Adjacent benzene is general-purpose colophony 110, double-loop (DC) the hand papers colophony 100, man-made stone / stone stone colophony 130, pull crowded colophony 190, twine structural layer colophony 140, twine a benzene liner colophony 130, colophony of NPG mould pressing 40, colophony of DPG mould pressing 130. Concussion of raw material market rebounds, 200 yuan are moved on colophony price. This week rises continuously in crude price, below the influence of the attune on pure benzene price, occurrence concussion of major UPR raw material rebounds situation, bring about UPR cost to rise, be forced to follow on tone price. To situation of this kind of market, we need to remind the personage inside course of study watchful is, one of, although oil price goes tall, but whether can follow-up market resemble what a lot of orgnaizations forecast going up to close greatly to 100 dollars in that way, judgement just can be made after still needing to await Oupeikehui to discuss; Secondly, although be in on pure benzene price below the pressure of tone,styrene and suitable anhydride appeared the price rebounds, but downstream demand not materiality improvement, no matter be UPR other still next processional course of study, the chemical industry before be decreased quantity and July 1 by terminal market is tasted carry suffer bounds effect, the market still is in quite fatigued and weak condition, because of this price walk along tall meeting to get continuously keep within limits; The 3rd, enter after July, include styrene and the upriver raw material that arrange anhydride inside to have new increase production can the message of put into production, to raw material the market can have the effect of different level. Accordingly, rebound to this price, we support the attitude that treats carefully. " experience introduction " : The downstream client of UPR is more very with export or project kind the market is relevant, accordingly downstream user often hopes to be in accept the order when can will export order for goods or one-time all lock decides the UPR amount that project order place needs and value, but the force with upriver market because UPR industry is right enough lack and control force, the price of UPR factory can passive follow of price of upriver raw material change and undertake adjustment. Accordingly, every time UPR price appears relatively during changing substantially, create the contradiction between UPR factory and downstream user easily. Divide the experience of the enterprise according to eye forehead, good means of settlement is UPR produces factory and downstream client to undertake deepness bind, the interest shares everybody, the risk is carried together, who doesn't blame. Particular way is: In sign gross contract when, sign a price to change adjust methodological clause, namely basis " colophony price index " the price index that publishs is fluctuant extent, both sides assumes price index severally 50% of fluctuant part, calculate every week the price, implement the price actually as what delivering goods day is in a week. The practice of partial enterprise proves, this kind of method not only fairness is reasonable, and those who have the price but foresight, need not both sides delivers goods every time want bargain. This experience consults for everybody.

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15-18 December

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