Active radical group is formed after the smooth initator in system of smooth solidify colophony draws radiant energy, not saturated Shuang Jian is contained in causing a system then or contain annulus the chemical reaction between the material of oxygen radical group, form the high polymer polymer of the stereo network structure of cross-linking. It is had volatilize without inert dissolvent, solidify time is short, but the advantage that the traditional solidify technology such as microtherm solidify cannot compare, call technology of new generation green. The smooth solidify technology of high polymer material serves as energy-saving with environmental protection technology, wide already application is enclosed in coating, printing ink, electron, adhesive, presswork industry of plank, electron, imperceptible treatment and shape quickly wait for a lot of domains to achieve rapid development and great progress. Year growth rate is as high as 25% , already formed a new industry. Introduce according to expert of net of not saturated colophony, ultraviolet light (UV) solidify coating is a kind of environmental protection that 60 time develop 20 centuries energy-saving coating, photograph of coating of as dry as traditional nature or hot solidify is compared, coating of ultraviolet light solidify has clear advantage, not saturated resinite fastens smooth solidify is his important system. 2, photosensitive of not saturated polyester gets together beforehand the synthetic photosensitive coating of content is one of coating breed with at present rapid development, the waste time when having solidify can be little and rate is rapid, do not pollute the advantage such as the environment. The function of photosensitive coating and photosensitive get together beforehand closely related the sort of content. Introduce according to expert of net of not saturated colophony, get together beforehand for photosensitive with not saturated polyester the coating of content is the photosensitive coating breed with early application, with annulus oxygen acrylic acid ester gets together beforehand for photosensitive the coating of content is the photosensitive coating variety with at present wide application. Of coating of ultraviolet light solidify eventually function. If hardness, flexibility, wear reachs adhesiveness to wait, concern with colophony greatly. With melt the law synthesized condensation polymerization to contain temperature of sensitization radical group, vitrification (Tg) , the UV solidify coating of temperature of prep above store is used not saturated get together fat colophony (UPR) . Nalin learns Chen Jianshan of courtyard industry institute to wait in used legal system of melt condensation polymerization to have photosensitive is not saturated polyester colophony (UPR) , undertook infra-red token to its, the impact that studied acid value and reaction time and acerbity mellow quality are righter than waiting UPR vitrification temperature (the influence of Tg) . Talked level reaction time the influence that synthesis of not saturated to photosensitive polyester reacts, gotten actor chemical art condition is: Acerbity / mellow (Maerbi) =2.0: 1.95, oneself 2 acid content are opposite for 10%(acerbity rub Er mark) , the colophony Tg that makes is 54 ℃ . Can satisfy the requirement of coating of ultraviolet light solidify. Because reaction is of reversible balance, and the balance is invariable and lesser, because this wants strict control in experimental process,distillation temperature and vacuum are spent. Shen Baishuan from synthetic respect proceed with, the alcoholysis below activator existence reachs polyester fibber leftover pieces in binary alcohol, join n duality next acid and acid anhydride, multivariate alcohol undertakes ester changes condensation polymerization, the resin of not full polyester that gets modified accords with use requirement. Modified also can undertake from thinner angle, choose the thinner beyond styrene, be like acrylic ester kind etc; Introduce according to expert of market of net of not saturated colophony, and with 2 bromic new amyl aether of 2 Xi propyl mixes 2 alcohol 2 bromic butene aether of 2 Xi propyl regards 2 alcohol as cross-linking agent, replace poisonous styrene, not only smooth solidify speed fast and because introduce bromicly, reduced the combustibility of paint film.

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