Direct seeding of answer ability network: Does Bi Ke chemistry aid force wind-force lamina to develop   are you   terribly defeated to cannot make   of bigger wind- driven lamina? Are you   is coefficient of disperse of answer material goods too big   and pained? Are you   is fiber wellability slow   of speed of poor, soak and be anxious? Are you   is wind report is service life too brief   and can find no way out?    All problems will be in on April 29 14:00-15:0The direct seeding on the answer material reticle of 0 is you to make solve.

Additional, the conference returns will main focusing at two range of products: BYK-C 8001: of 01    The coupling agent of attestation of paragraph classics Germanischer Lloyd, the mechanical function that makes goods is as high as 60% increases and longer service life, what still need not consider Bo fine is new old, apply to avery kind of and the fibre glass that annulus oxygen photograph holds, maintain the consistent high quality of finished product component at the same time. And the effectiveness of the attestation that does not affect existing product. BYK-P 9920 of 02     : Without volatilization fiber size, accelerate fiber soak rate greatly, reduce air to stop, reduce porosity, avoid to do silk, improve product quality, reduce fraction defective, it is a fiber size that applies to all systems. 2 dimension code signs up to be able to be participated in under scanning! The yellow expert that will listen to us is your tirelessly path to come:

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Huang Liu of instructor introduction   should heat up solid sex plastic manager   composite material 20 years, devote oneself to research and development of composite material colophony early or late, the technology serves, and the promotion of Bi Ke auxiliary in composite material domain and application, be familiar with not saturated colophony, epoxy resin, vinyl colophony, acrylic colophony and polyurethane colophony reach his to apply. To colophony base composite material (increase and be not increase) all sorts of recipe designs, treatment craft and recipe of colophony of hot solid sex have get research deep quite; The action principle to auxiliary and evaluate a method to have closer understanding; The specific problem that encounters to the client especially and requirement, of the prescription that can offer specific aim and craft optimize plan. Company introduction   overcomes chemical   to finish gram chemistry is one of banner suppliers of special type chemical about finishing. The auxiliary that the company innovates and the solution that need dissimilation can optimize product and material function and production and applied process. Bi Ke auxiliary can be improved especially be able to bear or endure scratch sex and exterior glossiness, the mechanical intensity of material or performance of going from place to place, and the function such as such as UV and smooth stability or anti-flammability. The domain assures in quality, bi Ke is measured chemically and test instrument can evaluate the exterior and physical performance effectively. The client of the company includes coating and presswork printing ink, plastic, the manufacturer of adhesive and sealant, and cleaner, the manufacturer of floor coating and lubricant. Finish gram auxiliary is used successfully also at building chemistry, oil and natural gas and cast an industry. Finish gram chemistry has the subsidiary that spread all over and manufacturing base, be in Germany (Weisaier, agree Peng, mo Sibao, shikebao) , holand (Er of Dai Fen spy, nai Fudaer) , england (Wei Deni this) with the United States (Er of Walinfude, Chester, Gangsaleisi, Louis dimension, luo Qie Si Teshan and beach of Pang handkerchief Nuo) , and (cupreous hill) . The company is the one part of group of offer of A Er tower, having many 2300 stuff. Direct seeding time: On April 29 14:00-15:0The 2 dimension code that 0   sweeps an upper part picture to go up enters the   between direct seeding to see direct seeding · get Step1: of   of good manners  The 2 dimension code on picture of the upper part that sweep a code enters Step2 of   of the   between direct seeding: Fill in individual information   is simple two paces can acquire publication of net of edition of electron of annual of answer ability network! Are you opposite   of magazine of publication of net of answer ability net does the respect such as craft of the recipe design of composite material, treatment and auxiliary have colophony radical what inquisitive problem? Greeting hair comes [email protected] of customer service mailbox, we give an expert feedback, ask an expert to make major solve for you.

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