The main subject that auto industry develops is to reduce oil bad news and decrease discharge. Light quantifying is to reduce oil bad news and reduce discharged important way, because material of this high polymer replaces traditional metallic material, already was used at making car component in great quantities. Divide light outside quantifying, the combustion temperature that raises engine can make fuel combustion more sufficient, rise to raise the fuel efficiency, goal that reduces oily cost thereby. For example, can use the motor that has capacity of lesser air cylinder and pressure boost of more effective turbine, by former 170 ~ temperature of pressure boost air 190 ℃ raise to constant 210 ℃ of value or peak value 230 ℃ , fill baric force to rise to 0.3 MPa above. In view of engine and its periphery system of fuel, cooling, exhaust used data of many high polymer, afore-mentioned measure that raise temperature are opposite undoubtedly the intensity of material and heat-resisting function raised taller requirement, accordingly, require synchronous development new-style the high polymer stuff that has character of tall heat-resisting, high strenth. Nylon material serves as 5 big projects plastic, should be anthology! Part of assembly of 01 cars motivation is plastic composition

Part of car motivation assembly is plastic divide by material, basically have polyamide stuff (PA6-30% , PA66-22% ) , polypropylene material (46% ) with other data (2% ) (PPS, PEI) . By application the component is divided, basically have the manifold that take energy of life (17% ) , bonnet (10% ) , radiator box (8% ) , front component (7% ) , car rocker is built (14% ) , fan / jacket (11% ) build with engine inside other part (33% ) . The PA6 in PA and PA66 dosage occupy the 90% above of gross, the applied scale on the car also is such, because PA11 and PA12 have good plasticity, oil resistant sex, corrosion resistance, be able to bear or endure await a gender, microtherm tenacity, be able to bear or endure ability in swimming, dimension stability, in the petroleum pipeline of the car, canal of apply the brake, brake piece, gasoline tank crust, the respect such as hydraulic pressure container has wide application. The PA data that is used at the car needs to pass modified mostly, among them the fill modified, dosage that enhances modified is big, additionally EPDM, POE adds material of nylon of modified of pliable but strong to also have more application. 02 nylon apply mediumly in the manifold that take energy of life

The general manifold that take energy of life is used cast-iron with aluminium alloy material, 20 centuries since 80 time, develop in succession use nylon successfully to be mixed through frit core law grind solder the law will make the manifold that take energy of life. With nylon production air the manifold that take energy of life was represented plastic the true breakthrough that replaces a metal. As a result of the flexibility of the design, make the product is assembled more convenient, match again with the function compositive, can make leader plant and one class supplier are producing benefit and cost side benefit. Compare with aluminium alloy, the plastic manifold that take energy of life can reduce 40% right-and-left weight, manufacturing cost reduces 20% ~ 30% , carry a part at the same time compositive OK still further cut cost. Additional, because the wall into gas manifold is smooth, be helpful for improving the economy of the dynamical sex of engine and fuel thereby. The production methods with the current and main manifold that take energy of life is to use oscillatory friction welding to receive a technology, also have use the production such as frit core law a few complex, the product of small lot. The data that normally nylon uses into gas manifold is the nylon that 35% fibre glass enhance 30% ~ 6 or nylon 66, the TECHNYL C218V30Black that is like Luo Deya company (nylon 6GF30) with TECHNYL A218V30Black (nylon 66GF30) use extensively at making to enter gas manifold. Nylon has 4 big advantages into gas manifold: It is light, 40% what normally weight is aluminium alloy; 2 it is fast, because wall is helpful for raising the impulse that take energy of life glossily, can make motivation quickens 3%-5% ; 3 it is a province, nylon can bring good air stream into gas bronchus, conduce to benzine burning adequately; 4 it is cheap, cost compares aluminium alloy low 20%-35% . 03 nylon are in charge of in apply the brake and vitta applies mediumly

Because 11 pipeline have nylon,service life of light, anti-corrosive, not easy fatigue craze grows quality, safe and convenient, sealing is good wait for an advantage, euramerican and extensive the pipe of apply the brake that uses its to serve as a car and vitta, the consumptive field with current nylon big stuff is in namely car domain, its market always needs a quantity to be occupied about 30% . And be in in recent years in, car batholith is made in use plastic apparent also ground became much rise, right now, nylon is able to bear or endure exceedingly goodly because of its Wen Xinghe fights chemical function to be applied adequately. It is important that nylon is in another of car domain application is fuel system, major multilayer fuel valve uses nylon 12 as fundamental material, colophony of rejoin fluorine carbon or ethylene one ethylene is mellow (EVOH) is lining, the nylon material fundamental application in this one domain, make nylon fuel is in charge of predicting meeting to grow and ask to get used to increasingly normative and strict environmental protection with rapidder rate, car manufacturer also is being produced multilayer fuel provides a system, and nylon one clay is miscellaneous mix CNCID material, as it happens can promote what spill over to fuel vapour to cut off function, replace consequently contain haloid polymer to be applied extensively by fuel system. 04 nylon overspread the application on the lid in spiracle room

Lid of spiracle room cover is the cap that uses protective cam, at the same time it can prevent engine oil again leak and reduce noise. Suppress of solid sex plastic pattern perhaps is heated up to build with aluminium on this part convention, but glass or mineral the good choice that buildup nylon is making this one field gradually. The exceedingly good tigidity below nylon high temperature, mechanical intensity and outstanding hot aging behavior, can satisfy the application with engine cabin slashing component to ask. In the meantime, because the harmony of Bo fine and mine pink is tie-in, have low shrinkage and isotropy, warpage is consequently small. Additional, because modified material has lower heat to expand when temperature is elevatory (shape the spare parts is in the creep after the high temperature that passes 5000h checks is very small) , because this can prevent leakage oil. Moreover, through soldering OK and compositive system of more complex oily steam depart, so that reduce engine oil cost, contented increasingly strict discharge a standard. 05 nylon are reached in refrigeration medicinal powder the application on hot system

Car refrigeration and medicinal powder the main factor that hot system is influence engine life, especially powerful engine needs current new generation to play movement in higher temperature, cause engine refrigeration component to change below glycol environment by intense temperature and pressure, right now if cool or medicinal powder hot undesirable meeting brings disastrous consequence to engine. Involve car refrigeration to reach medicinal powder the nylon application of hot system basically has: Radiator water room, expand lamina of case of box, thermostat, fan and fan bracket. Fibre glass enhances nylon 66 material are falling relative to higher temperature and still can hold its machinery property in antifreeze environment. Not only such, for the supreme dot of occupational future, the engine refrigeration component of new generation uses nylon new data, 70% above rose than standard brand in the service life of coequal use condition, the part that makes with its can be below the refrigerant fluid environment that is as high as 160 ℃ use. At present industry of our country nylon is in high speed to develop level, crop and consumption promote stage by stage! Accordingly we want ceaseless technology to update, develop nylon of particular kind of high additional cost, at the same time further treatment craft, improve a technology in order to enhance the competition ability of domestic nylon product!

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