Develop as acceleration of report of our country wind, old old fan enlists in army the capacity that life expires will be greeted erupt type grows, predict 2030 around, will have more than 13000 every year, what the capacity makes an appointment with face of electric field of wind of 20 million kilowatt to group of as the occasion requires prolongs life or retire is decision-making. Profit of target of ” of “ double carbon is good below, wind report increment and machine of the outfit that put an amount will be ecbolic huge market. Except retire besides, be aimed at “ fan of old old small ” , upgrade at present the job is overall cent changes synergism and “ for ability with big acting small ” (include to wait the look is updated and enlarge look is updated) two kinds of means. According to be being calculated inside course of study, original 2-3 can be obtained after the old wind electric field of a 50 thousand kilowatt is updated times capacity, 4-5 the electricenergy production of times, ability of old old fan changes upgrade new La Hai erupts shortly! Exceed 40 million kilowatt second retire the height will come the hidden danger of safety of aircrew of field of old old wind that puts an amount is much, dependability and generate electricity efficiency drops apparent, carry dimension difficult, cost is high, yield is low, become the ” of “ common fault of the inchoate fan that join movement. Highlight as pressure of par times operation, stem from benefit to wait think, owner begins to pay close attention to with a view to to put volume capital to carry qualitative synergism. Bureau of the sources of energy " wind electric field is transformed upgrade and retire administrative measure " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) put forward, encourage and the wind electric field that the net runs more than 15 years is begun transform upgrade and retire. According to actual condition, “ transforms a key newlier to consider above aircrew 10 years with big acting small ” . Data shows, 945 ” of “ end, the wind capacitance that achieves 15 years of run time will exceed 40 million kilowatt, if these wind electric field can be exited, executive “ with changing small ” greatly, and with 1:2Undertake enlarge is allowed, the market that generates 80 million kilowatt. Data of the research organization inside course of study shows, to 2022, run the wind electric field of above 10 years, outfit machine dimensions adds up to about sixty-three million nine hundred and seventy-five thousand kilowatt, fan amount adds up to about 49 thousand. Rated power of wind cable unit is given priority to with 1.5MW (occupy about 70% ) , basically reach with MW before 2008 the following, after 8 years basically give priority to with machine of 1.5MW aircrew outfit. Up to by 2018, 1.5MW and capacity of aircraft of general assembly of the following type are 98207.6MW. The expert inside course of study thinks, during 945 ” of “ , basically be MW class the following aircrew is entered gradually retire period, to “ 955 ” , will be 1.5MW and the following aircrew retire erupt the level that type increases. If consider to retire ahead of schedule, with the word with large young generation, press the word that is worth 30% considerations high, the fan that 945 ” of predicting “ also can have 11000 or so is faced with retire or ability changes upgrade, “ of wind electric field the market prospect with big acting small ” is capacious. Market of policy driving force of revolution enters demonstrative phase on August 27, 2021, ningxia municipality is released " about beginning Ningxia “ of electric field of old old wind updates pilot announcement with big acting small ” " , start shooting “ with gun of big acting small ” ! In December 2021, bureau of the sources of energy is released " wind electric field is transformed upgrade and retire administrative measure " ask for opinion draft, the ability that is old old fan formally changes upgrade decided clear but the policy of abide is propped up. On March 2, 2022, " 945 ” of “ of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region but second birth the sources of energy develops a program " mention, drive put quantity new energy resources to upgrade transform. Begin wind report with Cheng of big acting coolie, encourage pair of stand-alone capacities to be less than 1.5 million tile or the wind electric field that run above 15 years, undertake the system upgrades optimize transform. As with each place policy come on stage, “ of wind electric field is entered with project of big acting small ” solid hold and set an example level, market potential is tremendous. Trade news showed 2021, already owner takes the lead in trying water home onshore “ with project of big acting small ” : ·2021 year on December 6, “ changes a project to obtain with ability of report of wind of big acting small ” put on record! Lan Shan of congratulate of electric power of source of energy group dragon electric field of the 4th wind, its approve set 2006 and the net moves, 79.5MW of total installed capacity, among them 1.5MW aircrew 27, 750kW aircrew 53. Report of · Oriental wind wins the bid left cloud of Shanxi of big Tang Datang 2 period summer of group of 32 typhoons electric machinery, big Tang Ning is homocentric group of 28 typhoons electric machinery upgrades transform a project: Xi Zunyun of big Tang Shan 2 period 32 1.5MW that the project installs so are old old unit will change 11 4MW that are Oriental wind report and group of electric machinery of 3 2MW wind; Homocentric project is summer of big Tang Ning ” of “ orphan fan. Carry amounts to share to win the bid “ of electric field of Hua Nengrao smooth wind revises a project with ability of large generation small ” , 3.6MW (reach above, be in 12% less than) grade type 2, impeller diameter reachs above 145 meters, hub height reachs above 95 meters. . . The “ that held in Feburary 2022 ability of dimension of wind electricity use changes congress ” to go up, the personage inside course of study expresses, “ combines the statistic of clew of nearly 200 projects to analyse a result, with odd kilowatt cost 4500 yuan (drift up and down 500 yuan) , former project year equivalent generates electricity 1500 hours to be computational border, send in-house yield in order to achieve completely (IRR) 8% computation, it is mature that ‘ already all tended with the technical condition of big acting small ’ and cost condition. ”The economic Zhang of be to one's profit of high value brushstroke is old what old wind electric field takes up is much for “ 3 north ” is high grade wind resources division, enjoy taller electrovalency, but generate electricity actually hour of number is far however be inferior to anticipating. According to the major inside course of study advisory orgnaization is calculated, according to increment interior yield law calculates, the look such as the 50MW wind electric field that with Ningxia some runs 10 years is newlier exemple, this wind field is initiative invest 8000 yuan / KW, stand-alone capacity 1.5MW, install in all machine 33, year full hair hour makes an appointment with 1200h. After after be like a project to move 10 years, be being transformed, year electricenergy production 2300 hours, move can enjoy allowance fixed number of year 10 years, allowance electrovalency is 0.58 yuan / KWh, wind field is allowed newlier to enlarge from the look such as 50MW to 100MW, 150MW, its project invests financial and in-house yield (before income tax) will from 8.75% grow 14.23% respectively, 16.12% . Visible, with wait for a look to update photograph comparing, below the condition that in stand-alone look quantitative change enlarge of dimensions of field of big, wind adds, enlarge allows updated project earnings to will promote greatly, also can make project creation give more value. Relevant nevertheless expert also reminds point out, if electricenergy production of the project after transforming falls for circumstance of 2000 hours, increment interior yield under fiducial yield, the project does not change rebellious and more actor, if electricenergy production rises,explain not ideal, should consider to abandon transforming, perhaps be restricted conductance sends online n to raise not clear case to fall, also should choose to undertake transforming to wind electric field carefully. While the asset that put an amount carries qualitative synergism, it is inevitable that aircrew retires, useless old goods and materials reclaims and recycle also will make new market point of growth. But also put in the challenge at the same time, analysis of the personage inside course of study shows, wind- driven generation set retires upgrade, include divide a work in great quantities. How whether does assess retire upgrade, & of processing of large part facilities is carried, tear open useless charge business accounting, original send a circuitry and electrified wire netting whether prop up, annulus is judged ask for the ground. . . Each respect urgently policy guiding standard, clear technological process, breed aircrew to reclaim recycle mechanism, reduce the loss in demolishing a process as far as possible, assure to retire process safety economy. Fan is demolished retire upgrade, involve canister of the lamina that retreats, tower to wait to if where manages,answer again? Current, the majority of handles hard useless old goods and materials that gives priority to with blade uses the ground to bury the pattern processing of direct perhaps load one's writing with fancy phrases, to area environment the influence increases, especially wind report lamina. This builds a loop to use industrial chain with respect to need industry, breed expand new job condition. 945 ” of “ leave of the bureau year, government sector for many times dispatch decides fundamental key of the sources of energy, put forward to want to develop scene new energy resources energetically, wind report regards prospective the sources of energy as systematic main force, high quality development is the only way.

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