Colophony of not saturated polyester falls in normal temperature, join solidify agent and accelerant to be able to make colophony cross-linking solidify, form 3 to cross-linking not dissolve not the bodily form structure of be in harmony. Resinous of not saturated polyester this one change we are already common, but reasonable solution and understanding change to go up to still have difference to this in daily use process, often appear such and such product quality problem. For example goods solidify not complete, surface is tacky, without intensity, cause goods attaint to discard as useless even etc. Because this is deepened,have real sense very much to the understanding of this one problem. Solidify of resinous of not saturated polyester is a very complex process, influencing factor is very much. Reaction of chemistry of colophony of not saturated polyester includes: Resinous of not saturated polyester synthesizes reaction and reaction of solidify of cross-linking of resinous of not saturated polyester, the treatise of this respect already very detailed, but to show resinous solidify issue, expert of net of not saturated colophony undertook introductory technically. Basically include polymerization of reaction of polymerization of addition of resinous of not saturated polyester, condensation to react. Resinous of not saturated polyester synthesizes reaction, be saturation with unsaturated n duality acid and binary mellow reaction generate line polyester macromolecule, again deliquescent at vinyl monomer (like styrene) in mold resin of not saturated polyester. The synthetic method of polyester is 2 kinds, namely addition polymerization and condensation polymerization. React about addition polymerization. It is preparation of reaction of propane of the oxygen that use annulus and suitable anhydride, benzene anhydride colophony of not saturated polyester, the addition polymerization that is a model reacts. This reaction is usable if water, mellow, carboxylic acid is caused as initial dose,contain hydroxyl compound. Use binary alcohol generally to be initial dose at present, be like glycol, third 2 alcohol. The hydroxyl in binary alcohol and acid anhydride produce reaction, generate ester of hydroxyl carboxylic acid, ester of hydroxyl carboxylic acid causes annulus oxygen radical open loop, form link ester of oxygen radical carboxylic acid, till till react monomer gives out,binary acid anhydride and annulus oxygen propane react alternately so. Introduce according to expert of net of not saturated colophony, pass addition polymerization to react for raw material with annulus oxygen propane, not saturated polyester has preparation the following advantage: Addition reacts the anhydrous in the process and young member content are generated, product composition is simpler and pure; The dosage of initial dose decided the volume that polyester element measures, molecular quantity distributings evener; Manufacturing process specific power consumption is low; Reaction is periodic efficiency of short, production is tall; Free from contamination, do not have an influence to the environment. This method produces colophony of not saturated polyester to ask to craft not very slashing, can produce the polyester of a variety of brands. The 7541 that limited company of data of chemical industry of Tianjin giant star produces

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