On boundless and indistinct northwest desert beach, coat of paint of the 4 walls outside the stage already had desquamation fan tower canister to pile together, blade horizontal stroke is put in aside, because ooze is oily,surface of a few deserted mast is returned and remaining to send yellow oily be soiled; In addition, the old unit that still a few have halt use still stands tall and upright in “ former a ” , did not get be handlinged effectively. This is a reporter the setting that in northwest area electric field of wind of some center look forward to sees. This wind electric field also is the wind electric field that our country approves devoted commerce to move. Ask about the cause that still did not remove, spot staff member tells a reporter, we are in “ when foretaste of inchoate go ahead of the rest ever ‘ trades a few old old unit with big acting small ’ . But the fan that sequel retires has not been made clear at present because of relevant policy, attribute state-owned capital fund again, because this still cannot deal with. ”This one phenomenon is not Gu exemple. The reporter understands in interview, onshore fan life is controlled in 20 years normally, opposite prior “ is developed in wind report area of 3 north ” , at present already group of many wind electric machinery strides ” of “ old age stage by stage. Relevant data shows, our country predicted to will fan of more than 10 million kilowatt arrives at terminus of “ life ” 2025. These wind field destinies that move toward operation fixed number of years eventually will how? Old old fan faces destiny of two kinds of “”Authority tells the sources of energy of seminar of the sources of energy and Wang Wei of secretary-general of environmental major committee the reporter, perhaps been about to have arrived at moving life fan to be faced with ” of destiny of two kinds of “ normally. “ if fan too the old lady is old, can be pulled down probably, change completely new; If be efficiency only,reduce somewhat but did not arrive discard as useless degree, normally development business can do a few ability to change measure, include tower canister to add lengthen of tall, lamina to perhaps control a system to upgrade etc. ”Afore-mentioned wind electric field that reporter place visits are facing kind of situation. According to afore-mentioned center look forward to tall canal introduces, “ means the small size fan that changes to retire with fresh gale machine with big acting small ” . To use local wind resource better, raise wind electric field to run efficiency, “ also made the solution that owner of current wind field chooses generally with big acting small ” . An administrator is accepting this wind electric field when the reporter is interviewed, express, normally the circumstance falls, after fan moves 20 years, mechanical component can appear ageing, if want to undertake replacing in the light of useless old component, difficulty is at present opposite bigger. “ the fan that to going up century evening imports or prior type, the spare parts of form a complete set of inchoate project had been done not have, go buying spare parts to want to cost high price afresh again. ”But Wang Wei counterpoises to also tell a reporter: “ is wind report or smooth hot season no matter, technical iteration is very fast, the product 15 years ago had updated several generation for certain to now, exchange new word or have very big can effect promotes a space. The area with wind nice resource is developed earlier relatively, but if took good place electricenergy production,also be a kind of waste rarely, so ability changes or have demand. In ‘ the big setting of target of double carbon ’ falls, prospective wind report and smooth hot season still have very large development space, raise the sources of energy to use efficiency, raising resource to use efficiency is very important. ”Fan retires reporter of   of vacancy of specific executive policy consults relevant data understands, come nearly two years, many province of our country already released old old fan to retire relevant policy is direct. For example, this year in June, bureau of the sources of energy of the Gansu Province was released " expand about breeding the opinion of catenary of new energy industry " , mention among them, will start old old fan to retire change application, begin fan lamina to reclaim recycle loop is pilot the job. However, many personage inside course of study tells a reporter, to concrete executive step, at present policy still is put in vacancy. Tall canal points out afore-mentioned center look forward to: “ , ‘ is involved for certain with big acting small ’ add a look. Problem of drag in land is returned after adding a look, tear open one part small unit tear open the affirmation after trading big unit to need shift, how does that land policy do? Be to wait for an area to replace new still take over for use? The compensation side that still has meadow, forest land needs policy form a complete set. The 2nd, from superintendency respect for, every typhoon machine is equivalent to having ’ of his ‘ registered permanent residence, if so registered permanent residence changed the fan of 300 kilowatt to cover with tiles into 2 million now, how should this process join and to how should this process join and coordinate? In the meantime, ’ of ‘ registered permanent residence more drag in arrives problem of give an official, whether to need new approve, how approve issue of drag in policy. Additional, still need to consider issue of electrovalency, allowance. Inchoate electrovalency brings allowance, how is the electrovalency after is fan replaced now carried out? Who comes to electrovalency batch? Is executing par still electrovalency? This will be the problem place that the company thinks. ”Meanwhile, replace steel products of tube of the fan that come down, lamina, tower to wait for “ reject ” eventually, also facing the predicament that nowhere can go to. At present the industry compares “ current practice is to will wash out the tower canister that come down to be handled according to deserted goods and materials, the material such as iron and steel is had relatively reclaim certainly value, may return steelworks. Electric field of afore-mentioned wind of center look forward to are in charge of ” high the introduction, the part with relatively unmanageable fan is blade, “ is belonged to as a result of blade is composite material, reclaim value is relatively inferior, the business that enters this one field is opposite less. At present also the enterprise is in those who make this field to answer knock off to make, blade smashs can add in housing materials as additive after processing, for instance cement. ”Relevant market is breeding authority of   Wang Wei to point out stage by stage, at present fan ability changes or trade the item before new market requirement basically was centered 2010, develop power of stand-alone of prior wind field relatively lesser, tower canister is lower also, some stand-alone capacities have 750 kilowatt only, far be less than large-scale now use 2 million watt and above type. “ to operation for the wind electric field of 10 years of above, if changed taller tower canister, longer lamina, more the fan of high capacity, the limits of applicable wind speed will expand somewhat, fan electricenergy production will rise, year generate electricity hour of number also hopeful increases. ”Electric power of new energy resources casts Peng Peng of financing alliance secretary-general to point out: “ presses the policy of wind report allowance that issues according to relevant section, finish generate electricity there are any allowances after Xiaoshi is counted. It is him Yanshou it may not be a bad idea no matter, still choose the fan it may not be a bad idea with taller efficiency, clear view is done not have on management, depend on development him business, it is a commercialized behavior at present. If situation of local disappear accept has been compared, the enterprise can choose probably to update fan. If disappear accept circumstance compares difference, electrovalency price is lower, change new pressure opposite bigger. ”Inside course of study predict generally, field of wind of distance our country is approved large-scale retire to still have 5 years or so, here the circumstance falls, blade reclaims, the market that fan updates is being bred stage by stage. Additional, also the personage inside course of study thinks, the demand that replaces facility will make the market bring new impetus for equipment.

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