North yuan group (601568) half year board of directors managed 2023 comment content to be as follows:

One, place of the company inside report period belongs to an industry to reach advocate business Wu circumstance explains

2023 is our country “ of a connecting link between the preceding and the following of 945 ” program year, also be the crucial level that chloric alkaline industry boosts high quality to develop, innovation drive and green development continue to lead industry transition to upgrade, development of future of chloric alkaline industry also faces a lot of change. In national “ the policy setting such as double carbon ” falls, energy-saving decrease a platoon, raise energy efficiency and industrial structural adjustment to become our country the important way that chloric alkaline industry can develop continuously. First half of the year, chloric alkaline industry maintained our country to develop posture smoothly, industry position is reasonable with each passing day, trade security, environmental protection, energy-saving level rises continuously, development enters the important window that promotes to quality from dimensions growth period. (One) trade situation shows     1.   of   of polyvinyl chloride industry (1)   of of polyvinyl chloride market level reports period inside, get the market for be more than sue for peace macroscopical prop up the impact that expects not as good as, value of domestic pvc market appears what concussion lasts to drop after the beginning of the year goes up to go situation, drop range is bigger. With Hua Dong market SG-5 pvc carries valence to be oneself exemple, the price appeared bit higher in January the bottom is 6, 500 yuan / ton, price low will appear in May the last ten-day of a month is 5, 650 yuan / ton, extent of integral wave motion evens more 850 yuan / ton. From the point of drive element, because the market is right,economy anabiosised 2023 strong anticipate appear, estate stimulates policy to put forward in succession, market participator state of mind is general relatively hopeful, form to polyvinyl chloride price prop up certainly. As buy of polyvinyl chloride new clothes in succession put into production, supply a level to rise subsequently, and demand expression slants for a long time weak, inventory of polyvinyl chloride society maintains level of on the high side, highlight for be more than the status that seek. Together with is Euramerican banking crisis makes abroad macroscopical atmosphere not beautiful, home is macroscopical strong anabiosis anticipate come to nothing, reality turns to anabiosis to lose, estate continuance weak force, market participator state of mind is careful, the price subsequently concussion be issued to lower levels, brush low of the price inside New Year ceaselessly. (2) polyvinyl chloride market is supplied reach   of foreign trade circumstance inside report period, new increase production of our country pvc can 800 thousand tons, polyvinyl chloride company raises to 73, always produce can be 2, 8.9 million tons. From the point of rate of load condensate of trade go into operation, because time of polyvinyl chloride majority is in severe loss condition first half of the year, partial unit go into operation is not stabilized or overhaul time spins, rate of load condensate of average start working is the industry about 73% , polyvinyl chloride crop makes an appointment with 10.5 million tons. Inside report period, although volume of polyvinyl chloride export is in exalted, but with photograph of the corresponding period was compared 2022 drop apparently, because foreign demand whole slants,basically be weak. 2023 first half of the year, domestic accumulative total imports polyvinyl chloride 240 thousand tons, relatively the corresponding period grew 59.6% 2022; Accumulative total exports polyvinyl chloride 1.086 million tons, relatively the corresponding period decreased 2022 12.6% . Exit destination is centered in India, Vietnam and Egypt. 2.   of   of caustic soda industry (  of of market level of 1) caustic soda reports period inside, expression of whole of market level of domestic caustic soda is low fan, price shock be issued to lower levels, and drop the space is exceeded anticipate. The supply and demand of domestic liquid alkaline market 2023 is main the face is supplied by before a few years slant tight situation turns to supply superfluous situation, price be issued to lower levels and expression lasts fatigued and weak. In light of the analysis, after the Spring Festival ended 2023, downstream demand restores caustic soda to anticipate not as good as, and promotion of rate of load condensate of the start working after division of chloric alkaline company is faster, together with new increase production can in succession put into production, fluid is alkaline supply enough, bring about the price to appeared to glide continuously to the half moon on March in Feburary 2023. Later, because demand of European area speculation decreases apparently, exit signs simple case not beautiful, carry display vigour to use to price of domestic caustic soda abate, caustic soda supplies superfluous circumstance to be highlighted further, demand of together with caustic soda anabiosises anticipate not as good as, bring about first half of the year be issued to lower levels of shock of value of market of domestic caustic soda. (Market of 2) caustic soda is supplied reach exit circumstance   inside report period, enterprise of our country caustic soda adds 3 newly to reach 166, industry new increase production can 980 thousand tons, always produce can achieve 4, 7.56 million tons, produce can firm in small growth. From the point of rate of load condensate of trade go into operation, rate of load condensate of go into operation of unit of domestic caustic soda is 85% , caustic soda crop 2, 166 thousand tons, relatively the corresponding period grew 2.5% 2022. Inside report period, performance of market of domestic fluid alkaline export is average, main reason is as European direction fluid alkaline congenial demand decreases, external demand exceeds now to slip, demand of whole of area of together with Asia is flat, exit tariff lasts now fatigued and weak, domestic fluid alkaline exit covers benefit space lesser. 2023 first half of the year, accumulative total of our country caustic soda imports a quantity to be nineteen thousand six hundred tons, grow 292% compared to the same period; Accumulative total exit measures 1.466 million tons, drop compared to the same period 3.36% . The main area of fluid alkaline exit is Australia, Indonesia and Brazil; Before solid alkaline exit 3 area is Vietnam, Nigeria, Indonesia respectively. (2) advocate business Wu circumstance shows     1. Major servicing. The company is located the industry is chemical raw material and chemical products manufacturing industry, basically pursue the production of the product such as polyvinyl chloride, caustic soda and sale, advocate battalion product includes polyvinyl chloride and caustic soda to wait. Have 1.1 million tons / year polyvinyl chloride, 800 thousand tons / year ionic film caustic soda, 4×125MW and 2×25MW generate electricity, 2.2 million tons / year cement of waste residue of new-style industry working a way, 500 thousand tons / year the productivity of calcium carbide. Have chemical industry, electric power, cement, calcium carbide, new the sources of energy 5 big board piece, over or across is chloric salt of mine of report of alkaline, fire, metallurgy, building materials, well, new energy resources 6 large trades. 2. Management mode. Inside report period, basis of property of company base oneself upon, it is ligament with power plant of provide for oneself, construction is chloric alkalify of — of calcium carbide of — of report of — of core “ coal to be versed in with PVC (600618) (ionic film caustic soda, PVC) — industry waste residue uses chain of industry of economy of loop of green of unifinication of manufacturing cement ” integratedly. (1) purchase mode: The company purchases goods and materials to include the calcium carbide, main raw material such as coal external, of all kinds complementary makings and auxiliary, the material such as equipment, spare parts. Purchase mode to basically have: Invite public bidding is purchased, contest price is purchased, ask rate of exchange is purchased. According to sort of goods and materials, attribute, purchase amount and amount to wait, adopt purchase mode differently. (2) sell pattern: Company sale mode basically includes distribute, straight annul, exit and futures mode. Among them, client of terminal of polyvinyl chloride product is relatively dispersive, basically adopt the mode such as distribute, futures and exit to undertake selling. Liquid state caustic soda is reached to carrying store conditional demand is higher, basically adopt sell mode to undertake selling continuously. Company in agency client relation of day-to-day management, client is safeguarded etc the aspect is relevant inside control is spent carry out effectively soundly, have relatively stable client group.

2, the discussion of management circumstance and analysis

Inside report period, suffer the element effect such as macroscopical economy environment, industry environment, especially polyvinyl chloride price glides continuously, the multiple element such as price fall of caustic soda, cement is affected, company fluctuation is firm had established close life thought, hold to low cost strategy, poor dissimilation strategy, essence of life uses strategy definitely, target to hair force, advance in the round, fulfil transition actively to upgrade, topological features of safe environmental protection is certain in to good, each product output blazes new trails repeatedly tall. (one) safe environmental protection reports to good   continuously period, the company begins safe, environmental protection, fire control and healthy business “ energetically construction of 4 systems ” , the train of thought of safety administration ” that is based on a risk in “ is how-to below, make company of green cleanness intrinsic safety with all one's strength. It is to begin “ Chuo Li Fen to send new bureau, coagulate the heart gets together force sets out again special drive and responsibility of main body of “ safe production fulfil ” safe production year of ” activity, lead arouse complete an initiative that shares safe production work and enthusiasm. 2 it is innovation advances double precaution mechanism to build. Establish a risk to differentiate, analytic group, “ of newer perfect and safe venture ” of two detailed list and “ pursue 4 kinds ” , optimize perfect and double precaution to digitlize a system. 3 it is to consolidate lash-up of promotion fire control saves aid ability. Begin lash-up of ” of double blind of contest of skill of fire control of blue ” of first “ blaze, “ to deal with drilling and “ are restful activity of ” of action of to clear of hidden trouble of fire of summer of — of 3 the Qin Dynasty, undertake lash-up of accident of leak of dangerous 2023 chemical helps group of coal of short for Shaanxi Province aid drilling, inside report period, accumulative total organization begins integrated lash-up beforehand case 4, special meet an urgent need beforehand case 9. (2) management effect highlights   report period, the company is carried out strictly fulfil company “ spirit of two meetings ” and steady growth job are decision-making deploy, concussion of systole of straight face demand, supply, anticipate turn weak ternary pressure, answer polyvinyl chloride actively low the difficult situation of fall after a rise of perch of a concussion, caustic soda, live firmly with all one's strength management outstanding achievement is main dish. It is to carry out goods and materials to standardize management deep. It is chance in order to make pattern of service of class of library area star, father to declare the plan close, allocate and transfer of goods and materials closes, quality inspection closes, optimize purchase strategy, dig deep go achieve effect. 2 it is to increase fall to achieve effect strength originally. Continuously the “ quaternity ” that be born manages ” to be core with “ strategy cost, system cost, company cost, product cost becomes devoir class to run a system greatly, quantity of implementation increase production, achieve beneficial result, fall the cost, delicate process canal that charges fee accuses. 3 it is to deepen through traffic of much style of sea of steam iron river, normalization begins carriage contest price, optimize team of business of acceptance of consignment, equitable distribution site, harbor of Tianjin of main get through (600717) caustic soda exports a passageway, ensured a product effectively to supply catenary stability. 4 it is focusing market forward position and consumption lead. Deepen extend overall arrangement of colophony of high additional cost, advance one area of “ to taste ”“ deep general + sale of special type ” is politic, grab grab level sex foreign trade exit period, exit network covers 73 countries of area of Asia, Africa, South America or area, the company has the honor to win foreign trade of year of “2022 of Yu forest city to work honorary title of preeminent company ” . (3) innovation reform vigor bursts forth   reports period, the company holds to innovation drive strategy, serve as actively, exploration practice, each reform job obtains new breakthrough. It is to deepen structural reorganization. Admit need according to the company, hold water early or late groom the module such as the center, in promotion employee integrated quality, rise complete a labor efficiency respect is farther increase soft actual strength. 2 it is to fulfil reform act. It is with outstanding achievement oriented, in program and scientific research executive “ project is in charge of making + firewood fulfil drive makes ” , arouse personnel vitality further, release development kinetic energy continuously. Company profession handler reforms reform of state-owend enterprise of selected the State Council 3 years to act typical case volume. (4) scientific research assault fortified positions is ceaseless thorough   reports period, the company deepens industrial development, technology to upgrade ceaselessly reach the domain such as new product research and development, with core key technical development is a target, increase strength of research and development of industrial catenary technology. It is to advance product and technical development deep, the degree of polymerization that finish 600, 1600, 4000 pvc colophony is small try recipe research and degree of polymerization trial production of 600 colophony industrialization works, push to the market; Compound colophony fights Gao Kangchong pvc impact strength achieves 7.58KJ/m2, purer PVC colophony promotes double. 2 it is to advance platform of research and development to build energetically, achieve clean the sources of energy + proton film electroanalysises water makes hydrogen design of graph of construction of industrialized demonstrative platform and core equipment invite public bidding, advance chloric alcohol and construction of platform of experiment of industrialization of 2 chloric ethane steadily, comprehensive tamp innovation expands a base. Up to by June, annual accepts patent in all 17, among them accredit is patent 9, the invention is patent 2.

3, risk element

1. Industry competition risk, in recent years, as the rapid development of chloric alkaline industry, produce can release centrally, the market is supplied grow considerably, but suffer domestic real-estate prices to turn apparently weak, demand of chloric alkaline market is added fast put delay, supply and demand is contradictory and outstanding, together with industry still has new increase production to be able to plan put into production, farther aggravate is intense competitive situation, development of chloric alkaline industry faces grim challenge. Answer measure: High quality of chloric alkaline industry develops focusing new trend, aggrandizement product transition upgrades, deepen advance high end of polyvinyl chloride colophony to change, poor dissimilation, special change, strengthen with downstream treatment the company cooperates, increase polyvinyl chloride plastic products machines special colophony and whole set equipment research and development, implementation “ is produced those who learn to grind to swim with ” photograph union and fluctuation is benign and interactive, compose builds whole industry chain, build seriation, specialization, custom-built the pvc that change is special makings brand, colophony of pvc of stimulative our country by general-purpose to special model span, lead an industry development. 2. Risk of safe environmental protection, since this year, accident of partial area and industry field is sent more, expose a hidden trouble platoon to check processing not to reach the designated position, main body responsibility does not fulfil safe production to reach the designated position wait for outstanding issue, safe production situation still austere. In the meantime, the zoology environment standard that the country publishs reachs pair of contaminant to discharge a canal to control a demand strict with each passing day, the safe production situation that the enterprise faces and environmental protection pressure will increase further. Answer measure: Hold to “ safety first, precaution to give priority to, the safe production policy that administers ” integratedly, hold to “ two consummate ” , around “ two essential ” , fulfil “ 3 must ” , according to “ tubal safety is in charge of risk, tube venture to rely on the principle of technical ” namely, as a whole 4 systems build safe, environmental protection, fire control and healthy business, fulfil year of ” activity to be chance with responsibility of main body of “ safe production, depth advances responsibility of ” of “ big safety to fulfil. Closely around " hidden danger of countrywide grave accident is special the platoon checks punish 2023 actions are overall plan " requirement, fulfil fall measure of work of fine safe production, serious platoon is checked and hidden trouble of punish grave accident, exert oneself from go up at all eliminate accident hidden danger, solve a problem, defend firm bag to live stoutly safe development bottom line. Rely on number wisdom to change transition to endow with continuously can, lash-up of promotion fire control saves aid ability, aggrandizement occupational disease endangers element fountainhead to prevent, high level makes fight of assault fortified positions of good pollution prevention and cure, ensure risk of safe environmental protection can accuse to be in accuse, safeguard company safe high quality develops. 3. Raw material purchases the risk that the price fluctuates considerably: Suffer the instability effect of macroscopical economy, of the raw material price such as coal, calcium carbide fluctuate considerably, may produce adverse effect to the gain ability of company future. Answer measure: The company is located in divine wood, circumjacent coal and crude salt are resourceful, and be located in countrywide calcium carbide advocate produce a division, have an area cost advantage. The company captures the favorable situation that economy anabiosises, the strategic cooperation that builds long-term stability with raw material supplier concerns, increase market survey ceaselessly, widen purchase channel, innovation purchases mode, strengthen cost cost canal to accuse, dig greatly fall this synergism, reduce raw material to purchase cost continuously.

The core competition ability of the company basically reflects in the following respects:

1. Area the main raw material that production of product of advantage   company wants is calcium carbide and crude salt. The company is located in breathe out Bao Eyu city group the hinterland of divine government office that cheats 3 provinces border on with advance of short for Shaanxi Province, be located in area of core of base of chemical industry of energy of high end of national level North Shaanxi, coal, crude salt resourceful, distance southeast is coastal PVC advocate consumptive ground and Shanxi, inside unconscious wait for alumina enterprise (caustic soda uses a company) compare centrally close, it is the hub that thing ministry industry, finance, content shedding links, railroad and highway transportation condition are convenience, substantial resource reserve and convenience traffic traffic condition, make company product integrated competition ability wild phase compares standard of other calcium carbide dominant position of polyvinyl chloride company is clear. 2. Company of   of advantage of dimensions, cost devotes oneself to salt to change a project, can change crude salt every year 1.35 million tons, have larger dimensions dominant position. In the meantime, join downstream on company production unit close together, dropped monomer project considerably investment, fair complementary establishment investment and financial cost. Raw material purchases a respect, company and large and state-owned colliery establish strategic collaboration relationship, raw coal enjoys long-term agreement price, supply coal through be defeated by coal gallery, saved transport costs. Production runs a side, company estate catenary joins close together, product or waste residue flotsam can be changed effectively, reduced the sources of energy to use up considerably, content shedding cost, government cost. 3. Company of   of system mechanism advantage is the company of chemical industry of large mixture system of ownership that establishs by enterprise of group of coal of short for Shaanxi Province, civilian battalion and natural person form a partnership, developed the dominant position with the administrative standard of state-owned company, solid capital already, have civilian battalion enterprise to implement power again the strong, characteristic that manages neatly, realized state-owned company and dominant position of civilian battalion company win-win of complementary, mutually beneficial, by government of province of Shaanxi provincial Party committee praise for “ north yuan mode ” , got the height of various government takes seriously saving city county with support energetically. Additional, the company is Shaanxi saves state-owend enterprise of first selected the State Council to reform “ double one of enterprises of 100 actions ” , pursue 3 systems reform actively, tenure of office of member of layer of overall executive manager is made and bond is changed, the orgnaization is compressed change, the act such as professional handler reform, came true to manage bond to change, the canal accuses to specialization, manage commercialize. 4. Technical advantage   reports period, chloric alkaline industry grows company focusing, deepen the domain such as development of technology of industrial catenary research, core ceaselessly, the commanding elevation of technology of industry of race to control. It is to be advanced deep produce learn to grind collaboration. With Xi'an traffic university, south open the domestic college such as university, Tsinghua university and Zhuang Xin 10 thousand abundant, Kelaien, Zhong Qijing is gotten waited for science and technology enterprise to build collaboration to concern, mend a hard nut to crack of catenary of the industry that defeat solution, optimize future to expand position. 2 it is aggrandizement PVC special colophony and crucial technology development. The degree of polymerization that finish 600, 1600, 4000 pvc colophony is small try recipe research and degree of polymerization trial production of 600 colophony industrialization works, promote science and technology innovation comprehensive strength. 5. The “ coal that   company has advantage of circular industry catenary to be core with PVC product - report - calcium carbide - chloric alkaline chemical industry - industrial waste residue uses green of unifinication of manufacturing cement ” integratedly chain of efficient loop industry, it is fundamental raw material with local coal, produce orchid charcoal and generate electricity; Produce calcium carbide for raw material with orchid charcoal; Produce polyvinyl chloride colophony and caustic soda for raw material with calcium carbide and crude salt; It is raw material to produce concrete with waste residue of mud of chemical calcium carbide and broken bits of hot electric stove and fly ash, formed chain of industry of a zoology, the tradition that changed chloric alkaline industry to be polluted high-energy bad news, high produces pattern, advantage of circular industry catenary is able to fill minute of play. Company around target of ” of “ double carbon, active position new energy resources, store can, hydrogen can wait for a domain, make source net carry on one's shoulder or back store system of unifinication the sources of energy, outspread industry catenary, construction green industry develops new way.

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