Recently, li Kejiang of premier of members of standing committee of the Political Bureau, the State Council is right sham job makes tort of protective intellectual property, blow important written instructions. Written instructions emphasizes: Strengthen protection of intellectual property entire chain, hit field of make a market to change, law is changed, environment of internationalization battalion business, bigger stimulate vigor of market main body and social creativity. Tort was hit 2021 in what will hold on May 21 on conference of sham job videophone, brave of king of group leader of group of sham job leader also points out tort of State Consul, blow, various places should strengthen constituent leader, squeezing ramming further about the branch each each responsibility, aggrandizement cooperates with linkage and carry out a death sentence join, continue to maintain sham to tort high pressure to father dozen of posture. In recent years, no matter be the level, still be enterprise oneself, take intellectual property protection seriously more and more, germ depends on us be in intellectual economy times now, innovation is concerning the lifeblood that the company grows. Be opposite especially wind cable industry for the industry of a such capital, technology intensive, intellectual property appears particularly important. During 935 ” of “ , the success that place of industry of cable of our country wind gains attracts worldwide attention, already made one of main wind cable markets, wind report installation amount and year after year of wind- driven electricenergy production increase by degrees. Especially as in recent years wind report online price is adjusted and of allowance policy fluctuant, maritime wind report greets blowout type to develop, project of maritime wind cable is entered grab outfit phase. According to wind energy board (GWEC) releases " wind energy reports 2021 " data shows, total capacity of aircraft of wind report outfit exceeded 743GW 2020 (among them 707GW of onshore wind report) , grow 14% compared to the same period, installed capacity obtained report of our country wind 288GW, grow 22% compared to the same period, the proportion that hold is amounted to 38.8% . " wind energy reports 2021 " the data that publish still shows, wind report added installed capacity newly to be 93GW 2020, grow 53% compared to the same period, our country adds wind report newly installed capacity 52GW, annual adds wind report installation amount newly to occupy the proportion that increases wind report installation amount newly to amount to 56% . Installed capacity carries electricity of our country wind all the time since 2008 oneself, already made big wind cable market. Although installation amount of report of our country wind is climbed ceaselessly,rise, but the proportion that our country wind- driven electricenergy production takes total electricenergy production still is in inferior level, up to by 2020, the proportion that our country wind- driven electricenergy production takes total electricenergy production is 6.1% (data originates in electric couplet " 2020 schedule of wall bulletin of power industry statistic " ) , although had achieved bureau of the sources of energy " 935 ” of “ of wind report development plan " in put forward to 2020 wind report occupies the end of the year to achieve the development goal of 6% than wanting, but as average as Europe the horizontal photograph of 15% is older than still having difference, report of our country wind develops degree to still have very large promotion space. When just when wind cable industry grows prospect,be being valued consistently, blew a ” of driving “ east wind at once again in strategic level. On December 12, 2020, chairman Xi Jinping is in peak of climate great ambition announces on the meeting: “ arrives 2030, carbon dioxide of unit gross domestic product is discharged will drop than 2005 65% above, blame fossil the sources of energy occupies the sources of energy to consume specific gravity to will be achieved 25% the left and right sides, quantity of silvan save up will increase 6 billion stere than 2005, wind report, solar energy generates electricity total installed capacity will achieve above of 1.2 billion kilowatt. Of ” government high level this makes known this position clearly to give the wind report that developing express to advance steadily on the road originally the industry undoubtedly infuse insurgent motive force.   of bright secret worry of appearance unpleasant attack by surprise to wind cable industry character, this is a good times undoubtedly. Travel or work despite of wind and rain of 30 years, go before encourage, in person of report of a few acting wind the effort of showing the utmost fortitude falls, our country already bred a dimensions the wind cable market with big, banner technology, contributing “ force ” to drive transition of the sources of energy. What be worth to be carried particularly is, the course precipitates for years and accumulate, the technology that industry of one's early years exists generally is short board be able to repair effectively, left at the outset that time that admires foreign tycoon breath in technical collaboration domain, and in recent years the application of industry of cable of our country wind estimates this concentration put oneself in another's position now on. Before 2006, report of our country wind applies for quantity and Euramerican existence difference. Till nearly more than 10 years, our country begins to try best to catch up, this kind of state just had materiality change, the quantity of wind report application of our country begins to be climbed year after year litre, applying for an amount every year to go up, our country already waited for beautiful Europe day to be swung in back far with the area. Look from company point of view, through undertaking retrieval reaching to the data in database of intellectual property bureau, up to in January 2021, report of domestic main wind is overall in manufacturer, report combines the country the application amount of motivation and golden wind science and technology is more, mix 1882 for 1945 respectively, electric, carry amounts to intelligence of bright this world, Shanghai the manufacturer such as wind report, application quantity differs to 767 from 338. The application quantity of whole industry had promote considerably, banner already on accredit gross Yu Ou is beautiful. Beyond question is, 935 ” of 925 ” of course “ and “ the flying development during ” of two “ Five-Year Plan, no matter be standard of outfit machine gross, equipment or ability of technical research and development,go up, industry of cable of our country wind obtained great progress. But, in each light is bright beautiful digital backside, we also should see the technical quality of our country still has inadequacy. The application of wind report as our country the development of a lot of other technologies is same, “ measures big ” and do not mean ” of “ qualitative actor, quantity of application of the kind that main show applies in the enterprise, invention is occupied than, a few respects such as the proportion that invention accredit holds accredit to measure. In light of the kind that applies from company place, cent of type of report of our country wind is design of practical and invention, new-style, exterior. The protection of the invention period for 20 years, practical and new-style protection period for 10 years. The creation is higher to the requirement of creativity, length of protection is consequently longer, more valuable also. Although the gross of wind report application of our country is not low, but the invention application quantity of some enterprises is occupied than be less than 50% however, include company of a few bibcock, and the invention application quantity of foreign enterprise is occupied than be in however 80% above, the invention application quantity of Gamesa, Vestas is occupied than achieving 95% above even. Compare magnate of foreign wind cable, our country enterprise invents those who file a volume to take very bigger than going up to still have difference in wind cable technology. In addition, in the invention accredit measures the scale that takes total authorization amount to go up, the data of our country enterprise is quite low also, it is only 20% the left and right sides. And the invention accredit quantity of the foreign enterprise such as GE, Vestas, Siemens occupies Biqueda to arrive 90% , it is 100% even. Current period of   of edge tool of —— market competition, intellectual property is all enterprises the core value that does not circle creates a spot. Whose hand grasps the banner technology of the industry, possess more core, who can draft game regulation, obtain stronger bargain capability and vaster market space thereby. Conversely, if lack, so the enterprise may be accused by the competitor at any time court, complete pack up and quit goes person. Because of the problem cannot enter some country the market, in a lot of industries not be what news already. To the wind cable industry of technology intensive, such example is to be able to be found everywhere more. Look from international, last year in August, GE just faces committee of American international trade (ITC) mentions to beautiful Sa of Xi Menzi song the lawsuit of tort, the low voltage that says latter wind cable unit encroached GE passes through and 0 voltage pass through technology, ask gearshift of beautiful to Xi Menzi song Sa fan and its component undertake investigating. Watch home instead, the intellectual property lawsuit that report of far wind of the Hua Rui before having a few years and American superconductive company erupt between Hua Zi company, former the copyright that was pointed to to encroach latter and relevant software and commercial secret; Have nearly tall canal turned over a wall to take its product secretly before company of some electric machinery last year, filch trade is secret. The intellectual property dispute of these prolonged reachs what can compares red-letter day of gut of movie and TV to pat confirm of farce all without exception secretly a bit: Have powerful core reserve, so it is market competition edge tool, it is one handle behead the ” of “ sword of high power to the competitor; Conversely, if fragile, so get very easily the competitor's clamp down on, become the Si Zhi of Liu of A noise made in coughing or vomiting that restricts business development to heel. Wind cable industry grows initial stage, because technical force is weak, must have in international collaboration beg at the person, what ” of big stick-means of intimidation of “ of magnate of foreign wind cable suffers constantly in market competition is minatory, this one circumstance until just change somewhat in recent years, and the arousal that this nature cannot leave consciousness of company of domestic wind phone and continuously the research and development of a huge sum is devoted. According to statistic, 22 wind report appeared on the market 2019 come of charge of company research and development 8.074 billion yuan, relatively the corresponding period increased 627 million yuan 2018, specific reach an industry, 3 gale report is overall business Shanghai is Oriental and electric, electric before with Jin Feng science and technology was held 3. Upgrade as the product of wind cable industry iteration and technical progress, increase investment of research and development continuously, it is the key that the enterprise promotes core competition ability. Core technology remains to strengthen   at present, technology of cable of our country onshore wind has reached advanced level. A few companies of domestic adopt transfer of technology, digest absorb, all sorts of means such as associated design and own research and development promoted relevant technology research and development actual strength. Still company of phone of a few wind combines the feature such as resource of zephyr of our country climate the wind cable unit that own research and development gives to answer relatively to it. Our country still decorated the respect such as system of structure of canister of form, tower, control to roll out a lot of new individuation from catenary of blade design, drive technology. Achievement is worth affirmation admittedly, but difference cannot be ignored likewise. Company of phone of our country wind applies for distributinging to spend respect and foreign industry posture centrally with the technology in the technology is more certain than existing difference, add layout consciousness not strong, make the international market competition of company of phone of our country wind in future probably medium be in ahull. Technology of Euramerican wind report key distributings relatively balanced, agree basically with layout of technology of integral wind cable. Our country is on the layout such as blade, control, dynamo differ with photograph comparing not quite, but in foundation, drive, mast the existence on the technology of this tripartite face is not worth apparently. Data shows, in the wind phone company before installation amount rank leans, the lamina of —— of technology of 3 large dominant positions of Vestas, control, monitor in this company all technology gross is occupied mediumly than exceeding 50% , the lamina of —— of technology of 3 large dominant positions of GE, dynamo, pilot always is occupied than also exceeding 50% ; And of the technology of before enterprise of bibcock of report of a few gale ranks our country 3 always occupy than be less than 50% , some is less than even 30% . Compare foreign tycoon, the technology of company of phone of our country wind is spent centrally lower. (referenced: " analysis of technology of key of group of large wind electric machinery and research of technical development climate report " )   in addition, company of phone of our country wind still wants strengthened internationalization position. No matter be in American bureau, still be in Europe bureau, applying for a quantity to rank those who rank front row all is foreign enterprise. Home is overall although the enterprise is in those who have one place on wind cable market, but very fragile still on the internationalization layout of application, this shares the market to wind phone company very adverse. It is a kind of intangible assets, have enormous commercial value, its conduce to an enterprise building its “ moat ” in participating in the market to compete, it is the important step that promotes company core competition ability. Wind report regards the strategy of a technology intensive as burgeoning industry, drive innovates, strengthening relevant intellectual property to protect is the postulate that drives this industry health to develop. As the promising young person, existence difference is unavoidable. Face a problem, no matter be from macroscopical level, still reach microcosmic industry the level, need change sense, abandon to talk heroic way with the amount thoroughly, practice hard exercise to benefit the internal organs, strengthen technical research and development, the breakthrough is obtained in key core domain, raise technical concentration to spend. In the meantime, want the consciousness of aggrandizement internationalization layout, promotion PCT files a volume, such ability have enough bottom gas to participate in more intense international market competition, the pace that ability makes “ of company of phone of our country wind walks along ” is stridden more solidly. (network of news of report of article Piao wind 5 laborious, coach formerly)

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