According to CCTV press, local time on August 24 13 when, the first nuclear power plant starts Japanese blessing island nuclear pollution water discharges the sea.

Boat takes Japanese blessing island the first nuclear power plant discharges big talk around picture

Nuclear power plant is a very complex place, the different area demand to anticorrosion coating is endless also and identical. The number painting that should have systematization to the different position of nuclear power plant normally is online The series code name of coating of anticorrosion of nuclear power plant and suitable scope are as follows respectively:

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Among them, the coating system of special requirement basically is class having a nucleus PIC and PID. Use at the coating inside safe mec housing (PIC) the requirement is passed anti-radiant gender, decontamination sex and design are standard the accident experiments. Use at the nucleus to assist workshop (PID) coating asks to pass anti-radiant gender and decontamination sex; The requirement of the coating of other place and groovy power plant does not have too big distinction.

Nuclear power plant is special of coating distributing

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Object of Fu of besmear of nuclear report coating and moving environment

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Characteristic of industry of nuclear report coating:

Nuclear cable industry has the characteristic of long industry catenary, much link, this makes the development that nuclear report builds hopeful to drive relevant industry, include nuclear report coating to wait. As a result of homebred spend time opposite shorter, the enterprise amount that has aptitude and productivity is opposite less, industry competition situation is accordingly favorable, head enterprise hopeful is in homebred be benefited quickly in the process that replace, in nuclear report development Gao Jing is enraged more market share and commercial opportunity are gained in level.

Nuclear report coating, the company is acting

Inc. of 3 gorge paint announced Chongqing this year in March, this company had gained the supplier competence of group of Chinese China cable. 3 gorge paint expresses, pass with China the powerful powerful combination of China report, will generate electricity in firepower, waterpower, wind energy generates electricity, nuclear energy generates electricity and solar energy generates electricity the domain begins thorough collaboration. Relation of this one collaboration will extend new energy resources and traditional energy market to produce positive effect to the company.

It is this year likewise March, chinese redbud flower and beauty of tycoon of nuclear report coating this undertake technical communication learns, each other learn from others's strong points to offset each other weakness, promote core competition ability, its product applies Yu Gong already edge river nuclear power plant, cropland bay nuclear power plant, stage hill nuclear power plant, medium collect Qingdao. 2021, france is beautiful this the favour that in the Jing of nuclear report domain colourful expression gained the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Chinese redbud flower chooses to become deepness strategy partner to it, join forces solves the problem of calorie of neck for data of national nucleus report.

The letter that regards nuclear report coating as forerunner and, it is at present many more domestic and international nuclear cable project provides outstanding product and technical service, include Guangxi to prevent report of nucleus of riverside of city harbor, glow to set an example card of mountain of peace and tranquility of city of benefit of the sky of Zhangzhou of fast crowd, Fujian, Guangdong, Pakistan pulls strange Hua Long the one date, harbor that prevent a city 2 period Hua Long date, Lian Yun, also pile quickly to set an example at the same time, the product that the nucleus lights the market such as kind of loop and nuclear war industry to provide field of nuclear report coating and technical support.

As nuclear power plant homebred in influencing evolution, nuclear report standard is synchronous also follow-up, outside dividing core property, should establish standard of different caboodle current technology. Offer more lasting effect to defend, the hot conductivity that raises coating, reduce haloid, sulfur content with equipment of slow down key erode, at the same time forward low poison, green is changed, low finishing, develop from clean direction.

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