence apiration relatively sturdy. And on the other hand, downstream industry cannot bear to rise of cost quickly, wait-and-see mood is aggravating, especially FRP industry still gets fibre glass is exceeding the influence of shortage, the downstream user of quite most UPR because of cannot buying enough Bo a rope for towing a boat stop production is restricted to produce. In the posture of converging attack of this kind of fluctuation, UPR can choose to shrink back only fall negative, await market of upriver raw material to enter steady state. Predict this week UPR industry produces start working rate to fall to be worth normally to the corresponding period 40% the left and right sides, partial enterprise is possible level sex stop production.

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15-18 December

New York City