On Feburary 4, 2022, group of institute of chemistry of Beijing aerospace university Professor Guo Professor Lin and co-worker are in the preparation of kind of enamel composite material and function research respect obtained significant progress. Relevant job builds artificial enamel with “ much measure (Multiscale Engineered Artificial Tooth Enamel)” is a problem online publish on Science periodical. He Wei of Zhao of northing chemistry institute's associate professor is the author of the article, liu Shaojia of 2017 class doctoral student, beijing University stomatological hospital Professor Wei Yan and northing chemistry institute Professor Yue Yonghai are collective author, professor Guo Lin is newsletter writer, deng of Beijing University stomatological hospital Professor Xu Liang and United States rest closely root university Nicholas A. Professor Kotov is joint newsletter writer, beijing aerospace university is the unit that finish. Enamel is human body in mix forcedly strong organization, and have exceedingly good viscoelasticity and tenacity to resist masticatory process shakes mediumly reach wallop, came true to be played forcedly, high high, the union of a variety of excel in, Gao Ren mechanical function that are contrary to. Enamel basically is the hydroxyl apatite that arranges by regular parallel accept rice route is composite a few biology protein are assembled and become, further research (Science, 2015, 347, 746;Nature, 2020, 583, 66) discover accept rice space still has hydroxyl apatite pledge between inorganic blame brilliant layer, structure of small accept of this kind of multistage is the key that causes enamel to have this exceedingly good and mechanical property. Because lack the macroscopical dimension of line of rice of one dimension accept to be able to charge assembled means, and the technical bottleneck that material of rice of accept of inorganic blame brilliant reachs side of form appearance adjusting control in preparation, the multistage structure that much measure imitates enamel with period the exceedingly good and mechanical performance that exceeds enamel even in the implementation in man-made project material is an enormous challenge, the blame that introduces pair of mechanical function to have crucial effect especially pledges the research of the layer has not appeared in the newspaper between brilliant. Professor Guo Lin studies a group, designed those who be based on unit of construction of “ accept rice grand quantity synthesis and the much measure that can accuse to assemble ” kind enamel composite material synthesizes a course, those who came true to be kind of enamel composite material of close with enamel structure up to now is controallable fully. Specific will tell, the hydroxyl apatite that synthesized as microcosmic as enamel glair column dimension to be close to through hydro-thermal law design accept rice line; Pass the growth of material of reasonable adjusting control and nucleate, realized layer of pottery and porcelain of blame brilliant zirconia to grow of surface of accept rice line equably in hydroxyl apatite, the inorganic blame that imitated natural enamel pledges between brilliant layer; Reasonable improve directional and refrigerant plant, realized crystal / blame brilliant is compound of accept rice line and polymer compound reach macroscopical dimension to be able to accuse to assemble, preparation got macroscopical measure all has the artificial enamel of kind of enamel structure arriving from atomic measure.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Graph much measure kind the design synthesis of enamel composite material and small structure token. The multistage of preparation kind of enamel composite material, hold a tall stiffness concurrently (105GPa) , tall hardness (5.9GPa) , tall viscoelasticity (VFOM, 5.5GPa) , high strenth (143MPa) , tall tenacity (7.4MPa M1/2) wait for character, the biology material such as mother-of-pearl of kind of enamel composite material that reports before excel and enamel, skeletal, conch, reflected material small composition adequately to design the main effect that promotes to material function. What special need points out is, multistage the mechanical function of kind of enamel composite material can come through changing its constituent adjusting control, then the composite material that preparation gets function and natural tooth are close to: With the hardness of natural enamel close and model the quantity can provide the hardness that the tooth chews place needs and strength already, also can assure to spend tooth of health of wear and tear nevertheless; The viscoelasticity of natural enamel and tenacity can assure excel data bears suffer bigger shake and wallop. The composite material hopeful of this structure and function and natural enamel close makes material of rehabilitate of new generation tooth. This material multistage what the structure brings about kind of enamel is strong prop up, the interface increases, the structure is restricted the mechanical behavior such as region and stress dissipation, it is the main factor that realizes material to have exceedingly good and mechanical property. The design synthesis of material offerred the project with the tooth rehabilitate material that the research of this job is next generation biology force to learn function to match and integrated and mechanical more superior performance to theory is drawn lessons from and design a foundation. This job got key research and development plans (approval date: 2020YFA0710403, 2020YFA0710401) with science foundation project (approve order: 51532001, 51772011) wait aid financially. The article comes from ” of university of “ Beijing aerospace.

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