Regard European Union “ as the one share that clean sky 2(Clean Sky 2) ” plans, aviation industry is being searched but durative flight path. 2” of “ clean sky is muti_function airframe demonstrates machine (MFFD) is 8.5 meters long, fuselage section is made by composite material, the diameter is 4 meters, the possibility that allows us to see next generation planes appearance. Now, the laid of the airframe bottom envelope that as MFFD big package ——8.5 rice grows, holand aerospace research center (Royal NLR) STUNNING project hopeful makes the component with big MFFD. Answer climate crisis hard as Europe, the European Union has begun to roll out a few plans, aim to challenge the current situation of almost all domain, all targets of these plans are to rise but durative the carbolic footmark that reduces us. To aerospace industry, 2 plans reach clean sky its are muti_function airframe demonstrates implement (—— searchs the structure that MFFD) aims to challenge a plane from fountainhead directly how to transfer to issue generation carbon fiber to enhance composite material to be able to improve a composition not only from traditional aluminium material, still can reduce discharged method greatly. Be in to produce dominant effect and they are shared in MFFD frame the professional knowledge of composite material respect, royal NLR and co-worker GKN Fokker (dominant) , the project that the Diehl of TU Delft and Germany developed the name of themselves to be STUNNING jointly. Their target is to reveal use composite material with test and verify (namely thermoplastic plastic) , can help plane of the generation below implementation can offer as same as steel and aluminium intensity and wear, reduce production and maintenance total time considerably at the same time. And the gross weight that reduces a plane and subsequently emission. Joachim De Kruijk of engineer of composite material of NLR advanced research and development expresses: “ Europe may have the aerospace industry of the half to participate in MFFD project, because we researched all sorts of production technologies deep truly, all these technologies considered but durative. ”“ is studying all sorts of production when option and material, we think implementation can last more airframe structure the beautiful method of this one target is to use new generation thermoplastic material. We see this kind of material can change production method and design technology, make a plane smaller thereby, this means the expectation of the strength that fewer fuel is used up and the discharge capacity —— of carbon dioxide and azotic oxide retains us to make an aircraft to traditional aluminium at the same time and security. ”Achieve   a lot of modern planes, like empty guest A350 XWB is mixed Boeing 787 dreams plane, had been in component, bracket used composite material in the construction of airframe crust even (heat up solid sex material namely) . However, in STUNNING project, the task of the experts of GKN Fokker and NLR is to design the tall productivity that makes large airlines and structural member. “ is used thermoplastic plastic improve what bring truly one of be, in make and assembling a process, differ with material of hot solid sex, this kind of material can heat for many times and heat again, in order to ensure uniformity and agglutinate sex, ”De Kruijk explanation says. “ is in STUNNING, one of our targets are to reveal the process union that how will differ to rise compose builds structural sex and component of blame structure sex to be become in order to implement complete part. For this, what we begin to build fuselage is whole below half part, want to understand the producibility of plane envelope deep not only, understand even child structure (if cheat hypodermic reinforcement) with other structural member (like floor roof beam) producibility, and partial engine room, system even hold door. ”On big foregone and onefold thermoplastic plastic   is taking these great aims, co-worker people all sorts of production technologies that begin to check them, build with compose should compositive the numerous component in airframe and structure. To NLR, this means the knowledge that should test them and productivity, among them large part is the abdomen below airframe. In its in-house and advanced automatic fiber shop puts the help of machine, NLR achieved a goal, the —— of below half part that compose built airframe envelope is odd, 8.5 meters long, diameter on 4 meters of —— big foregone and onefold thermoplastic plastic.   of poor dissimilation element this is a not small feat of course, because never have before,had accomplished. Although heat up solid sex,composite material is used increasingly at the plane to make, but large thermoplastic the component is opposite for the new product that is this domain, this also means relative to word, its cost may be a few higher. But De Kruijk expresses, this is face value only, because accrual exceeds the value far. “ for example, thermoplastic sex of solid of plastic specific heat is plastic a bit lighter, because it is a kind of tougher base material, and have better fight concussion to injure ability, this is very important, ”De Kruijk explanation says. However, besides, still have stuff in make use means. Should join thermoplastic plastic different share or component, you need to heat only material solders together. This means us to will cancel 10 thousand tens of fastener on traditional plane, this will reduce the weight of the plane greatly undoubtedly. ”Another task that NLR is in charge of considering is how to be checked, safeguard and long reason is thermoplastic plastic the aircraft that makes. So far, the use of aboard of component of large composite material is more finite, this is meant should get less in the examination, data that safeguard and maintains a respect and practice much. “ is current, we are devoting oneself to to develop a few nondestructive to detect (NDI) technology, use at checking a plane, if be heated up,cut picture, but this technology matures not completely still. Current, we use ultrasonic examination to examine blemish and issue, but this may be a time-consuming process. “ however, the examination to groovy plane and maintenance are very at present slow also. As a result of thermoplastic plastic character, can heat afresh and solder together, we can see, maintenance can be gotten more quickly than traditional plane much. Imagine, need not check each rivet of whole structure personally, can save how many time. ”Integrated   because eventually cuticular size, made two parts. The 2nd as next airframe envelope 90 degrees paragraph lay up is finished, it is to will issue two of airframe envelope next 90 degrees paragraph incorporate a 180 degrees airframe envelope paragraph. However, want to accomplish this, need a very big high pressure boiler, it can be assembled and heat the part that exceeds large size will join them together. Because such high-pressured boiler is done not have in Holand, so this two will be sent toward Germany to undertake conformity partly. However, as a result of epidemic situation this one measure of this project already was deferred for many times. Current, this one process on June the bottom undertakes. “ assumes we will advance the join of section of these two fuselage June, we predict to be able to be before summer bring back the skin of consolidate NLR, begin detailed NDI process to check thoroughly, test and verify its success and the bottom envelope that build fuselage of complete diminution of quality, ”De Kruijk explains. After “ , we can give us the partner in GKN Fokker its movement, all sorts of parts with the development in compositive STUNNING project can be assembled completely over. ”

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