Friends of industry of direct seeding of answer ability network, everybody is good! In process of composite material production, use size agent has all in all sense. An advanced size agent product, how can you produce tall effect to the interfacial function of composite material? How to improve the exterior configuration of composite material? Is the interface of composite material adherent force and eventually of finished product why to fight the index such as wallop, tensile strength, fatigue resistance to arise to plant amazed change? Stem from everybody the interest to size agent and attention, the Maikemen that specially invite of answer ability network comes from the United States please is new material (Shanghai) limited company technologist sojourns between the direct seeding on answer material reticle, before for everybody agent of the size processing of composite material of give a lecture, size affects size of contrast of analytic, spot to composite material function / solution of forward position of technology of processing of all sorts of function index change after size, size, reach size agent product to choose to wait for heat topic, will interact with the audience, solve the problem of the audience. Direct seeding time: On March 5 afternoon at 3 o'clock. The 2 dimension on the picture are piled up below scanning, register enter direct seeding, can leave your question ahead of schedule, answer ability network gives direct seeding reader feedback.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Instructor introduces   Wang Le, senior technologist. Setting of composite material major, devote oneself to Bo fine to have 12 one's remaining years with research and development of the agent that become film, be familiar with size agent recipe and application. Since joining Maikemen, as the technology support serves at each big fiber factory thermoplastic the application of the product. Door of Mai Ke of   of company introduction Introduction   Introduction Maikemen is to be an industry to provide environmental protection the developer of advanced material and manufacturing business, for coating, presswork and pack and industrial production industry offers a solution. Maikemen is the exterior additive of the company, aggregate kind colophony precedes of manufacturer approbate, increased value for a lot of industry application, include carpentry and ground to safeguard, the many domains such as Chinese ink of metal and industrial coating, water, smooth oil, fiber, composite material and building. In the meantime, as in cut off and functional sex coating and number presswork the innovate person of bottom besmear industry, maikemen is packed for consumable and industrial product, paper product, label and commerce presswork the product offerred whole set solution. Maikemen sets manufacturing base in North America, Europe and Asia, product research and development and technical service center are set in a few big staple market, the business that owns a course to groom strictly inside limits develops personnel, provide all-around support to cross country and this locality client.    Direct seeding time: On March 5 15:00-16:00

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