(In element of the line of the order that discharge cloth of 3) element structure UP, every element catenary contains about ten not saturated chain link, these not saturated chain link pass freedom radical, cause produce cross-linking with vinyl monomer, according to report, the distributinging influence that the not saturated catenary in catenary of line polyester element writtens guarantee is worn of solidify process kinetic, the UPR resinous inhesion that affecting solidify eventually can. Because three-dimensional network is hollow a reason of a block, the catenary Duan Ke of the not saturated Shuang Jian that is close to each other can have inferior solidify reaction active, because this is become,not saturated chain link distributings in polyester element relatively when concentration, earning colophony has inferior reaction active, its goods has inferior mechanical property. (Of the Shuang Jian in 4) element structure suitable oppose a construction colophony of not saturated polyester passes the not saturated Shuang Jian in molecular catenary and vinyl monomer (like styrene) cross-linking. In phase of condensation polymerization reaction, the suitable type construction of one part double key (Ma Lai acerbity ester) meeting as reaction undertake and isomerization is return form (rich horse acerbity ester) structure:

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

In polyester element catenary, content of the structure that return form is higher, active of resinous solidify reaction is taller, eventually the mechanical function index of goods is higher. Because be in colophony solidify process,this is, the Shuang Jian of the structure that return form besides with styrene copolymerization cross-linking outside, oneself also can happen to get together oneself reaction, increased cross-linking reaction density, improved colophony product consequently eventually function. Can react through rising commonly the temperature, scale that type construction opposes in joining activator, improvement to synthesize the method such as craft to improve molecular composition. 3. The place before synthetic craft is like is narrated, in synthesizing process of colophony of not saturated polyester, quantity of the molecular quantity size that different synthesis reacts craft condition can change polyester element, element distributings, the order discharging cloth of molecular structure, affect thereby eventually the underlying performance of the product. Different synthetic craft condition includes measure of mixing procedure, reaction, warm up temperature of speed, reaction, activator, inert gase. The colophony with a few superior performance often can synthesize craft to obtain through adjusting. Can make colophony is in for example the recipe is changeless namely below the premise with raw material fixed cost, through using different synthetic technology, achieve change element structure, raise colophony thereby the purpose of underlying performance.

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