A few days ago, academy of petrifaction Beijing chemical industry (abbreviation “ north changes courtyard ” ) experiment base is in Tianjin science start working of seaside new developed area. This project is the strategic deploy that petrifaction makes ” of company of chemical industry of source of net energy of “ banner clean, also be Tianjin petrifaction what construction precedes technical forerunner refine transforms unifinication base is important rely on, after building, will become at present body measures domain of big, research to cover overall chemical industry base tries in material.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
North changes a courtyard is our country early be engaged in the orgnaization of petro-chemical omnibus research, professional scientific research that has top-ranking level. As petrifaction the refine that be stationed in ferry turns a company, tianjin petrifaction blends in Beijing ferry actively to hope to develop the strategy in coordination, buckle Tianjin closely to make fixed position of function of base of advanced production research and development, anchor decides “ to make ” of base of research and development of technology of new material of petrifaction high end expand fixed position, executive industry is endowed with can, advantage give somebody a new lease on life. Be based on this, both sides deepens collaboration of deal with concrete matters relating to work of scientific research field, courtyard look forward to builds innovation combine in all hand in hand, rely on Tianjin base ” of fulcrum of strategy of drive of this “ innovation, ” of backyard of the factory before join forces makes “ is produced grind combine new form, offer for entire industry brood the test site of Yo mature technology, the high end in aiding force petrifaction to synthesize data industry catenary, value catenary to march toward, drive Tianjin petrifaction to accelerate make the benefit with new petrifaction growth pole, draw the new engine that uses region economy progress. North transforms base of experiment of courtyard Tianjin science plant area of proximate Tianjin petrifaction, plan cent period to build, first phase key tries a center in construction polyolefin, device tries in elastomer of a buy of the trial assembly in activator of 3 buy of the trial assembly in including 10 polyolefin group, polyolefin, special type; 2 period construction includes center of technology of center of technology of center of chemical process aggrandizement, ethylene technology center, careful chemical industry, environmental protection to wait. According to time limit for a project, predict 2022, establishment of main body of first phase project uses investment. Trying in chemical material is what meaning   small try, the trial production in magnifying the experiment is mixed 3 person it is 3 parts with mutual very close connection. 3 person reaction is same a reaction, that is to say their reaction principle is consistent. But go up in subtle operation, 3 person always having more or less distinction. A lot of reaction once magnify,appear easily a little such and such problem. The process that is not them to react actually appeared what problem, go up in the processing of reaction however both should have slight difference. When the engineer is magnifying, a lot of teachers perhaps magnify from the reaction bottle of 200ml when the reaction bottle of 500ml is medium, the temperature interval that always appears to receivable rate falls or react instead has some of difference a little with original interval. Actually these differences also calculate must not be what difference, just be inside different space, of this reaction pass conduct heat character the space is different just. Because the space had slight difference, bring about in meticulous operation, identical operation also had slight difference actually, and this difference brought about us to close commonly rate drop and the metabolic problem of temperature interval. Want us to be able to be clear about the analysis with this careful problem only, this problem also is not a problem. The trial production in magnifying the experiment is mixed has a little some different, because both foundation is,be small trying enlarge, differ as a result of the multiple of enlarge and interval nevertheless, the thing that brings about both expression to come out is different also. This namely identical integral yuan the different outcome that comes out in different integral interval integral just. We should understand this integral only yuan can reach in the different character of different and integral interval integral metabolic trend, adjust each elements to make integral is changed to the way that we need thereby. Anyhow, 3 person connection is same an integral yuan the result in integral of different and integral interval. Perforative 3 person same masterstroke is advocate reaction process. When reaction is magnified, as a result of dimensional accretion, the transmission space that causes stock increases, namely the mobile space of reactant element greatened, bring about after once begin to undertake,reacting, the odds that the member that joins reaction collides begins decrescent, this is a probability knowledge problem, consequently reaction is less than identical changing to lead enlarge reaction inside as same as the lab time, what accordingly we need to lengthen reaction time to make reaction undertakes is more complete, but suffer when reaction when kinetic control, although react a long time also cannot make,we are encountered very easily reaction further undertake, accordingly we need to adopt a few methods to make our stock chroma becomes a few bigger, in order to make reaction undertakes further, if circumfluence or evaporate give the operation such as partial dissolvent. In the meantime, as a result of dimensional accretion, bring about caloric to transmit begin to slow, because be when the lab, stock volume is less, and with the outside heat establishment contact is more compact, consequently caloric is transmitted faster, should control only proper, the circumstance that won't appear basically to stock temperature soares or steep fall, appear thereby influence product quality even the product closes lead the state that should suffer very big effect. Below this kind of circumstance, production, trying to handle skill severally with the lab in is different, when because this becomes us to be used on production,be being operated identically with the lab, appear very easily such or in that way state, because respective quantity of heat is transmitted,this is different cause. For example: Exothermic contrasts severe reaction, in the lab we can adopt the method such as bath glacial water to maintain temperature balance, but arrived in when trial production, the kind that we take commonly joins inert dissolvent to serve as hot carrier, will rise quickly what defer temperature. Perhaps adopt a kind that impose to control the caloric inside unit time to give off, maintain the stability of temperature. ? Trying in is a lab small trying preliminary enlarge, it is the initial attempt of small-sized production. It is the segment with be important in producing a course from research and development, a lot of very valuable projects are to fall on this one pace. The purpose that tries in provides reliable experimental data for farther production, undertake be correctioned further to craft in the process, the part that does not fit its industry undertakes falling into disuse, develop the technology that suits production then. Because this is very big,one part person tries according to experience feels self-righteously medium is the ground is new (production) condition, consider and develop new craft parameter. This kind of view has a little some biased, the purpose that tries in us, it is to be below new requirement actually, consider to method ability is achieved or be close to a lab through why be being planted same condition, is not to seek new requirement directly. Lab, try in and produce 3 person the reaction condition of pursuit should be same, perhaps be same almost, the condition that reacts because of much is wider still, want to be inside reaction interval only, reaction basically gets similar result. Say so 3 person the condition of pursuit is consistent actually, but as a result of 3 person the environment differs somewhat, carry out the method appreciably that achieves a result consequently some are different just. Small try with in try to depend on throwing makings amount not just how many, and over the measurement that uses device, both it is the different job that should finish different period of time. Small the job that tries to basically be engaged in sex of exploration, development, chemistry is small the analysis that tries the reaction that solved place to decide a task, separate course and place to involve stock is maintained, take out eligible sample, and receive the economic technology index such as rate to achieve expect a demand, can come to an end, level tries in turning. The question that the process tries to want to solve in is: How Zuo uses industrial measure, equipment, finish small trying whole technological process, achieve basically small index of trying each economy technology, of course dimensions also expanded. This process also theres is no lack of the look of innovation, invention. Be like: Small try a lieutenant general a kind of stock from ration of a container immigrant another household utensils, often small try with in those who try is divisional the fatigue that is raise one's hand, but in in in trying, be about to solve choose why to plant type, why to plant norms, why to plant the pump with qualitative material, use why to plant metric means, and involves security, environmental protection, anticorrosive wait for a series of problems, this is not simple enlarge, want to solve this kind of problem to also make a person nerve-racking quite sometimes, the result of very inaccessible even satisfaction, the Zuo that try in even if should solve such uses the problem that encounters in industrial device and resort course; Include not only small the stock of special attention in trying judge calculate, also include small of the quantity of heat that in trying, cares about not quite, momentum judge calculate problem …… to be further spread large-scale, the big production of the economic scale that implements real industry meaning provides reliable flow method and data base. Enlarge experience tries to sum up   in intermediate experiment phase is further research in the device of certain dimensions each pace chemistry reacts metabolic rule of the condition, the place in solving a lab insoluble or the problem of discovery. Although the essence of chemical reaction won't be produced because of the experiment differ and change, but the condition of beautiful reaction craft that each pace chemistry reacts, what follow experimental dimensions and condition of equipment substandard ministry possibly is different and change. Accordingly, it is very important that enlarge tries in. Does the experiment undertake what phase just undertakes in try? Want to have following requirement at least: 1. Small try receive rate stability, product quality is reliable; 2. Operation condition is already affirmatory, product, the way of analytic check proved recipe of intermediate body and raw material is certain already; 3. Certain equipment, what conduit material pledges is anti-corrosive the experiment has undertaken, the general equipment that requires somewhat; 4. Had stock judge calculate. 3 useless problems already had abecedarian processing technique; 5. Already raised the norms of raw material and amount of only waste time; 6. Already raised the requirement of safe production. The way of enlarge of methodological   experience of enlarge tries in: Basically be to depend on experience to pass the enlarge that pursue course (buy of small trial assembly - the device intermediate - medium-sized device - large plant) will fumble the feature of reactor. Similar enlarge law: Basically be to apply similar principle to undertake enlarge. This law has certain limitation, apply to physical process enlarge only. And the enlarge that does not apply to chemical process. Law of mathematical imitate enlarge: It is the enlarge method that uses computer technology, it is the way that will develop henceforth. In addition, the development of device is very rapid also among miniature, use miniature namely intermediate device is replaced large intermediate device, provide accurate design data for industrialized device. Its advantage is charge cheap, construction is fast. The task   that enlarge phase tries in basically has the following at 10 o'clock, in practice can according to different situation, distinguish primary and secondary, organically of in a planned way undertakes. 1, of craft course and unit reaction operation method decide eventually. Special when enlarge phase trying to reveal a major problem that solves hard in reacting when the course of original make choice of and unit the method is in, answer to choose other line afresh, enlarge tries in undertaking by new line again. 2, equipment material pledges and the choice of model. The choice question with the equipment simple material of caustic to the contact stock should notice especially. 3, of beater type and mix rate make an on-the-spot investigation. Reaction is very much of dispute homogeneous phase, and reaction fuel factor is bigger. Be in small when trying because stock volume is minor, mix effect is good, conduct heat pass interrogatory problem not apparent, but in in when trying enlarge, need fibrous root occupies stock property and reaction characteristic, notice agitate type and mix rate are right the influence rule of reaction, so that choose the beater accord with the requirement and affirmatory and applicable agitate career. 4, the further research of reaction condition. The beautiful reaction condition that phase of room check room obtains is not certain and complete the requirement that enlarge tries in according with, for this, should among them main influencing factor, be like speed of feed in raw material, mix effect, of reactor conduct heat area and conduct heat the element such as coefficient and refrigeration agent, have thorough research, so that grasp the metabolic pattern in its inter device. Obtain more applicable reaction condition. 5, technological process and operation method are decided really. The requirement that should consider to make applicable industry produces reaction and aftertreatment operation method. Special attention shortens working procedure, simplify operation, improve labor productivity. Produce technological process and operation method certainly eventually thereby. 6, have stock judge calculate. After condition of each pace reaction and operation method are affirmatory, should a few close rate is low, by-product is mixed more 3 abandon more reaction to have stock judge calculate. Each stock before the weight summation of reaction product and other child is equal to reaction send the total that measures a volume is stock judge calculate the exact level that must reach. So that be,settle weak point. Dig go energy-saving, improve efficiency, reclaim by-product is integrated benefit in order to and prevention and cure 3 useless provide data. To having the chemistry that analyses a method composition should undertake analytic methodological research. 7, the physical property of raw material, intermediate body and chemical industry determine invariably. To solve the problem in producing craft and safety precaution, must determine the property of certain stock and chemical constant, be like specific heat, viscosity, explosion limit. 8, the formulate that the constitution measures a level among raw material. Small standard of the quality in trying has owe the experiment tries to undertake edit and be perfectinged in wanting a foundation perfectly. 9, use up norm, raw material cost, what wait with manufacturing cycle when jockey is affirmatory. Be in in on the foundation that tries research to summarize a report, can undertake capital construction is designed, the choose and buy of formulate model equipment plans. Undertake the design of equipment is made is not finalizing the design, according to construction the graph undertakes building and equipment are installed manufacturing the workshop of the workshop. In total production equipment and auxiliary equipment installation end. If try,produce qualification and short-term try produce stability can formulate procedure, consign production. 10, study the trial production in coming from the lab. Research decides a beautiful synthesizes   of craft course   1, a compound often can use diverse line and methodological synthesis, the line that introduces at the beginning of the lab and method are not beautiful certainly person, right at that time reaction condition, instrument equipment, raw material origin make an on-the-spot investigation not much, also do not make exorbitant demand to yield, but these are very important however to industrial production, should pass small try research drop the synthetic measure that those do not accord with industry to produce and method. A more mature synthetic craft course should be: Synthetic measure is short, total yield is high, equipment technology condition and technological process are simple, abundant and raw material source is cheap. 2, replace chemical reagents with industrial level raw material. When lab particle is synthesized, the raw material of norms of commonly used reagent and dissolvent, not only the price is high, have a large number of supply impossibly also. Mass production should use industrial chemicals and industrial level dissolvent as far as possible. Small try level to answer ascertain, have to reaction with industrial level raw material and dissolvent jam-free, have to the yield of the product and quality without the influence. Through small try research to find out the beautiful reaction condition that agrees with to be produced with industrial level raw material and processing technique, reach price cheap, high grade with high yield. 3, of raw material and dissolvent reclaim apply mechanically. Synthetic reaction should use a large number of dissolvent commonly, dissolvent of around of the reaction below most circumstance did not change apparently, can reclaim directly apply mechanically. Reaction by-product may be contained in solvent sometimes, the odd raw material with not complete reaction, volatile impurity, or the chroma change of solvent, should pass small try research to find out reclaim the method of processing, explain with data, do not affect the quality of the product with reclaiming raw material and dissolvent. Of raw material and dissolvent reclaim apply mechanically, can reduce cost not only, and be helpful for treatment of three wastes and environmental sanitation. 4, safe production and environmental sanitation. Safety is crucial to industrial production, should pass small try research as far as possible the synthetic reaction that take out toxicant attends with harmful gas character; Avoid to use the dangerous operation that explodes combustibly, easily, solid belong to necessary, temporarily insoluble, should find out relevant preventive measure. As far as possible need not the organic dissolvent with big noxiousness, search the dissolvent with property is similar and small noxiousness to replace. The trial production in   of trial production phase is in transfer to produce indispensable important segment to industry from the lab, it is the bridge fine grain between both. Trial production is small in trying amplification, it is the reduction that industry produces, should be in a factory or special in undertake between test-drive. The main task of trial production is in: 1, assessment is small try offerred synthetic craft course, whether is there special demand in the respect such as craft condition, equipment, raw material, whether to agree with industrial production; 2, test and verify is small try offerred synthetic craft course, reasonable, whether is index of main economy technology close to manufacturing demand; 3, in research process trying in magnifying, be assessed further and perfect craft course, to each reaction measure and unit operation, all should obtain the data that stabilizes basically; 4, the result formulate that research tries in the basis or edit the quality standard of intermediate body and finished product, and analytic appraisal method; 5, the batch of body and finished product is general among preparation not less than 3-5 are approved, so that gather data, data of the trial production in perfecting; 6, raw material, motivation uses up the basis to wait with man-hour, preliminary the business accounting that has economic technology index, put forward to produce cost; 7, undertake to each pace stock the pace plans, put forward to reclaim the measure of apply mechanically and treatment of three wastes; 8, the technological process that offers whole synthesis course, the procedure of each unit operations, safety operates requirement and system. Of the choice of equipment and craft pipeline transform     1, the ground is little trying result, be in muti_function, medium between test-drive, undertake choosing to equipment, should consider equipment size first appropriate, equipment material pipeline material is qualitative, qualitative the adaptability with craft medium, anti-corrosive, heat, whether do refrigeration and mix rate accord with a requirement. 2, the method that stock carries (cast makings, piece between makings, each pace be on the move) , how to prevent to run makings, caky and jam etc. 3, of stock metric the method with feed in raw material, if drip,add how to control effectively? 4, does reaction have generate without gas? Can you deny strong makings? If be necessary, should segregator of air entrainment fluid, install circumfluence valve. 5, centrifugal, is the separate requirement such as filter-press contented? According to above circumstance and other technology requirement, to equipment, pipeline undertakes adaptability is transformed. Enlarge and the purpose that enlarge tries in producing procedure   trying in is the reaction condition with test and verify, reexamine and affirmatory research of place of perfect lab craft, qualitative, installation and workshop assign the construction of industrialized production facilities that reachs research make choice of, talent etc, provide data for formal production, and material is measured and use up etc. (one) in the   of research content   that tries enlarge 1, summarize   process: The order that matters to way of chemical synthesis reaction or biosynthesis directly in the every in producing a course, condition (method of means of time of burden comparing, temperature, reaction, agitate, aftertreatment and purificatory condition) a general designation is craft condition. Other process makes auxiliary process. 2, in after the importance   that tries enlarge determines craft course, every pace chemistry synthesizes reaction or biosynthesis reacts won't because of small try, in try enlarge and large-scale production to the condition differs and have apparent change, but condition of craft of each pace beautiful, need what follow experiment dimensions and condition of equipment substandard ministry is different and likely to adjust. 3, in the reexamine   that the ① of research     that tries enlarge produces craft line usually, the method of unit reaction and manufacturing technology course should be in lab level is basic make choice of. In in try enlarge phase, just decide specific technology is operated and the condition is produced with getting used to industry. But the craft course when make choice of and process, be in in when a major problem that overcomes hard is being revealed when trying enlarge, need course of reexamine lab craft, amend its process. The capable person that when ② equipment material pledges enlarge tries in beginning with the choice   of type, should consider to require all sorts of equipment pledges and type, and check is appropriate, should notice to contact the alternative with the equipment simple material of caustic stock especially. Because stock volume is minor,the check   of ③ beater type and mix rate is in in the lab, agitate efficiency is good, conduct heat, pass simple question show is not apparent, but be in in when trying enlarge, as a result of the influence of agitate efficiency, conduct heat, pass simple question to be exposed outstandingly. Accordingly, when enlarge trying in, need fibrous root occupies stock property and reaction characteristic attention to study the type of beater, inspect the mix rate influence to reaction rule, be in especially solid - when fluid is not homogeneous phase to react, the beater type that should choose to ask accord with reaction and appropriate mix rate. The beautiful reaction condition that ④ reacts phase of lab of further research   is obtained is differ enlarge tries to ask in will surely be being accorded with. Should with respect to among them main influencing factor, be like the speed of feed in raw material in exothermic reaction, of retort conduct heat area and conduct heat coefficient, and the element such as refrigeration agent undertakes thorough test studies, the metabolic rule in device tries in mastering them to be in, in order to obtain more appropriate reaction condition. The affirmatory   of technological process and operation method is in ⑤ in because handle stock to increase,try enlarge phase, consequently the requirement that necessary consideration makes how the operation method of reaction and aftertreatment gets used to industry to produce, should notice to shorten particularly working procedure, simplify operation. ⑥ Yuan Fucai expects and the quality of the body intermediate controls     (1) of the physical property of the Yuan Fucai makings, body intermediate and chemical parameter determine. (2) of standard of quality of the Yuan Fucai makings, style intermediate make. (2) stock judge stock calculating   judge in be chemical industry to calculate basic, also be one of serious content. It also is energy judge the foundation that calculate. Through stock judge calculate, can analyse manufacturing process deep, whole to production process has mensurable knowledge, can know raw material uses up norm, announce stock uses a case; Understanding product closes rate whether to reach beautiful numerical value, equipment productivity still has how old latent capacity; Whether does each equipment productivity match etc. (1) stock judge the stock of theoretical foundation   that calculate judge calculate: It is to consider to be entered inside certain system, the change that gives stock and composition, namely stock balance. So-called system is stock judge the range that calculate, can be an equipment or many equipment, can be an unit operation or process of whole chemical industry. Stock judge the theoretical foundation that calculate is quality conversation law: The stock that enters reactor is measured - the stock that pours out of reactor is measured - reactor changes the reactor that measure = mediumly to accumulate an amount mediumly   is in chemical reaction system, of material change rule of obedient and chemical reaction, the ration that can beg a material to change according to chemical reaction equation concerns. (2) certain stock judge the computation that calculate is fiducial reach annual stock of   of equipment operation time judge what the fiducial   that calculate uses normally is fiducial have: ① is with every batches of operations fiducial, apply to intermittence operates equipment, level or finalize the design the stock of equipment judge calculate. ② is with unit time fiducial, the stock that applies to successive operation equipment judge calculate. ③ is with every kilograms of product fiducial, use up norm in order to decide what Yuan Fucai expects. Annual equipment handles time: The workshop is annual the day number that normal go into operation produces equipment is calculated with 330 days commonly, among them the rest of 36 days overhaul time as the workshop. Collect concerned enumerated data and stock judge calculate ① of measure     to collect concerned enumerated data: The burden of reactant is compared, the consistency that Yuan Fucai makings, semi-manufactured goods, finished product reachs by-product to wait, purity or composition, workshop total yield, level yield, change rate. ② changes rate: To some constituent, stock of the stock amount that reactant place spends and devoted reaction measures than abbreviation of this constituent change rate. Express with percentage commonly. ③ is alternative: All sorts of advocate, in by-product, advocate child place holds minute of rate. ④ workshop always closes rate: The workshop always closes rate accept the product of rate for each working procedure. (3)   of   of stock calculative measure 1) the basic data that collects gather computation place to need. 2) listed and chemical reaction is equational, include advocate reaction and deputy reaction; According to giving a condition the picture gives flow sketch. 3) option stock calculative is fiducial     4) have stock judge calculate. 5) listed stock balances a watch: The stock of ① input and output balances a watch; The 3 quantities that abandon a platoon express ② ; ③ computation Yuan Fucai expects use up norm (Kg) . (3) a product can use   of manufacturing procedure a few kinds of different production process, but among them surely one is plant is it is below specific requirement reasonable, can assure product weight again for economy. People keeps each content of process of this kind of production into file form to be manufacturing procedure namely. Producing procedure is the important file of directive production, also be the basic basis that constituent management produces; The core that is plant business more is confidential. Advanced manufacturing procedure is the collective creation of worker of project technology personnel, post and business management personnel, belong to the category of intellectual property, want active organization to declare, in order to protect the legal interest of contriver and enterprise. (1) the main effect that produces procedure: ① production procedure is the guiding document that organizes industrial production, manufacturing plan, attemper arrange according to producing procedure only, ability maintains each production to be coordinated between link each other, ability finishs the job by the plan. ② production procedure also is the basis that production prepares to work. ③ production procedure is to build the basic technology condition that produces workshop or plant with extend. (2) the source of formulate production procedure and basic content   establish manufacturing procedure, need following source and inclusive basic content: ① product introduces: Narrate action of product standards, pharmacodynamics to wait, include a name (trade name, chemical name, English name) ; Chemical structure style, structural formula, element is measured; Character (content changes property) ; Quality standard and law of check proved recipe (differentiate a method, law of proved recipe of check of tall limit of method of accurate quantitative analysis method, foreign matter examination and impurity) ; Pharmacodynamics action, poisonous side-effect (harmful response) , utility (get used to disease, usage) ; Pack with keep in storage. Process of ② chemistry reaction: Press chemical synthesis or biosynthesis, foreword of division of labor draws up advocate reaction, deputy reaction, auxiliary reaction (processing of the preparation that is like activator, by-product, reclaim apply mechanically) reach its reaction principle. Include the control method of reaction terminus and rapid assay method even. ③ produces technological process: It is a center in order to produce the chemical reaction in process, with graphic form refrigeration, heat, filter, depart of distillation, extraction, counteract, purificatory wait for physico-chemical process to try to describe. ④ inventory schedule: Post name, equipment name, norms, amount (cubage, function) , material is qualitative, electric machinery capacity. ⑤ equipment flow and equipment overhaul: Equipment flow chart is to use the form of equipment sketch map to state manufacturing process is medium of each equipment join relation. ⑥ operates man-hour and manufacturing cycle: Narrate time of name of the working procedure in each post, operation. ⑦ Yuan Fucai makings and the quality standard of the body intermediate: Wait for list by project of quantity of post name, raw material name, structural formula, element, norms. ⑧ produces process: Burden comparing; Technology operation; Main craft condition reachs his to explain; The intermediate body in producing a course and its manage turn property and reaction terminus control; Aftertreatment method and close rate. ⑨ produces technical economic norms: Productivity (year, month) ; Intermediate body, finished product closes rate, cent pace always receives rate and product rate, accept rate calculation method; Labor productivity reachs cost; Yuan Fucai makings reachs the body intermediate to use up norm. ⑩ technology safety and fire prevention, explosion proof. The use of main facility and safe note. Law of proved recipe of check of finished product, intermediate body, raw material. Resource is used integratedly and appendix of   of of treatment of three wastes (wait about constant and computational formula)

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