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Not saturated colophony is immanent property influencing factor 5

3, the influencing factor that colophony inhesion can check index judges a kind of resinous economic value discretion, should come with underlying performance index constant, namely the physical function index that we often say. About the test method of these index, standard and international standard have different regulation. 1. Standard and international standard compare (1) standard (GB/T8237-2005) in of the demonstrative sample that checks about function make: ① joins colophony manufacturer to appoint quantitative initator and accelerant in colophony, mix is even, want to eliminate the bleb in colophony as far as possible. ② is good with two flatness vitreous board or armor plate, agent of the drawing of patterns on besmear makes his dry. Be in two board between, sandwich is proper the clapboard of glyph of “ sunken ” of ply, with clamping apparatus clamp board and clapboard. Want to notice to avoid to generate bubble as far as possible. The temperature that ③ appoints by the manufacturer and time undertake solidify. Mould body refrigeration comes the drawing of patterns after room temperature, with hard alloy cutting tool or emery wheel piece treatment becomes sample. The test of sample: Executive relative standard. (2) international standard (the shows ① plank preparation ② that checks about function in IS03672-2000) should pass board of colophony of mould craft mould first, next, cut determines again into set dimension. Considering not saturated polyester colophony may apply at a variety of different domains, to acquire the property with the polyester immanent resinous of cross-linking, any filling and additive should be not added when preparation sample. Make appearance program: ① uses board of Tu Fu of agent of one layer drawing of patterns, polishing makes shine, this is the solidify colophony board that produces to assure place the face that has high quality is bright and clean degree. The thin spacer of balata of ② general silicon or emulsion canal and make choice of (2mm, 3mm or 4mm) place between two flat, if pursue,1 is shown. With an appropriate clincher clip opposes combination, device perpendicular place.

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