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On abb new material and collect Mu chemistry sign strategic cooperation agreement

On December 30, 2021, on Inc. of science and technology of abb new material and collect Mu chemistry (Shanghai) limited company holds strategic collaboration autograph ceremoniously to arrange a ceremony in collect Mu chemical headquarters. On abb new material Zheng Daiwei of general manager of division of Asia-Pacific of general monomer of chemistry of Hong Meijing of vise general manager, collect Mu attended an autograph to arrange a ceremony.

Collect Mu chemistry is banner methylic acrylic acid ester supplier, have professional experience of more than 80 years, 5 production base was created in 4 continent, offer the service of diversification and product for the client. Bilateral in methylic acrylic acid ester product supplied the respect such as catenary collaboration for a long time to have depth second communication, the product that offers tall sex price to compare for the client jointly. Bilateral controller expresses, future will be shared in resource, below the premise of mutually beneficial win-win, produce respective advantage, have deepness, comprehensive collaboration, achieve in all double win new phase.
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